Golf: Karl Tily's epic golfing marathon for charity and honouring his grandad 'Goz'

One Wellingtonian is doing his bit to raise money for a charity close to his heart, by playing 54 holes of golf each day this week. 

Karl Tily is aiming to raise NZ$10,000 for 'Movember', in memory of his late grandfather, who helped him get into golf. 

"[He] gave me the first set of plastic clubs, my first or second Christmas, so we were always around golf and he was there with us" Tiley told Newshub.

Now two years after his death,Tily is honouring that relationship by raising money for prostate cancer, a disease his grandfather successfully beat. 

And he's doing it through the sport they both loved - golf - playing three rounds a day for a week.

"It was just a random thought. I started counting the courses around Wellington sort of dividing that by how many days I could go for, and it sort of just landed on the number," he added. 

Tily braved the typical Wellington conditions, playing in all types of weather, including torrential rain and a flooded course. 

"Ive played in some stupid weather before but that was ridiculous it was a monsoon," Tily told Newshub.

And while some rounds were better than others, getting up at the crack of dawn each day was worth it, given the cause he was playing for.

"Rather than just grow a 'mo' and get a couple of hundred bucks this year, I thought I'd try do something to make a difference - a real difference," 

And he's had friends and family with him the whole way... as he closes in on over 80 percent of his dollar target. 

"We had a quiz night and just to see all my mates, family members, friends from the golf course was really touching - quite emotional actually." 

Everything is dedicated to his grandfather Lex... who Tily called Goz.

"This is all for you 'Goz'," Tiley told Newshub. 

A proud grandson, who is doing his bit to raise awareness of something so close to his heart.