Boxing: Aussie fighter Benjamin Hussain fights five rounds with broken jaw

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

Aussie boxer Benjamin Hussain has stunned the combat sports world after he fought five rounds with a broken jaw before his fight was called off on Thursday night

Hussain, 21, suffered the first loss of his professional career when Ben Mahoney was declared the winner after six rounds although the fight should've been stopped earlier. 

Early in the second round, Mahoney landed a thunderous left hook on the face of Hussain, which forced his mouthguard to fall out while blood began streaming from his mouth.

After a few rounds of punishment, the ring doctor was called over where he determined  Hussain had broken his jaw. 

"Your jaw is broken mate. I mean it's badly broken, we've got to stop it," says the doctor. 

After being told that Mahoney would be declared the winner, Hussian wanted to keep fighting, but the referee urged him not to continue.

"Your jaw is broken, mate. I'm sorry, I really am. I mean it's badly broken, we've got to stop. I can't," he said.

 Commentator Ben Damon described the injury as "horrific". 

Hussain then shared a video on his Instagram page showing the true extent of his break, which British boxing journalist called it "the worst broken jaw I've seen". 

In the main event,  Justis Huni made Australian boxing by beating Faiga Opelu to claim the Australian heavyweight title - the first man to do so on his professional debut.

Huni  is promoted by former NZ league international Dean Lonergan.