Motorsport: 2020 Bathurst 1000 - Live updates from Mount Panorama

7:20pm - Wrap: Superb drive from van Gisbergen and Tander - they dominated the last 100 laps after Gizzy took the lead during the burst of rain earlier in the day.

After a couple fo heartbtreaking second place finishes and the 2014 nightmare, he has finally climbed the mountain.

Waters/Davison came home second with Mostert/Luff completing the podium. Coulthard was 4th with McLaughlin 5th.

7:18pm - Both van Gisbergen and McLaughlin doing a lap of honor - Scotty now officially the series champ.

Shane van Gisbergen and Garth Tander are the 2020 Bathurst 1000 champions! The Kiwi steered superbly in the last three laps to score his maiden Great Race win!

Final Lap: Gizzy has got this if he doesn't make a mistake - he's gapped Waters by a second.

Lap 160/161 - Status quo - SVG, Waters, Mostert, Coulthard and McLaughlin .... Van Gisbergen has the car speed.

Lap 158/161 - Gizzy leads around the first corner - Mostert great a great restart and is stalking Waters - the Shell Mustangs right there aswell.

Lap 157/161 - There will be a three lap shootout....another safety car and the race could finish under yellow. 

Lap 156/161 - James Courtney manages to jump De Pasquale at the restart - that was the only change in the top 10.

Lap 155/161 - Safety Car! Zane Goddard has hit the wall at the top and he's parked the car.

Lap 155/161 - Six lap sprint to the finish - this could be carnage. Great start from Gizzy and he leads through the first corner.

Lap 154/161 - Still under the safety car. Van Gisbergen leads Waters, Mostert, Coulthard, McLaughlin and Pye. 

Lap 152/161 - Safety Car!!! Jack Smith is in the sand trap and the Chase and Bryce Fullwood has crashed at the top of the mountain. Ladies and gents - Mostert, McLaughlin and Coulthard are back in this!

Lap 151/161 - The lead is 1.4 seconds for SVG - Mostert is about 15 seconds back in 3rd.

Lap 149/161 - The lead is now more than  a second ... Gizzy really finding his grove as he records the quickest lap of the race.

Lap 148/161 - Van Gisbergen has almost got out to a second but there is nothing in this. Mostert is 3rd from Coulthard, McLaughlin, Pye, Holdworth, Winterbottom, De Pasquale and Courtney.

Lap 147/161 - No change to the gap ... this is razor close. One mistake from either and it's game over.

Lap 146/161 - SVG leads by .6 of a second to Waters who piling on the pressure, but Giz is holding him off. Two horse race unless we get a safety car.

Lap 145/161 - Van Gisbergen leads Waters from Mostert, Coulthard, McLaughlin, Winterbottom, Pye, Holdworth, De Pasquale and Courtney.

Lap 144/161 - Waters is all over van Gisbergen, Mostert is 10 seconds back and McLaughlin is 26 seconds back.

Lap 143/161 - SVG and Waters pit - and the Kiwi gets out first, but Waters has closed the gap. .6 of as a second.

Lap 142/161 - Van Gisbergen is stretching the lead at the front - a potebtial race-winning stint from the Kiwi as he leads by 3.2 seconds.

Lap 141/161 - Mostert in for his final stop as is Courtney.

Lap 140/161 - Moffat takes over from Le Broq and Holdsworth is also fuelled up for the run home.

Lap 139/161 - McLaughlin pits for the final time ... fills up with gas and gets a brand new set of fresh tyres. He will need a safety car to win this race.

Lap 138/161 - Coming up on the final pit cycle. SVG leads Waters by just over a second, then Mostert, McLaughlin, Coulthard and Winterbotom.

Lap 135/161 - Jack Le Broq just lost three spots on one lap and has slipped to 11th. He's dealing with cool suit issues meaning he is boiling in that car and James Moffat will hop in for the final stint when he pits in a few laps. 

Lap 132/161 - Status quo - the race is slipping away from McLaughlin - he will need a safety car.

It's a three car race at the moment. SVG leads Waters, Mostert, McLaughlin, Coulthard, Winterbottom, Kostescki, Le Broq, Pye and Courtney. David Reynolds is down in 12th and has engine worries.

Lap 126/161 - McLaughlin has been told to save fuel .... he's the one guy in the top five who is sketchy on getting home on one stop. Mostert is flying in third spot - just 4 seconds off the lead now. McLaughlin 10 seconds behind and Coulthard 13. SVG leads Waters by a second.

