America's Cup 2020: US challengers American Magic unveil second boat

The race for the America's Cup has just stepped up a notch, with American Magic launching their second boat 'Patriot' in Auckland on Friday.

It marks a major milestone for the Cup, in a year where COVID-19 has had such a massive impact on international events.

"I feel incredibly fortunate that we've stayed on track, we've met our schedules and we've met our deadlines," says skipper Terry Hutchinson. 

It was the first chance for anyone outside the immediate team to get a close look at the masterpiece of design.

"With a new design, a new class, the rate of improvement is just so steep and we're obviously very happy with what we've put in the water," says helmsman Dean Barker.

The hull and cockpit layout are the standout differences from their first boat and show just how far and fast the design of the AC75s has progressed. 

Former Team New Zealand helmsman Dean Barker, who's now flying the American flag, says that is both a positive and a negative.

"It was a very interesting decision to go to a boat that was so complex and so expensive," he adds. 

"That would be the one criticism of where we're at."

Barker's former boss Grant Dalton says their new boat comes as no surprise. 

"Patriot is an interesting boat, not an unexpected boat," says Team NZ chief executive Grant Dalton. 

"It will be interesting to see when the english unveil their second boat, they've come towards the space that we're in." 

On Saturday, Ineos Team UK will launch their boat two, with Luna Rossa to follow on Tuesday. 

But Team New Zealand are keeping tight-lipped about when it will splash their second boat.

"We're back into old style America's Cup where no one is really going to know until five minutes after the first race to who's really got it, if there's a design edge in there or if they're all very equal," says editor Richard Gladwell.

But next week, all of the boats will get a chance to feel each other, when - for the first time - all four teams will be on the same stretch of water together.

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