Live updates: Mitre 10 Cup - Canterbury v Otago

Otago 23 (Tomkinson, Koroi, McDowall tries, Ioane 2 pens, 1 con) Canterbury 16 (Drummond try, Burke pen, Cameron con, drop goal, pen)

FULLTIME - Otago have snapped their 15-year losing streak against the Cantabrians on the back of a superb defensive effort in Christchurch on Friday.

The defeat leaves the red and blacks in serious danger of being relegated, with their final two round robin games to come against Tasman and Auckland.

Check out the video above for highlights.

80 mins - Canterbury roll the maul. Wide they go, ball bounces up for Punivai who pumps his legs for the corner but the defence swarms and forces him into touch. Otago win their lineout, ball booted into touch and it's all over.

79 mins - Otago with a messy exit, Canterbury have it back! They're at the 22m with penalty advantage...blown up. They'll go to a 5m lineout.

78 mins - Drummond snipes from the maul, cuts inside and taken 5m from the line. McDowall swoops and wins Otago a penalty! What a shift for the replacement hooker.

77 mins - Otago clear but only as far as the 22m. Another chance here for the hosts.

75 mins - Penalty Canterbury, they'll move to a lineout 15m from the Otago line....and the throw isn't straight. Scrum Otago. Huge error.

72 mins - TRY OTAGO - Koroi with a rapid step to draw two defenders and free Slade McDowall up to leap and score in the corner. Ioane from the sideline...curls it over! (23-16)

71 mins - Otago drive the maul. Ball freed to the backs, Collins wrapped up after beating one. 

70 mins - Penalty Otago after a slick blindside move to pick up 40-odd metres. They'll throw a 5m lineout. 

67 mins - Canterbury penalty, 35m from the Otago line. Cameron calls for the tee, just a slight angle to deal with... nails it. Tie game (16-16).

65 mins - Romano wins the turnover at the maul with a crafty vet move. Scrum Canterbury in the middle of the park.

63 mins - McKay breaks for Canterbury, taken at the 22m but he's isolated and Otago win the penalty for not releasing. To a 50m lineout, we go.

61 mins - Timu and Tomkinson find some space on the right edge, but more poor handling at the ruck hands Canterbury a scrum at their own 10m.

60 mins - Miscommunication gives Otago the scrumfeed back on their own 10m.

58 mins - Otago steal the lineout. Accidental offside gifts Canterbury a scrum at the Otago 10m.

57 mins - Huge blow for Otago, as Liam Coltman is helped to the sideline. That doesn't seem a minor injury.

56 mins - Penalty advantage Canterbury 40m out. Cameron drops back into the pocket and slots a droppie from 42m. Impressive. (16-13)

54 mins - Otago back with ball in hand and inside Canterbury territory. Manu short ball to Tomkinson, bursts to the Canterbury 22m. Defensive penalty won, well done Billy Harmon. Lineout at halfway.

52 mins - TRY OTAGO - Nasi Manu with a miracle offload to Koroi, who grubbers behind the fullback and regathers to score. Magic. Ioane can't convert from the sideline. (16-10)

50 mins - Canterbury fumble at the restart. Otago immediately with a chance to respond.

48 mins - TRY CANTERBURY - Repeated rucks at close range for the hosts and the Otago defence can't hold on, halfback Mitchell Drummond reaching out in the tackle to dot down. Burke kicks the conversion and it's a one-point game. (11-10)

47 mins - Penalty Canterbury, great touchfinder gives them a 5m lineout.

44 mins - TRY OTAGO - Fischli rips the ball away at the ruck on Canterbury ball, it bobbles up for a pop pass to be made to Tomnkinson who finds himself with an unimpeded 40m route to the try line. Conversion is wide.

42 mins - McLeod makes a scything run to near the Otago 22m, but again they go to the questionable grubber option and Koroi is well positioned to clear the danger. Penalty Otago, and Ioane fails to find touch. 

41 mins - Otago receive the restart, clear, and Canterbury return inside the Otago half.

Second half underway...


39 mins - Another penalty goes Otago's way, this time right in front of the sticks. Tough to turn that down, and they won't. Ioane bangs it over. (Otago 6-3)

37 mins - Otago within range of the posts, but they opt to make a final raid at the line for the half. 5m lineout.

36 mins - Otago manage to turn the ball over and Koroi thumps it downfield. Poor kick sees Otago regain possession, then win a penalty. 

34 mins - Fihaki soars to reel in the Drummond box kick and canterbury cross into the Otago half. Harmon with a superb run, and the hosts are at the Otago 22m.

32 mins - Penalty advantage cashed in. Canterbury point to the posts here, interesting call. 20m on the angle for Fergus Burke, no mistake. We're all locked up (3-3).

31 mins - Canterbury opt for a chip kick which is comfortbaly covered at the back by Otago, who then throw a forward pass to gift Canterbury a scrum 10m from their line.

