Live updates: Mitre 10 Cup - Tasman v Southland, Counties Manukau v Wellington, Waikato v Taranaki

Mitre 10 Cup Sunday results:

Tasman 47 Southland 10 

Wellington 53 Counties Manukau 20

Waikato 27 Taranaki 20 


FULLTIME ... A dull contest came to life in the final 20 minutes, with Waikato producing another tight win to go top of the premiership table. 

Taranaki got the first try of the second half of a perfect counter-attack. Lewis Ormond got the attack going, before a couple of big cut-out passes to find Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens to score in the corner.  

Waikato struck back with two tries through Rivez Rihanna, who made a huge impact off the bench and swung the game in Waikato’s favour, and Liam Messam, who was Waikato’s best.

Just when Waikato thought they had put their rivals to bed, Taranaki got back in it with a try to Daniel Rona, after a great break from Lachlan Boshier. 

In the end, Waikato hung on for a tight seven-point victory and moved to the top of the table. 

Waikato is back in action against Auckland at Eden Park on Saturday, while Taranaki will take on Counties Manukau on Sunday. 

In other games, Wellington thrashed Counties Manukau 53-20, with a stunning seven-tries-to-two victory. The Lions came out on fire in the second half, scoring six tries to stay inside the top four. 

Tasman rebounded from their big loss to Auckland last week with a 47-10 victory over Southland. Like the Lions, Tasman produced a huge second-half performance, scoring six tries to run away huge winners and improve to second on the premiership table.  

80 min - From the scrum,Taranaki produce a huge scrum and win the ball back and start attacking on their own 22. Taranaki are looking dangerous with a break from Sean Wainui who gets down the 10m line of Waikato. Taranaki get fast ball with Waiakto stretched and Taranaki looking like they could score Mitchell Crosswell knocks the ball on and Waikato win!!

78 min - Waikato are hot on attack and go inches close but knock the ball on when it looks like they will score but the ref will come back for a penalty. Waikato decide to take a scrum. 

77 min - From the scrum, Taranaki attack strongly outwide with the backs and get down to the 10m line. Perofeta goes for touch but it goes out on the full. Lineout Waikato on Taranaki's 10m line. From the lineout  Reihana puts a great touch finding kick in. Lineout Taranaki 10m out. 

75 min - From the scrum, Waikato are looking dangerous and are inside Taranaki's 22. After 7 phases Waikato pass doesn't go to hand and Waikato knock the ball on. Scrum Taranaki on their own 22. 

73 min - After a couoke of kicks backwards-and-forwards, Waikato put up a midfield bomb, whic Potroz puts down. Scrum Waikato scrum just short of Taranaki's 22.  

70 min - TRY TARANAKI - Waikato clear well but only down to Potroz ho makes a strong run down to the 10m line. Taranaki look dangerous on attack. They come back short side and Lachlan Boshier makes a break before drawing-and-passing to find Daniel Rona to crash over. Potroz misses the conversion. 27-20 WAI

66 min - TRY WAIKATO - From a breakdown turnover, Waikato start their attack just short of Taranaki's 22. Afrer 13 phases a snipe from Reihana puts him through a small hole before he offloads to Liam Messam to score. Reihana converts the try. 27-15 WAI 

64 min - Waikato clear well from the kickoff and give Taranaki and lineout on the 10m line. From the lineout a strong tackle by Bailyn Sullivan has forced Mitchell Crosswell to knock the ball on. Scrum Waikato just short of halfway. 

62 min - TRY WAIKATO - From the lineout, Jacobson makes a strong run a breaks into the backfield before offloading to Rivez Reihana who goes over to put Waikato back in front. Rivaz Reihana converts his own try. 20-15 WAI

61 min - From the kickoff, Perofeta clears well and gives Waikato a lineout on halfway. 

60 min - TRY TARANAKI - Waikato are attacking well on Taranaki's 22 but Taranaki have turned the ball over and Taranaki are counter attacking through Lewis Ormond who gets down to Waikato's 22. Taranaki get fast ball and go wide and a couple big cut-out passes and find Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens to stroll over in the corner. Potroz kick hits the post and misses. 15-13 TAR

57 min - Taranaki are building their attack nicely through the backs and after 4 phases Waikato win a breakdown penalty and Smith will have a lineout on Taranaki's 10m line. 

55 min - From the lineout Ratima puts up a midfield bomb and Waka knocks the ball on. Taranaki will have a scrum just short of the 22. Great opportunity to attack. 