Lap 123/161 - Mostert, McLaughlin and Coulthard are all eating in to the two leaders ... less than 10 seconds seperates the top five.

Lap 121/161 - SVG keeps the lead ..... McLaughlin passes Coulthard in the pit cycle. Van Gisbergen leads Waters, Mostert who is 10 seconds back, McLaughlin, Coulthard, Winterbottom Kostecki, Le Broq, Pye and Reynolds who hasn't featured all day.

Lap 119/161 - Van Gisbergen pits with a 1.5 second lead from Waters who follows him right in.

Lap 118/161 - In the middle of a pit cycle .... SVG leads Waters, Coulthard, Winterbottom, De Pasquale, Holdworth, Mostert, Jones. McLaughlin and Le Broq.

Lap 116/161 - Moffat pits leaving Le Broq in the car for the ride home.

Lap 114/161 - Slade is pitting ... 15 seconds off the lead which will leave McLaughlin in the car for the race home. A safety car will put car No.17 right in the mix.

Lap 110/161 - Van Gisbergen leads Waters, Mostert, Coulthard, Slade, Moffat, Winterbottom, De Pasquale, Pye and Holdsworth.

SVG and Waters are spreading the field .... Mostert nearly five seconds back ... Coulthard and Slade 12 seconds back.

Lap 107/161 - Coulthard has got by teammate Slade for 4th .... Van Gisbergen is holding off the challenge of Waters with Mostert in pursuit.

Lap 105/161 - Kiwi Update: 1.van Gisbergen, 4.McLaughlin, 5.Coulthard, 15.Heimgartner, 18.Pither.

Lap 104/161 - Mostert passes Slade for 3rd ... SVG and Waters 2 seconds up the road.

Lap 103/161 - Flat tyre for Jayden Ojeda on the GRM Holden and he pits .... Coulthard has got by Winterbottom for 5th. He has shown a ton of speed today.

Lap 101/161 - SVG leads Waters who is right on his bumper .... Slade about a second back leading a pack consisiting of Mostert, Winterbottom, Coulthard, Moffat, De Pasquale, Pye and Caruso.

Lap 99/161 - Back under green as van Gisbergen leads them away. Waters passes Slade at the first corner.

Lap 98/161 - Still under the safety car .... SVG leads Slade, Waters, Mostert, Winterbottom, Coulthard, Moffat, De Pasquale, Pye and Caruso.

Lap 98/161 - Smith was punted off the track by his teammate Tim Blanchard - this has been a horror day for BJR.

Lap 98/161 - Slade remains in car No.17 and Coulthard got double stacked which will cost him a ton of time. Slade has been quick though, so it may not be as bad for McLaughlin as it could have been. 

Lap 97/161 -Safety Car:  Jack Smith is into the sand trap at Murray's and this will bring out the safety car and this is terrible news for McLaughlin as Slade still has two laps to complete to bring up his 54 laps.

Lap 96/161 - Pit window is upon us - Mostert is in car No.25 for the run home and Moffat pits from 8th, but will stay in car No.55.

Lap 96/161 - Anton De Pasquale on the charge .... up to 9th now after starting this sting in 14th. 

Lap 95/161 - Scott Pye has hopped into car No.20 and he will triple stint through to the finish, which every team is trying to sort at the moment. Co-drivers must complete 54 laps.

Lap 92/161 - Race update: Jamie Whincup's day was over early when he crashed at The Cutting, while Rick Kelly, Tod Hazlewood, Nick Percat, Bryce Fullwood and Gary Jacobson are all either out of the race or out of contention.

Lap 90/161 - James Moffat gets past Michael Caruso at Hell Corner for 7th spot ..... all four Tickford cars inside the top nine. 

Lap 88/161 - Lead is now 6.4 seconds for Tander but Slade is holding off the challenge behind him. De Pasquale into the top 10 as he gets by Dean Fiore at Forrest Elbow.

Lap 85/161 - Tander by 6 seconds from Slade, Davison, D'Alberto, Luff, Golding, Caruso, Moffat, Feeney, Fiore, De Pasquale, Smith, Jones. Webb and Jake Kostecki - that's the top 15.

Lap 82/161 - The lead is just under 6 seconds so Slade doing a good job not letting the gap get too steap. The big movers today have been Winterbottom/Golding in car No.18 - they are 6th after starting 18th.