29 mins - Hammington clears after a big Canterbury scrum. The hosts will throw the lineout just inside the Otago 10m.

27 mins - Canterbury win the ball at the restart, patiently work through the phases. Penalty goes their way. They move to a 5m lineout, and spoil it with a crooked throw.

23 mins - Desperation tryline defence Otago denies Canterbury, they win the turnover. Scrum right in front of their posts. Ioane with a thundering clearanace, all the way back to the Canterbury 22m. Otago  win a peanlty at the ruck, Ioane will have a shot at the posts, 42m out... slots it.

20 mins - Penalty Canterbury, they'll launch from the Otago 22m.  Another penalty, Drummond taps and goes quickly. Crossfield kick doesn't come off, but advantage was being played and the hosts will get another crack at it.

17 mins - Otago muff a kick return, Canterbury swoop but can't make the final pass. Otago clear from the scrum.

14 mins - Ioane beats his man, Otago pulll within 15m. Nareki with space, but he passes forward on the double around to end the raid. Otago dominating possession and field position, but still no points to show for it.

11 mins - Timu with a brilliant turnover and Otago, again on the attack. Jager strong in the tackle, holds up his man and forces the turonver. Scrum Canterbury.

9 mins - Canterbury clear, but only as far as their 22m. Otago overthrow and Canterbury pounce.

7 mins - Nareki knocks on with the tryline beckoning. Canterbury survive.

6 mins - Penalty Otago after a superb run from Princep. Nareki wins the nod at the ruck. Otago will throw a lineout at the Canterbury 22m.

5 mins - Tomkinson throws a pass so forward it could have been a penalty. Scrum Canterbury at their 10m.

4 mins - Canterbury sloppy through the backs, eventually scramble the ball into touch. Otago with another chance to attack from the lineout.

3 mins - Otago rolling a very effective maul deep into the Canterbury red zone. Now they feed the backs, Hammington drives inside the 22m. Next runner held up well by the defence, turnover Canterbury. Scrum at their own 22m.

1 min - Canterbury exit from the kick off, Otago to throw the lineout at the Canterbury 10m.

We're underway...

7:04pm - Lovely early summer's eve in Christchurch, the scene is well set for these two struggling sides to put on a show.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Mitre 10 Cup match between southern rivals Canterbury and Otago.

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Canterbury are looking to bounce back from their demolition at the hands of Bay of Plenty, while Otago are trying to extend their three-game win-streak.

Canterbury has made a host of changes, headlined by the return of front row duo Brodie McAlister and Oli Jager.

Also in the forwards, Luke Romano comes in for Mitchell Dunshea, while Reed Prinsep moves to No. 8 following the inclusion of Billy Harmon.

In the backs, Mitchell Drummond starts at halfback with Dallas McLeod in at midfield, while Josh McKay shifts from the left wing to fullback.

Otago have also made a few adjustments, including the return of backline trio Sio Tomkinson, Josh Ioane and Vilimoni Koroi.

Tomkinson is back after serving a six-week suspension, while All Blacks first-five Ioane and Koroi were left out of last week's team, after a breach of team protocol.

In the forwards, Sam Fischli makes his first-class debut at blindside flanker, with Slade McDowall returning at openside, Nasi Manu coming in at No. 8 and Will Tucker replacing Jack Regan at lock.

TAB: Canterbury $1.41 Otago $2.75

Canterbury: 1-Daniel Lienert-Brown, 2-Brodie McAlister, 3-Oli Jager, 4-Sam Darry, 5-Luke Romano, 6-Billy Harmon, 7-Tom Christie, 8-Reed Prinsep, 9-Mitchell Drummond,, 10-Fergus Burke, 11-Ngane Punivai, 12-Rameka Poihipi, 13-Dallas McLeod, 14-Chay Fihaki, 15-Josh McKay

Reserves: 16-Shilo Klein, 17-Finlay Brewis, 18-Tamaiti Williams, 19-Liam Allen, 20-Whetukamokamo Douglas, 21-Luke Donaldson, 22-Brett Cameron, 23-Andrew Knewstubb.

Otago: 1-Jamie Mackintosh, 2-Liam Coltman, 3-Josh Hohneck, 4-Will Tucker, 5-Josh Dickson, 6-Sam Fischli, 7-Slade McDowall, 8-Nasi Manu, 9-Kayne Hammington, 10-Josh Ioane, 11-Jona Nareki, 12-Sio Tomkinson, 13-Josh Timu, 14-Freedom Vahaakolo, 15-Vilimoni Koroi

Reserves: 16-Ricky Jackson, 17-Jonah Aoina, 18-Hisa Sasagi, 19-Jack Regan, 20-Sione Misiloi, 21-James Arscott, 22-Michael Collins, 23-Charles Elton