54 min - A scrappy piece of play has resulted in Waikato attacking on Taranaki's 22 but they give away a breakdown penalty. Lineout on halfway for Taranaki. 

52 min - From the scrum, Waikato have shown great defence to throw Mithcell Crosswell into touch. From the lineout, Waikato go wide but are thrown into touch lineout Taranaki. From the lineout, a scrappy piece of play has resulted in Taranaki knocking the ball on. 

50 min - Waikato are attacking through the forwards but Fletcher Smith knocks the ball on and Taranaki will have a scrum on their own 10m line.

48 min - After couple of kicks backwards-and-forwards Waikato will have a lineout on halfway.  From the lineout, Waikato attack through their forwards. After 8 phases Fletcher Smith makes a strong run but he forces his pass and it goes into touch. Taranaki clear down to just past the 22. 

45 min - From the lineout, Waikato attack through the forwards but Taranaki win a penalty. Lineout on 10m line for Taranaki. From the lineout Taranaki clear down to Waikato's 22. 

43 min - A huge tackle by Liam Messam has forced a knock-on into touch lineout Waikato on the 22m line. 

41 min - Taranaki start the second half strongly and around attacking around halfway before a knock-on in the tackle bu Waikato. Scrum Taranaki on 10m line. 

SECOND-HALF underway ..... Waikato gets us back underway. 

HAFTIME ..... A very entertaining first half in Hamilton with Waikato taking the lead into the break thanks to a late penalty from Fletcher Smith. 

Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens finshed a great team try to get Taranaki back into the contest after Beauden Waaka had put Waikato ahead early. 


40 min - PENALTY WAIKATO - Waikato win a breakdown penalty on halfway and the ref has marched Taranaki 10 more metres for bach-chat. Smith will have another shot at goal from 48m out on the angle. He nails it. 13-10 WAI  

37 min - Waikato from the lineout win a breakdown penalty 40 metres out right in front. Smith will have a shot at goal. He misses it wide. 22m dropout. 

36 min - Taranaki clear well through Lisati Milo-Harris, and give Waikato a lineout on Taranaki's 10m line. 

35 min - From the lineout, Waikato set the lineout drive before Cortez Ratima makes a small break down the short side and gets 8m out. Smith gives a tough inside pass to Valynce Te Whare who puts it down. Scrum Taranaki 10 metres out. 

33 min - Waikato win a breakdown penalty on halfway and Smith will give them a lineout on Taranaki's 22. 

32 min - TRY TARANAKI & YELLOW CARD WAIKATO - Waikato try to be smart at the lineout but knock it on. Taranaki clear down to halfway. Waaka goes for a chip kick but only finds Perofeta, who break down the wing. From the nex phase great attacking play has Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens over in the corner. Potroz converts. 10-10

In the led up to the try, Luke Jacobson committed a shoulder charge and has been sent to the bin.  

29 min - Taranaki give away a penalty for a head-high tackle. Waikato fails to find touch and Taranaki clear down to halfway. From the lineout Waikato win a penalty for Taranaki attacking a lineout jumper. Lineout Waikato just short of the 22. 

27 min - After a couple of kicks backwards-and-forwards Taranaki have the ball inside the Waikato half before they drop it and Waikato hack it down field. Taranaki will start again on their own 10m line.  

24 min - Waikato drop the ball into tocuh from the kickoff giving Taranaki a lineout 25 metres out. From the lineout Taranaki knock on straight away. Scrum Waikato. 

23 min - PENALTY WAIKATO - Waikato clear there lines down to the 22. A poor kick from Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens has handed the ball back to Waikato who start their attack in the Taranaki half. Beauden Waka makes a break into the Taranaki 22. At the ruck Taranaki give away penalty. Smith will have a shot at goal. He slots it down the middle. 10-3 WAI

20 min - From the lineout, Taranaki attack through the backs but Waikato win an important breakdown penalty and they will clear there lines. Lineout Waikato on halfway. 

19 min - From the lineout, Taranaki attack through the forwards again before they go wide but Codey Rei knocks the ball on but the ref goes back for another penalty. Taranaki will have another lineout 5m out. 

18 min - From the lineout, Taranaki attack through the forwards just 3m out from the line. After five phases, Taranaki win a breakdown penalty. They will have another lineout 5m out. 

17 min - Taranaki win a lineout penalty from a messy lineout. They will go for touch and have a lineout just 5m out. 

