Rugby League: Sonny Bill Williams pleads with Aussie Government to allow refugees into New Zealand

Cross-code superstar Sonny Bill Williams is spearheading a campaign to free asylum-seekers held by the Australian Government.

Along with former Socceroos midfielder Craig Foster, Williams has visited Parliament House in Canberra to present a petition supporting New Zealand's offer to take 290 asylum-seekers in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Williams presented the Amnesty International petition as part of the #GameOver campaign with 65,000 signatures demanding the government get asylum-seekers off the islands.

He has told the coronavirus pandemic has given the world a small glimpse of what detained refugees have to endure. 

"I have been a long-time supporter of the refugee plight and there are 290 people living in sub-human conditions," says Williams.

"We can't even stand the thought of being in quarantine for two weeks, imagine living like that for seven years - but with no end in sight.

"More than 65,000 people have signed a petition and there is a solution. New Zealand is willing to take them, but the powers that be in Australia are stopping them from going.

"Instead of spending taxpayer's money to keep them there, why not let them go to New Zealand. We are humans, aren't we?"

Since 2013, New Zealand has offered to take 150 refugees per year from Australia's offshore processing centres.

Williams' immediate sporting future is up in the air, as he awaits a decision whether Toronto Wolfpack will contest the English Super League next season. 

Due to financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic, the Wolfpack withdrew from the current season and their place in the top-flight division is in doubt. 

After the Wolfpack withdrew, Williams returned to Australia and played five games for Sydney Roosters. 

A decision will be made in the coming days, but Williams won't comment on his future until a Wolfpack decision is made, as he still has one more year left on his contract. 

Williams will continue doing charity work until his future is sorted.