Lap 80/161 - Kiwi update: 1.van Gisbergen, 2.McLaughlin, 4.Coulthard, 17.Pither. 19.Heimgartner.

Lap 79/161 - Tander's lead at the front is 5 seconds as Slade comes under pressure fromm Davison and D'Alberto.

Lap 78/161 - Very tight at the front .... car No.12 has dropped a few spots, while car No.17 has gained a few. Tander leads Slade, Davison, D'Alberto, Luff, Golding, Feeney, Caruso, Fiore and Moffat.

Lap 77/161 - McLaughlin pits from the race lead .... car No.17 is changing pads and Tim Slade is also hopping in. The did a great job on the pad change.

Lap 76/161 - That was a poor stop for car No.99 - the lost a ton of time changing the break pads. SVG pits from the lead of the race and hands over to Tander. Davison is also in, but he stays in the car. 

Lap 75/161 - Coulthard pits from second and will hand over to D'Alberto - superb stint from Fabs. Brodie Kostecki also pits and hands over to Anton De Pasquale.

Lap 73/161 - Jack Le Broq pits from 9th - there is a slight problem on the right front and they lose a few seconds. Driver change and Moffat rejoins in 17th.

Lap 72/161 - Van Gisbergen leads by a touch over 3 seconds from Coulthard, Davison and McLaughlin. Both Percat's car No.8 and Fullwood's car No.2 are back out, but several laps down.

Lap 68/161 - Brodie Kostecki off the track at The Chase for the third time today and gives a free kick to Warren Luff he flies past him for 5th spot.

Car No.35 of Jacobson and Russell have called it quits for the day.

Lap 68/161 - Thomas Randle in Nick Percat's No.8 Holden pits from 13th and they are pushing the car into the garage .... he was complaining about lack of grunt and team owner Brad Jones' day is getting worse.

Lap 67/161 - Car No.2 is still parked in the pits ...... Van Gisbergen leads from Coulthard, Davison. McLaughlin, Kostecki, Luff, Winterbottom, Caruso, Le Broq and Pye.

Lap 65/161 - Fullwood pits from 7th and hands over to Kurt Kostecki ... there is an issue with the engine and they have switched off the car. This will cost them alot of time. Sounds like a a power streering oil issue - looks like a leak.

Lap 63/161 - Car No.35 - the Matt Stone Racing Holden of Gary Jacobson and David Russell is in the pits with major engine dramas. Van Gisbergen leads by a second from Coulthard, Davison and McLaughlin.

Lap 62/161 - Kiwi Update: 1.van Gisbergen, 2.Coulthard, 4.McLaughlin, 21.Heimgartner, 22.Pither 

Lap 60/161 - McLaughlin has got past Kostecki who ran wide at The Chase.

Car No.35 of Jacobson and Russell has a faltering engine and depite still criculating it seams a matter of time before it blows.

Lap 59/161 - O'Keeffe pits for drys so that gamble was an epic failure.

Lap 58/161 - Van Gisbergen leads by 1.5 seconds from Coulthard who is flying in the semi-wet conditions from Davison, Kostecki, McLaighlin, Luff, Fullwood, Winterbottom, Caruso, Le Broq, Pye, Reynolds, Courtney, Randle and Jacobson.

Lap 57/161 - The wets call from Heimgartner's team was a poor one as the rain looks to have passed without a big down fall. A shame because he had driven superbly to get himself inside the top 10.

Lap 56/161 - Shane van Gisbergen is flying .... stalking Davison at the front from Coulthard, Kostecki, McLaughlin, Luff, Winterbottom, Fullwood and Caruso as SVG takes the race lead at the first corner.

Lap 55/161 - No one else has been brave enough to pit .... van Gisbergen has got by McLaughlin and Coulthard is making big gains as well.McLaughlin down to 4th now.

Lap 54/161 - Dylan O'Keeffe pits for wets in Heimgartner;s No.7 - big risk if the rain doesn't stay, but he could jump the pack if it settles in.

Lap 53/161 - Raining at The Chase now .... pretty heavy as we are back underway and some are ducking in for wets.

Lap 53/161 - Still under the safety car and there have been some driver changes .... Davison leads McLaughlin, van Gisbergen, Luff, Caruso, Coulthard, B.Kostecki, O'Keeffe, Le Broq and Winterbottom.