16 min - From the kick-off Taranaki clear well but the kick is touch so Taranaki will have a lineout on their own 10 metre line. From the lineout, Waikato collaspe the lineout-drive to give away the penalty. Lineout Taranaki just inside the 22. 

13 min - PENALTY WIAKATO - Waikato clear well from the kickoff down to the 10m line but Taranaki take it quickly. After seven phases of up-tempo rugby from Taranaki they win a breakdown penalty right in front of the posts 22m out. Jayson Potroz will have a shot which he slots down the middle. 7-3 WAI 

10 min - TRY WAIKATO - From the lineout, Waikato work a short-side move through  hooker Samisoni Taukei'aho and get down to the Taranaki 5m line. After six phases Waikato go to the backs and Fletcher Smith throws perfect cut-out pass to Beauden Waaka to score in corner. Smith converts the try from out wide. 7-0 WAI  

8 min - Tarankai win the dropout back and are going side-to-side with their attack looking dangerous before Perofeta puts in a midfield bomb, which Waka regathers. At the ruck Waikato win a offisde penalty. Lineout Waikato on the 22m line. 

6 min - Waikato continue to build their attack around the Taranaki 10m line. After 7 phases Taranaki give away a breakdown penalty. Fletcher Smith will have a shot at goal 35m out. He misses wide. 22m droppout. 

4 min - From the lineout, Waikato go straight out to the backs. Waikato are looking dangerous on attack and after 12 phases Taranaki win the ball back and Potroz will clear down to halfway. 

2 min - Waikato clear to just outisde their 22. Lineout Taranaki. Taranaki set the lineout-drive and go about 5 metre before going out to the backs. At the rucks, Waikato win a breakdown penalty. Waikato will have a lineout on the Taranaki 10m line.  

KICKOFF ... Taranaki gets us underway. 

4:33pm - A perfect day sunny day in Hamilton for rugby. 


Kia ora, folks, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Mitre 10 Cup clash between Waikato and Taranaki. 

Updates will begin from 4:35pm.

FMG Stadium in Hamilton is the venue for this afternoon’s contest, with both sides looking to continue on winning ways after good wins last week. 

Waikato coach Andrew Strawbridge has been able to name a near-All Black loose forward trio, with veteran Liam Messam named at No.8 for his first start of the season, alongside Adam Thomson and captain Luke Jacobson, who plays his blazer game.

Fletcher Smith returns to the No.10 jersey, while Matt Lansdown and Bailyn Sullivan form a new midfield combination. 

For Taranaki, minor injuries to No.8 Pita Gus Sowakula and second five-eighth Daniel Waite see Kaylum Boshier return to the starting forward pack, while Tukapa’s Lukas Halls will start in the No.12 jersey.

Bulls coach Willie Rickards has also made several tweaks to the run-on side, with halfback Lisati Milo-Harris returning, along with experienced loose forward Mitchell Crosswell.

The latter’s return sees captain Mitchell Brown move into the second row to partner young Coastal lock Josh Lord, while further experience has been added to the backline, with Codey Rei named on the left wing.

TAB: Waikato $1.30 Taranaki $3.30

Waikato: 1-Ollie Norris, 2-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 3-Sefo Kautai, 4-Hamilton Burr, 5-Samipeni Finau, 6-Adam Thomson, 7-Luke Jacobson, 8-Liam Messam, 9-Cortez Ratima, 10-Fletcher Smith, 11-Valynce Te Whare, 12-Matty Lansdown, 13-Bailyn Sullivan, 14-Liam Coombes-Fabling, 15-Beauden Waaka

Reserves: 16-Sekope Lopeti-Moli, 17-Rob Cobb, 18-Josh Iosefa-Scott, 19-James Thompson, 20-Hugo Nankivell, 21-Rhys Dickinson, 22-Rivaz Reihana, 23-Gideon Wrampling

Taranaki: 1-Jared Proffit, 2-Ricky Riccitelli, 3-Reuben O'Neill, 4-Josh Lord, 5-Mitchell Brown (c), 6-Mitchell Crosswell, 7-Lachlan Boshier, 8-Kaylum Boshier, 9-Lisati Milo-Harris, 10-Stephen Perofeta, 11-Codey Rei, 12-Lukas Halls, 13-Sean Wainui, 14-Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens, 15-Jayson Potroz

Reserves: 16-Bradley Slater, 17-Chris Gawler, 18-Donald Brighouse, 19-Findlamor Hoeata, 20-Tom Florence, 21-Wawrick Lahmert, 22-Brayton Northcott-Hill, 23-Lewis Ormond

FULLTIME ... Wellington and Tasman have run riot in the second half to thrash Counties Manakau and Southland. 

