Live updates: Mitre 10 Cup - Bay of Plenty v North Harbour, Taranaki v Hawke's Bay, Canterbury v Auckland

Fulltime - That is fulltime and Canterbury have held on by one point and avoided relegation and sent North Harbour down to the Championship.

A vintage second-half has saved Canterbury from relegation in the Mitre 10 Cup Premiership, running over Auckland at OrangeTheory Stadium in Christchurch.

Trailing 19-5 at halftime, the red and blacks scored four second-half tries, to run down the lead, eventually winning 34-33.

But it wasn't without a late scare - Canterbury led by 12 with 13 minutes to play, but two Auckland tries had the blue and white hoops leading 33-31.

But a mammoth 45 metre penalty goal from 19-year-old winger Chay Fihaki with five minutes to play ensured Canterbury avoided relegation.

The result means North Harbour face the drop in 2021.

Canterbury 34 (Fihaki, McLeod, Punivai, Romano, Jager tries; Cameron 3 conversions, Fihaki 1 penalty)

Auckland 33 (2 Rayasi, Tele'a, Peita, Tufuga tries; Plummer 4 conversions)

80 mins - Canterbury produce a solid scrum and Replacement halfback Ereatara Enari boots the ball into touch and that seals it Canterbury are safe!!

79 mins - Auckland are building their attack on halfway as they look for a go-ahead score but Billy Harmon wins a breakdown penalty on halfway to ease the pressure. Fihaki will have a shot from 53m out and he misses it wide.

73 mins - PENALTY GOAL CANTERBURY to Chay Fihaki - Canterbury win a penalty just inside the Auckland half and Chay Fihaki steps up and slots a penalty goal from 53 metres out. (CAN 34-33)

71 mins - TRY AUCKLAND to Salesi Rayasi - Auckland are straight back on the attack looking for the go-ahead try.  Canterbury gets an intercept through McLoud but he's brought down by his ankles. From the next phase, a poor pass goes to ground a Rayasi picks it up and scores to put Auckland back in front. Plummer converts the try. (AKL 33-31)

67 mins - TRY AUCKLAND to Presley Tufuga - The away side have struck straight back to get them back in the contest.

Auckland work a lineout move and Rayyasi breaks through the Canterbury defence before offloading to Tufuga who crashes over. Plummer converts the try. (CAN 31-26)

66 mins - TRY CANTERBURY to Oli Jager  - Canterbury are hot on the attack looking for a crucial try to put them further in front.  After seven phases, Jager picks it up from just five metres out and crashes over. Cameron converts the try (CAN 31-19)

62 mins - Auckland are trying to build their attack around halfway but Canterbury are defending well. Sullivan puts in a great kick to force the home side into a defensive lineout just five metres out.

58 mins - TRY CANTERBURY to Luke Romano - Canterbury have been hot on attack going inches short on five occasions. Canterbury get fast ball and Auckland can't hold out any more and Romano crashes over. Cameron can't convert the try. (CAN 24-19)

54 mins - Auckland have caused a mistake at the lineout and Plummer clears to ease the pressure on the away side.

52 mins - The momentum has completely shifted in the home sides favour. Auckland building their attack just inside their own half but strong defence from the home sides is causing Auckland into a mistake.

A huge scrum from Canterbury has won them a penalty and they will have a lineout just 10m out. 

48 mins - TRY CANTERBURY to Ngane Punivai - Canterbury have continued their fast start to the half and are back on attack just short of the 22. A break from Klein gets Canterbury into the 22 before he offloads to McLoud who shows great hands to find Punivai to score under the posts. Cameron converts the try to level the scores. (19-19)

43 mins - TRY CANTERBURY to Dallas McLeod - Canterbury have made a fast start with Auckland yet to touch the ball in the second half. The home side have set up their attack deep inside the Auckland 22. After seven phases a great pass from Drummond finds Dallas McLeod to score in the corner. Cameron converts the try. (AKL 19-12)

Kickoff - Canterbury get us underway. 

Halftime - Auckland have taken a deserved 19-5 lead into the sheds. The away side made a hot start racing out to a 12-0 lead with tries through Peita and Tele'a. 

The home side finally woke up and started fighting for their season and got a try through Chay Fihaki to get them back into the contest. 

Auckland rounded out the scoring in the half with a try through Salesi Rayasi to give his side a commanding lead. 

On the stroke of halftime, Presley Tufuga gave away a deliberate penalty and the referee sent him to the bin to give Canterbury hope. 