Heimgartner didi a superb job in his Mustang ... started his stint in 23rd and has driven to 8th. 

Raining at the top of the mountain as an ominious low dark cloud hangs above.

Lap 52/161 - Safety Car: Jordan Boys has binned car No.14 at the exit to Murray's Corner.

He got on the gas to early and spun and hit the wall. That's the end of Hazlewood and Boys as contenders.

The car looks wrecked and has stopped on circuit. Pit stops galore ... will work it all out shortly.

Lap 51/161 - Top 10: Waters, Slade, van Gisbergen, Mostert, Holdsworth, B.Kostecki, Le Broq, Percat, Heimgartner and Winterbottom as Coulthard pits. 

Lap 49/161 - Tim Slade in car No.17 is doing a great job holding off van Gisbergen behind him, but can't do anything about the speed of Cam Waters at the front who leads by almost 8 seconds.

Lap 48/161 - Mark Winterbottom in car No.18 is on the move. Up to 11th after starting this stint in 17th.

Lap 47/161 - Expect another round of pitstops in the next 10 lap window .... Kurt Kostecki pits from 12th and hands back to Bryce Fullwood and car No.2.

Lap 45/161 - Five second lead for Waters at the front from Slade who is a second in front of van Gisbergen. Coulthard is 16 seconds off the lead in 8th spot.

Lap 42/161 - Kiwi update: 2.McLaughlin, 3.van Gisbergen, 8.Coulthard, 10.Heimgartner, 22.Pither.

Lap 40/161 - Waters leads Slade by 2.7 seconds from van Gisbergen, Mostert, Holdworth, B.Kostecki, Le Broq, Coulthard, Percat and Heimgartner.

Lap 39/161 - Kostecki is off at The Chase and Mostert gets past him ... Kostecki then blocks Holdsworth into the first corner. Waters leads by 2 seconds. 

Lap 38/161 - Very aggressive defending from Kostecki ... he is under the pump and Mostert is complaining about blocking. Waters pulling a gap on Slade and van Gisbergen at the front. 

Lap 37/161 - Brodie Kostecki holding up the pack as the top three pull away. Mostert is all over him in a pack with Holdsworth, Coulthard and Le Broq.

Lap 35/161 - Back under green .... this marks the first time since 2002 that Whincup and Lowndes will record a DNF. Waters leads, but Slade is sticking right with him.

Lap 34/161 - That was a race changer ... everyone ducked in for a refuel. Waters jumped Slade at the front. So we have Waters, Slade, van Gisbergen who hopped in to car No.97, Kostecki, Mostert, Holdworth, Le Broq, Coulthard, Percat and Heimgartner.

Crucial stage of the race here with Slade and Brodie Kostecki in a pack with main game drivers. Expect Waters to try and gap a lead at the restart.

Lap 33/161 - Safety Car: Whincup and Lowndes are out!! JW tried to drive around Kostecki at The Cutting and lost control, hit the wall and broke the front right. Done for the day.

Lap 33/161 - Brodie Kostecki battling with Whincup and Mostert for 4th .... Tander pulling away from that little battle pack. They are 15 seconds down the road from Waters and Slade.

Lap 31/161 - Tander gets past Brodie Kostecki at the second corner for 3rd.

Lap 30/161 - Lead is down to 3 seconds ... so Slade leads Waters from Brodie Kostecki, Tander, Whincup, Mostert, Holdsworth, Moffat, Feeney, Heimgartner, D'Alberto, Percat, Kurt Kostecki, Fiore and Golding .... that's the top 15.

Lap 27/161 - Cam Waters is rapidly catching Slade in the No.17 Mustang ..... lead is down to 4.5 seconds ... closed the gap by half in four laps.

Lap 26/161 - Kiwi update: 1.McLaughlin, 4.van Gisbergen, 10.Heimgartner, 11.Coulthard, 22.Pither

Lap 24/161 - First round of stops done and dusted .... Slade leads from Waters, Brodie Kostecki, Tander, Whincup, Mostert, Feeney, Holdsworth, Moffat and Heimgartner. Big gains for Whincup/Lowndes, Moffat/Le Broq and Heimgartner/O'Keeffe ... Harmgartner has stormed through the pack in his stint so far.

Lap 23/161 - Ricky Kelly's clutch problem has hit him hard .... car stalled in the pits and they wil now have to go to work and fix it ... he will lose a ton of time.