In Pukekohe, Counties took the lead into the sheds 13-11 thanks to tries to James O’Reilly, for Wellington and Etene Nanai-Seturo. 

In the second half, the game exploded. Counties scored inside 30 seconds through Jason Robertson who made a strong run to crash over. 

Wellington struck straight back two minutes later through O’Reilly who got his second for the afternoon. After great hands from Aso who finds O’Reilly ranging wide to score in the corner. 

Wellington scored five tries in the final 22 minutes. Xavier Numia scored with 22 minutes remaining after beating two defenders. 

In the 68th and 70th minute, the Lions got two identical intercept tries thanks to two poor passes from Baden Kerr. the first only found Wes Goosen who went 50m to score and two minutes later Vaea Fifita went 80 metres to score under the posts. 

With five minutes remaining, Wellington produced a huge scrum five metres out to win the ball against the fed and Teariki Ben-Nicholas picked up and scored. 

As the siren went Wellington crashed over again through Fifita, who picked up the ball at the ruck and went over untouched. 

In Nelson, Tasman has thumped Southland 47-10. 

The Markos put on a huge second-half performance come away seven tries to win winners. Tasman scored six tries in the second-half through,  two tries to Fetuli Paea and David Havili, while Mitch Hunt and Sione Havili crashed over as well. 

After a tight first half, the Markos took the lead into the break 7-3 but came out on fire to score five tries in the final 25 minutes. 

The pick of the tries came through David Havili who scored a brilliant individual try. Havili bumped off two defenders and go 25 metres to score. 

Wellington is back in action against Tasman next Saturday, while Counties Manakau takes on Taranaki next Sunday. Southland will look to rebound when they take on Manawatu

80 min - TRY WELLINGTON - With Wellington attacking inside Counties 22, Fifita picks up the ball at the ruck and runs 15m to score under the posts. Morgan converts the try. 53-20 WEL 

79 min - TRY TASMAN - Tasman are running away with it now. Southland lose the ball after winning their own lineout. Telea  picks up the ball and offloads to Segner, who draws and passes to David Havili, and he strolls in for his second try of the game. O'Malley misses the conversion. 47-10 TAS 

76 min - TRY TASMAN -They win the lineout, Faingaanuku once again breaks the line and looks to go all the way, but is brought down just inside the 22. Telea runs across field, finds some support and the ball ends up in the hands of Sione Havili on the wing after some nice hands, for another Tasman try. O'Malley converts the try. 42-10 TAS

75 min - TRY WELLINGTON - Counties have a scrum 5m out but Wellington produce a huge scrum to win it against the feed and Ben-Nicholas picks up and crahses over next to the posts. Morgan converts the try. 46-20 WEL

72 min - TRY TASMAN - A long patient build up from Tasman results in Fetuli Paea running a great line to crash over for his second. Tim O'Malley converts the try. 35-10 TAS

 70 min - TRY WELLINGTON - Wellington are in again. Another intercpet try for Wellington. Counties attacking on the Lions 22. Again Kerr throws a risky pass, this time Vaea Fifita who intercepts with one hand and runs 80 metres to score. Garden-Bachop converts the try. 39-20 WEL

67 min - TRY WELLINGTON - With Counties attacking just inside Wellington's half, Kerr throws a cut-out pass but it's intercepted by Wes Goosen who runs 50m to score under the posts. Garden-Bachop converts the try. 32-20 WEL

61 min - TRY TASMAN - After Southland clear down to Tasman's 22, the Markos counter-attack through Fainga-anuku who puts in an attacking kick which goes into the Stags 22, Eade can't gather the ball.  Fainga-anuku gathers the loose ball offloads to Hunt who scores in the corner. Hunt converts the try. 28-10 TAS

58 min - TRY WELLINGTON - A great build up to Wellington's attack before prop Xavier Numia breaks 2 tackles and crashes over under the posts. Garden-Bachop converts the try. 25-20 WEL

55 min - TRY TASMAN - From a lineout on the 22m line, Leicester Fainga'anuku makes a strong run. A couple of phases later, Fetuli Paea dummies and beats his man to score next to the posts. Robertson converts the try. 21-10 TAS