As it currently stands Canterbury will be getting relegated for the first time in their history.

40 mins - Canterbury is finishing the half strongly and have won two scrum penalties in a row. Canterbury go for another scrum but the home side pre-engage and give away a free-kick. Auckland clears it into touch and that will be halftime.

37 mins - YELLOW CARD AUCKLAND to Presley Tufuga - Canterbury are hot on attack just short of the Auckland line. Tufuga has given a deliberate penalty away and the referee has sent him to the bin.

36 mins - Fihaki makes a break straight through the heart of the Auckland defence. From the next phase the away side gives an offside penalty away.

34 mins - Auckland have continued to be based deep in the Canterbury half. A poor pass from Scrafton as he tries to play like Beauden Barrett doesn't work and he throws the pass forward.

29 mins - Canterbury are building their attack around halfway but strong Auckland defence forces Cameron into a kick, which is superb and finds touch inside the away side 22.

26 mins - Auckland have continued their dominance in this contest, setting up camp in the home sides half. Their attack comes to nothing with a poor pass going into touch.

21 mins - TRY AUCKLAND to Salesi Rayasi  - Auckland are straight back on the attack just inside Canterbury's 22. A great short pass from Ruru finds Rayasi who crashes over in the corner. Plummer converts the try. (AKL 19-5)

19 mins - Cameron goes for an up and under into the Auckland in-goal area but Sullivan shows great skills and raises above everyone to ground the ball. 22 drop out Auckland.

16 mins - TRY CANTERBURY to Chay Fihaki - From the scrum, Canterbury straight on the attack after a break from Billy Harmon who gets into the 22. After six phases the home side gets fast ball and a great pass from Drummond finds Chay Fihaki to score in the corner. Cameron misses the conversion from out wide. (AKL 12-5)

13 mins - Auckland looks like they are away again through Zarn Sullivan but Plummers offload is forward. Scrum to Canterbury on halfway.

10 mins - Canterbury finally have possession are building their attack through the forwards just short of Auckland's 22. After six phases, Tom Sanders gives away a breakdown penalty to ease pressure on Auckand.

5 mins - TRY AUCKLAND to Taniely Tele'a - Auckland are on fire and have scored two tries in two minutes. From a scrum on halfway, Tumua Manu breaks through the retreating Canterbury defence before putting a chip kick in, which Tanielu Tele'a gobbles up to score. Plummer converts the try. (AKL 12-0)

3 mins - TRY AUCKLAND to Terell Peita - Auckland have made a fast start attacking just short of Canterbury's 22. After eight phases the away side come wide to Rayasi who beats his defender before offloading to Peita who crashes over in the corner. Plummer conversion has hit the post. (AKL 5-0)

Kickoff - Auckland will get us underway. 


4:33pm - It is a beautiful day in Christchurch and we should be in for a terrific contest.

4:25pm - Join us at 4:35pm for live updates from this crucical contest in Christchurch. 


Bay of Plenty 37 North Harbour 33
Taranaki 33 Hawke's Bay 34

Full time -  It's fulltime in both games and the Magpies and the Steamers have come away winners. 

Harbour blew a 21-0 lead to miss out on a playoff spot and now need Canterbury to lose to Auckland to prevent relegation.

What a game we had in Tauranga, with both sides scoring five tries apiece, where a win for both, would have seen them make the Premiership playoffs. 

A late try to Zane Turner looked to have given Harbour the win, but Bryn Gatland missed the easy conversion which could cost them Premiership status.

The result means the Steamers have locked in a playoff spot and will play Tasman next week.

In Inglewood, the Magpies came storming home to get a one-point win over Taranaki.  
In a nine-try thriller, a try ten minutes from time from Devan Flanders gave the Magpies the win after being down 28-10. 