Lap 22/161 - Davison, Tander and Courtney pit ..... Tander will stay in car No.97 - driver changes for the other two leaving Waters and Feeney in the respective Tickford cars.

Lap 21/161 - Still a few guys need to pit but the standings at the moment are Davison, Tander, Courtney, Randle, D'Alberto, Fiore, Brown, Kelly and Smith as Lowndes pits and hands over to Whincup in car 888.

Lap 20/161 - McLaughlin pits with a 9 second lead and hands over to Tim Slade.

Lap 19/161 - Alex Davison, James Golding and Michael Caruso pit and hand over to Jono Webb, Mark Winterbottom and Lee Holdsworth.

Lap 18/161 - De Pasquale pits from 3rd and hands over to the very capable Brodie Kostecki.

Lap 17/161 - So the early stoppers so far have been Fullwood, Heimgartner, Moffat, Hazlewood and Jones who had an issue early in the race with an open drivers side door.

Lap 15/161 - A few have opted for early stops .... current top ten is McLaughlin, Davison, De Pasquale, Tander, Courtney, Luff, Lowndes, Caruso, Randle and D'Alberto. 6.5 second lead for car No.17.

Lap 14/161 - Fullwood pits from 10th and hands over to Kurt Kostecki ..... Heimgartner replaces O'Keeffe in his Mustang - they are down in 17th.

Lap 13/161 - Kiwi Update: 1.McLaughlin, 4.van Gisbergen, 11.Coulthard, 18.Heimgartner, 22.Pither.

Lap 11/161 - 4.61 second lead for McLaughlin at the front ... the only change since the opening couple of laps has been Lowndes passing Caruso for 7th. Will Brown in David Reynolds' No.9 Erebus Holden is down in 16th and struggling for pace.

Lap 10/161 - Caruso in 7th is holding up Lowndes .... they are 13 seconds behind the leader ..... Lowndes get by at the first corner. 

Lap 9/161 - 3-second lead for McLaughlin from Davison, De Pasquale, Tander, Courtney, Luff, Caruso, Lowndes, Randle and Fullwood. Rick Kelly is in 16th and is complaining about having no clutch.

Lap 7/161 - James Moffat is on the move in car No.55. Up to position 12th from 15th on the grid.

Lap 6/161 - McLaughlin's lead is out to 2.5 seconds. Staus quo through the field. Jones has rejoined with a new drivers side door and is last, but still on the lead lap.

Lap 5/161 - Kiwi Update: 1.McLaughin, 4.van Gisbergen, 11,Coulthard, 18.Heimgartner, 21.Pither.

Lap 3/161 - Drama for BJR - Car No.3 of Jones and Blanchard has an open drivers side door and they have been black flagged. McLaughlin leads from Davison, Se Pasquale, Tander, Courtney, Luff, Caruso, Lowndes, Randle and Fullwood.

Lap 1/161 - McLaughlin leads by a second from Davison, De Pasquale, Tander, Courtney, Luff, Caruso and Lowndes. Poor start for D'Alberto in Coulthard's No,12 - he's down to 12th.

Race Start: Great start for McLaughlin who storms to the lead from second spot .... De Pasquale and Tander both got away well to.

A reminder of the full grid for the Great Race.

Bathurst 1000 Starting Grid 
1.Cam Waters/Will Davison
2.Scott McLaughlin/Tim Slade
3.Chaz Mostert/Warren Luff
4.Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander
5.Lee Holdsworth/Michael Caruso 
6.Anton de Pasquale/Brodie Kostecki
7.Fabian Coulthard/Tony D'Alberto
8.James Courtney/Broc Feeney
9.Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes
10.Nick Percat/Thomas Randle
11.Bryce Fullwood/Kurt Kostecki 
12.Scott Pye/Dean Fiore
13.David Reynolds/Will Brown 
14.Andre Heimgartner/Dylan O'Keeffe
15.Jack Le Brocq/James Moffat 
16.Todd Hazlewood/Jordon Boys
17.Macauley Jones/Tim Blanchard 
18.Mark Winterbottom/James Golding 
19.Rick Kelly/Dale Wood
20.Alex Davison/ Jono Webb
21.Gary Jacobson/David Russell
22.Jack Smith/Jack Perkins
23.Chris Pither/Steve Owen
24.Tyler Everngham/Jayden Ojeda
25.Jake Kostecki/Zane Goddard 

1:01pm - 10 main field drivers and 15 co-drivers will start the race. Warm up lap in progress.