48 min - TRY SOUTHLAND - Southland strike straight back. After a great break from Scott Eade who gets down to about 10m out. Southland go close a couple of times before Tony Lamborn crashes over. Dyer converts the try. 14-10 TAS

45 min - TRY TASMAN - From a lineou on halfway, Fetuli Paea, makes a break and gets down to the Stags 22. On the next phase, David Havili bumps off two tacklers and goes 20m to score under the posts. Hunt converts the try. 14-3 TAS

43 min - TRY WELLINGTON - It's a try feast in the second-half and Wellington strike back. It all starts from a great run from Ben-Nicholas who gets down to the 22. Wellington goes wide and Vaea Fifita makes a strong run carrying the ball in one hand before offloading to James  O'Reilly who goes over in the corner. Garden-Bachop converts from out wide. 20-18 CM

41 min - TRY COUNTIES MANUKAU - Counties score inside 30 seconds of the restart. Wellington turn the ball over from the kickoff and Counties are sstraight on the attack. Kieran Read makes a strong run across field before offloading for a hard running Robertson who finds a hole a crashes over under the posts. Robertson converts his own try. 20-11 CM 

SECOND-HALF underway .... We are back underway in Nelson and Pukekohe.

HALTIME .... Very even contests in both matches with Tasman and Counties Manukau taking the lead into the sheds. 

In Pukekohe, Wellington got the first try through hooker, James O’Reily, which came through great hands from, Aso and Love. Counties Manakau struck back through Etene Nanai-Seturo who crashed over under the posts after a great short ball from Jason Robertson. 

In Nelson, the game has been played mostly around halfway with the defence being the story of the day. Southland has looked better on the attack but it was Tasman that has got the only try of the first half. After a strong scrum, Tasman attack the Southland line. Finlay Christie gave a great short ball to Taina Fox-Matamua to crash over next to the posts.

40 MIN - PENALTY SOUTHLAND - Southland produce a huge scrum and win a penalty as the siren goes. Greg Dyer slots the penalty. 7-3 TAS

38 min - PENALTY WELLINGTON - After a couple of kicks backwards-and-forwards Wellington win a breakdown penalty 45m out. Garden-Bachop will have a shot and he nails it. 13-11 CM

31 min - TRY COUNTIES MANUKAU - From a scrum on the 22m line, Counties go wide and look dangerous through Etene Nanai-Seturo. From the next phase Robertson takes the ball to the line before offloading to Latiume Fosita to score under the posts. Robertson converts the try. 13-8 CM

28 min - PENALTY COUNTIES MANUKAU - From the kickoff, Counties win the ball back and start to build their attack. At a ruck, Wellington prop Alex Fidow gives away a breakdown penalty and Robertson will have a shot at goal. He slots it down the middle. 8-6 WEL

26 min - PENALTY WELLINGTON -Wellington have a scrum just inside Counties half. Savea makes a great charge off the back of the scrum, before Teariki Ben-Nicholas breaks into the backfield and into the 22. At the ruck Kieran Read tries to win the ball back but gives away a penalty. Garden -Bachop will have a shot at goal and he slots it down the middle. 8-3 WEL

22 min - TRY TASMAN - Tasman gets the first try of the contest. From a lineout on the 22m line, the Markos attack through their forwards. After five phases a great short pass from Finlay Christie gives a nice short pass to Taina Fox-Matamua who crashes over. Hunt converts the try. 7-0 TAS 

16 min - TRY WELLINGTON - Wellington are attacking inside the Counties 22. After 5 phases, the Lions go wide and some great hands from Aso and Love has found hooker James O'Reilly out wide who scores in the corner. Garden-Bachop misses the conversion from out wide. 5-3 WEL

13 min - PENALTY COUNTIES MANUKAU - Counties win a penalty for Wellington being offside on the Lions 10m line. Robertson slots it down the middle to give Counties the lead. 3-0 CM

KICKOFF - We are underway in both games. 

2:03pm - Welcome to Newshub live coverage of the Mitre 10 Cup action. We have perfect conditions in both Pukekohe and Nelson.  


Kia ora, folks, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Mitre 10 Cup clash between Tasman and Southland and Counties Manukau taking on Wellington. 

These two matches are followed by Waikato taking on Taranaki from FMG Stadium in Hamilton. 

Updates will begin from 2:05pm.

Trafalgar Park in Nelson and Navigation Homes Stadium in Pukekohe are our venues for our early kickoff games. 