The result means Hawke's Bay will take on Taranaki again in a rematch of this terrific contest and in the other semi-final Northland take on Otago

79 mins - PENALTY GOAL BAY OF PLENTY to Trask - A huge scrum from the Bay of Plenty has them win a penalty. Trask will have a shot at goal from 35 metres out and he nails it (BOP 37-33)

74 mins - TRY NORTH HARBOUR to Turner - What a game we have here in Tauranga to decide a playoff spot. Another try from a lineout drive and it's Turner crashes over the line. Gatland misses an easy conversion and Harbour remain one point behind (BOP 34-33)

71 mins TRY HAWKE'S BAY to Flanders - The Magpie are on fire and have stormed in front. Flanders shows great footwork and speed to smash through the Taranaki defence. McClutchie misses the conversion. (HBY 34-33)

69 mins - TRY BAY OF PLENTY Nathan Vella - What a try from the Steamers all set up by the great footwork from Regan Ware who gets into the Harbour 22 and beating three defenders. He offloads to Tahuriorangi and shows great hands to offload to Vella to crash over under the posts. Trask converts the try. (BOP 34-28)

65 mins - PENALTY TRY HAWKE'S BAY - The story of the day has been the lineout drives. The Magpies have a lineout just five metres out, they set the maul and it looks like it crashing over but Taranaki deliberately collapse it and the referee has awarded a penalty try. No need for the conversion (TAR 33-29)

56 mins - TRY TARANAKI to Tom Florence - Another try today from a lineout drive. The maul is executed perfectly and at the back of it is Florence. All he needs to is just fall over the line, which he does. Potroz misses the conversion (TAR 33-22)

55 mins - TRY Bay of Plenty to Emoni Narawa - The Steamers are on fire and have scored two tries in two minutes. Black looks to kick but dummies and decides to run. He finds Narawa in space who uses his pace to swerve the last line of defence, and scores in the corner. Trask can't convert. (NH 28-27)

53 mins - TRY Bay of Plenty to Jeff Thwaites - What a team try to the Steamers. Great hands shown from Webber and Black have seen Bay of Plenty deep inside the Harbour 22. Trask gets an offload away to a rampaging Twaites who crashes over. Trask converts the try. (NH 28-22)

48 mins - TRY Hawke's Bay to Tom Parsons - From a lineout just 10  metres out, the Magpies work a lineout move. Fakatava breaks clear before offloading to Tom Parsons to crash over. Makene can't convert the try. (TAR 28-22)

47 mins - TRY North Harbour to Totai - From a lineout just five metres out, Harbour produce a perfect lineout drive and Totai crashes over. Gatland converts the try. (NH 28-15)

42 mins - TRY Hawke's Bay to Solomone Funaki - Hawke's Bay have come out on fire. From a lineout just five metres out, the Magpies attack through their forwards before Funaki crashes over. Makene converts the try. (TAR 28-17)

Kickoff - We are back underway in both games. 

Halftime - What a half of rugby we've had in both games. In Ingelwood, Taranaki have dominated and taken a deserved 28-10 lead into th sheds. Thrilling tries to Boshier, Perofeta, Ormond have seen the home side dominate Hawke's Bay. 

For the Magpies, a try to Solomone Funaki has kept the Magpies in the contest but only just. 

In Tauranga, it was the tale of the opening 20 and closing 20 minutes. North Harbour came out on fire scored three unanswered tries through Tolai, Aoake and a penalty try saw Harbour raced out to a 21-0 lead. 

With the season on the line, the Steamers got two late tries through Eklund and Webber to get right back into the contest.

40 mins - PENALTY GOAL TARANAKI to Potroz - Taranaki have finished the half strongly. The Magpies have given another breakdown penalty away and Potroz will have a shot at goal from 45 metres out and he nails it. (TAR 28-10)

36 mins - TRY BAY OF PLENTY to Joe Webber - The Steamers are on fire right now and are right back in it through a moment of brilliance from Joe Webber. He takes a midfield bomb just inside the Harbour half, then uses his footwork to beat three defenders to go over in the corner. Trask converts the try. (NH 21-15)

34 mins - TRY TARANAKI to Kaylum Boshier - Taranaki are back on attack and looking dangerous. Wainui makes a strong run towards the defence. Sowakula is next taken inches from the line. From the next phases Kaylum Boshier burrows his way over. Potroz converts the try. (25-10)

32 mins - TRY BAY OF PLENTY to Kurt Eklund - A huge try in the context of the Steamers season. From a lineout just five metres out from the Harbour line, the home side executes a perfect lineout drive and Eklund crashes over. Trask can't convert the try. (NH 21-8)

27 mins - TRY TARANAKI to Perofeta - Perofeta takes on the line giving a brilliant short ball to Halls who gets into the back field. From the next phase Perofeta uses has speed to burn down the right hand side to score in the corner. Potroz converts the try. (TAR 18-10)

25 mins - PENALTY GOAL TO BAY OF PLENTY to Kaleb Trask - The Steamers have stalled the Harbour momentum. The home side produce a massive scrum and win a penalty. Trask will go for goal and he slots it over. (NH 21-3)