12:56pm - Weather forecasters should be fired .... blue sky is fighting its way through the grey clouds above and we may get a full dry race.

12:55pm - Michael Caruso will start Holdworth's No.55 Mustang and Warren Luff will start Chaz Mostert's WAU Holden. Anton De Pasquale will start car No.99 for Erebus Motorsport.

12:48pm - McLaughlin confirms he will start, but most of the other teams are going with co-drivers. Garth Tander looks set to start Shane van Gisbergen's No.97 Red Bull Holden. Warm up lap is in six minutes and that's when all wil be revealed.

12:40pm - Looks like Scott McLaughlin will start in the No.17 Mustang. Thomas Randle drove Nick Percat's Holden to the grid and Will Davison piloted the pole-sitting Mustang of Cam Waters to the grid. Will update as it becomes clear who will take the green flag.

12:37pm - Cars are heading out to the grid ..... the issues with James Courtney's car and Scott Pye's car have been fixed - at least on the surface, so they will both start.

12:23pm - Just a touch over 30mins till the green flag drops. The dark clouds hang above, but at this point the rain is staying away.

11:15am - We will be back for the build up to race start from 12:30pm.

10:53am - There were two loose wheel nuts on Courtney's Mustang - so no contact was made with another car or the wall.

10:51am - Session is over and Kiwi Andre Heimgartner was quickest from McLaughlin and Van Gisbergen, but everyone was taking it easy.

10:49am - Broc Feeney in James Courtney's Tickford Mustang has a wonkey right rear wheel - he hasn't hit the fence or another car but it is a concern. The changed the tyre and sent him back out but it's still an issue.

10:40am - Session is back underway.

10:34am - The engine on car No.20 gave up, so it should be a pretty simple fix for the team with two and a bit hours before race start.

10:31am - Drama for Dean Fiore on Scott Pye's No.20 Holden - he's stopped on Mountain Straight and the session has been red flagged - hopefully the issue isn't to severe and his team can repair the car.

10:30am - Cars heading out on course for the final warm up session - this is the most nervous session for the drivers as any type of heavy impact and your race is done before ity begins.

9:58am - The final 20min warm up session will run from 10:30-10:50, so hopefully everyone gets through that unscathed.

9:54am - The weather forecast has improved - the predicted thunderstorm came overnight and now the outlook for the race is much better with light showers likely.

Bathurst 1000 Starting Grid 
1.Cam Waters/Will Davison
2.Scott McLaughlin/Tim Slade
3.Chaz Mostert/Warren Luff
4.Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander
5.Lee Holdsworth/Michael Caruso 
6.Anton de Pasquale/Brodie Kostecki
7.Fabian Coulthard/Tony D'Alberto
8.James Courtney/Broc Feeney
9.Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes
10.Nick Percat/Thomas Randle
11.Bryce Fullwood/Kurt Kostecki 
12.Scott Pye/Dean Fiore
13.David Reynolds/Will Brown 
14.Andre Heimgartner/Dylan O'Keeffe
15.Jack Le Brocq/James Moffat 
16.Todd Hazlewood/Jordon Boys
17.Macauley Jones/Tim Blanchard 
18.Mark Winterbottom/James Golding 
19.Rick Kelly/Dale Wood
20.Alex Davison/ Jono Webb
21.Gary Jacobson/David Russell
22.Jack Smith/Jack Perkins
23.Chris Pither/Steve Owen
24.Tyler Everngham/Jayden Ojeda
25.Jake Kostecki/Zane Goddard 

Welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Bathurst 1000 from the Mount Panorama circuit in country New South Wales.

Defending champion Scott McLaughlin will start on the outside of row one after an exciting Top 10 Shootout on Saturday evening.

Tickford Mustang's Cam Waters earned his first Bathurst pole with an impressive 2:03:559 - the fastest lap of the week so far, pipping the flying Kiwi who crossed the line in 2:04:002.

Shane van Gisbergen starts fourth, promoted one spot after BJR's Nick Percat was disqualified from the Shootout because his car was found to be under weight.

Fabian Coulthard will start seventh in the second DJR-Team Penske Mustang, while Andre Heimgartner will begin his charge from 14th and Chris Pither 23rd.

The race start is scheduled for 1pm wth thunderstorms predicted to hit the mountain throughout the day.