Tasman makes five changes to their starting 15, with Ryan Coxon, Samuel Matenga, Isaac Ross and Taina Fox-Matamua coming into the forwards, with Isi Tu'ungafasi, Alex Ainley dropping to the bench. and Tyrel Lomax and Jacob Norris dropping out of the 23. 

In the backs, Fetuli Paea comes in for Kieron Fonotia, who drops to the bench. 

Southland has continued to rotate their team, with No. 8 Arese Poliko, wing Kieran Lee, prop Niko Manaena and loose forward Jacob Coghlan all making their debuts against the Makos. 

Rory van Vugt will start at fullback, with Josh Moorby ruled out for the remainder of the season. 

TAB: Tasman $1.01 Southland $13.00

Tasman: 1-Ryan Coxon, 2-Andrew Makalio, 3-Samuel Matenga, 4-Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta, 5-Isaac Ross, 6-Hugh Renton, 7-Sione Havili, 8-Taina Fox-Matamua, 9-Finlay Christie, 10-Mitch Hunt, 11- Leicester Fainga'anuku, 12-Alex Nankivell, 13-Fetuli Paea, 14-Mark Talea, 15-David Havili (c)

Reserves: 16-Sam Moli, 17-Isi Tu'ungafasi, 18-Isaac Salmon, 19-Alex Ainley, 20-Anton Segner, 21-Louie Chapman, 22-Tim O'Malley, 23-Kieron Fonotia

Southland: 1-Joseph Walsh, 2-Sebastian Siataga, 3-Christopher Apoua, 4-Craig Smith, 5-Raymond Tatafu, 6-Charles Alaimalo, 7-Tony Lamborn (c), 8-Arese Poliko, 9-Liam Howley, 10-Greg Dyer, 11-Kieran Lee, 12-Raymond Nu’u, 13-Isaac Te Tamaki, 14-Tevita Latu, 15-Rory van Vugt

Reserves: 16-Greg Pleasants-Tate, 17-Niko Manaena, 18-Viliami Tosi, 19-Glenn Preston, 20-Jacob Coghlan, 21-Logan Crowley, 22-Scott Eade, 23-Jaye Thompson

In our other 2:05 pm game, County Manukau has named All Blacks Sevens star Sione Molia as captain for the first time, when they take on Wellington for the Jonah Lomu Trophy.

Molia takes over the reins from regular skipper Orbyn Leger, who is skipping this game due to niggling injuries.

The Lions make four changes to their 23-man-squad, with two coming in the starting XV. The only change in the forward pack sees Mateaki Kafatolu at No.7 spot, after captain Du'Plessis Kirifi's elevation to the All Blacks. 

In the backs, Connor Collins comes into the starting line-up, after an impressive cameo off the bench last week, with Kemara Hauiti-Parapara dropping to the reserves. 

On the bench, Wellington have brought in replacement back Pepesana Patafilo and loose-forward Sam Smith.

TAB: Counties Manukau $4.00 Wellington $1.22 

Counties: 1-Ezekiel Lindenmuth, 2-Donald Maka, 3-Conan O’Donnell, 4-Mickey Woolliams, 5-Potu Leavasa, 6-Sam Slade, 7-Alamanda Motuga, 8-Kieran Read, 9-Jonathan Taumateine, 10-Jason Robertson, 11-Etene Nanai-Seturo, 12-Latiume Fosita, 13-Sione Molia (c), 14-Tevita Nabura, 15-Luteru Laulala

Reserves: 16-Zuriel Togiatama, 17-Clinton Malolua, 18-Suetena Asomua, 19-Matiaha Martin, 20-Viliami Taulani, 21-Cameron Roigard, 22-Baden Kerr, 23-Kirisi Kuridrani

Wellington: 1-Xavier Numia, 2-James O'Reilly, 3-Alex Fidow, 4-James Blackwell (c), 5-Naitoa Ah kuoi. 6-Vaea Fifita, 7-Mateaki Kafatolu, 8-Teariki Ben-Nicholas, 9-Connor Collins, 10- Jackson Garden-Bachop, 11-Julian Savea, 12-Vince, 13-Billy Proctor, 14-Wes Goosen, 15-Ruben Love

Reserves: 16-Tyrone Thompson, 17-Morgan Poi, 18-Ben Aumua-Peseta, 19-Caleb Delany, 20-Sam Smith, 21-Kemara Hauiti-Parapara, 22-Trent Renata, 23-Pepesana Patafilo