24 mins - TRY HAWKE'S BAY to SOLOMONE Funaki - The Magpies have hit back. Flanders goes close to barging over taken metres from the line. Fakatava then goes quickly from the breakdown giving a short ball to Funaki who has too much power barging over. Makene converts the try. (TAR 11-10)

22 mins - PENALTY GOAL TARANAKI  to Potroz - Taranaki keeps the scoreboard ticking over. The Magpies give another penalty away and Potroz makes no mistake and slots over the penalty goal. (TAR 11-3)

20 MINS - PENALTY TRY NORTH HARBOUR AND  YELLOW CARD BAY OF PLENTY - The lineout is won, and the maul is set. It's going forward at a rate of knots, before being brought down illegally giving away the penalty try. No need for a conversion. (NH 21-0)

The referee has also sent Kurt Eklund to the bin. 

19 mins - PENALTY GOAL TARANAKI to Potroz - Hawke's Bay give away a breakdown penalty and Taranak will have a shot at goal. Potroz nails it. (TAR 8-3)

14 mins - TRY to North Harbour to Aoake - The tries keep coming for North Harbour. After a long patient attack from the away side, gets them deep inside the Steamers 22. Gatland draws and passes to Aoake. Gatland converts the try. (NH 14-0)

 11 mins - TRY to TARANAKI to Lewis Ormond - Taranaki strike straight back. A long 30 metres pass from Perofeta finds Potroz on the bounce. He offloads quickly to Ormond who shows great footwork to beat the defence and go over in the corner. Potroz misses the conversion (TAR 5-3)

6 mins - TRY NORTH HARBOUR to Luteru Tolai - Harbour have made a fast start to this contest. From a lineout just five metres out, Harbour execute the lineout drive perfectly and Tolai crashes over. Gatland converts the try. (NH 7-0)

4 mins - PENALTY GOAL to Hawke's Bay to Makene - The Magpies make a strong start, attacking inside the Taranaki half after a strong run from Walker-Leawere. The attack comes to nothing but the referee has come back for offside. Makene slots over the penalty goal. (HBY 3-0)

Kickoff - The Magpies and North Harbour get us underway.


2:03pm - Welcome to our live updates from Inglewood and Tauranga, where conditions are perfect for attacking rugby.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Saturday's three Mitre 10 Cup games from week 10 of the competition.

There is plenty on the line for all six teams in action today, as wins could secure home semi-finals or avoid relegation to the Championship.

Two games kick off at 2:05pm, before the final game of the regular season at 4:35pm. 

First up, Bay of Plenty hosts North Harbour in a crucial Premiership encounter. A bonus point win for either side would see them qualify for the semi-finals, while a loss could see them finish last. 

At the same time, Taranaki hosts Hawke's Bay in a Championship clash. There isn't much on the line here as the Magpies are guaranteed top spot, but depending on the result will determine who Taranaki face next week in the semis.

A win would see them face Otago, but a loss will mean another game against Hawke's Bay in Napier. 

In the final game, Canterbury hosts Auckland. 

Auckland are guaranteed top spot in the Premiership, but Canterbury are fighting for their survival as a loss will see them relegated. That could still survive with a loss, but that will depend on the outcomes of the Bay of Plenty v North Harbour game.

For full team lists, click here 

TAB head-to-head 

Bay of Plenty $1.65 North Harbour $2.15

Taranaki $2.00 Hawke's Bay $1.75

Canterbury $1.38 Auckland $2.85 

Tasman Mako secure home semi-final

Tasman have wrapped up a home semi-final with a 26-20 victory over Otago under the roof in Dunedin. 

Otago had a chance to win it at the death but two costly errors really cost them, first from Josh Ioane not finding touch from the penalty and then a knock on at the lineout maul.

Tasman were deserved winners playing the better rugby with ball in hand and were clinical when it mattered. The home side did incredibly well to cut the lead to 6 with a late try to Kayne Hammington, especially after playing poorly in the first 30 minutes of the second half but it was too little to late. 

The first half was the pick of the halves, with two stunning tries through Mark Telea and  Freedom Vahaakolo but it was a late Mitch Hunt penalty goal that put Tasman in front at the break. 

Both sides traded multiple penalty goals in the second half before Quinten Strange put the result beyond doubt after a great team try. 

The result means both sides will have a home semi-final next week.