Motorsport: Daniel Ricciardo criticises Formula One for 'disrespectful' Romain Grosjean replays

Drivers have hit out at the Formula One, after Romain Grosjean's huge first-lap crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix saw his Haas car split in two and burst into flames.

Grosjean swerved to the right of the straight and crashed into the barrier at high speed after just two corners, with his car piercing the barrier and splitting into two. 

Surprisingly, the Frenchman managed to get out of the car and walk away, but he's being treated in hospital for burns on the back of both hands, while X-rays showed he had sustained no fractures.

The race was halted for more than an hour, as track workers repaired the barriers. The 'Halo' device - a three-point titanium structure that protects drivers' heads - was credited with saving Grosjean's life, but some drivers are still shocked at what happened. 

Australian driver Daniel Riccardo is the most furious, expressing his "disgust and disappointment" with Formula One, who continued showing replays of the crash afterwards. 

"The way the incident of Grosjean was broadcast over and over - the replays over and over - it was completely disrespectful and inconsiderate for his family [and] for all of our families watching," says Riccardo. 

"We're going to go race again in an hour and every time we look at the TV, it's a ball of fire and his car is cut in half. 

"We can see that tomorrow, we don't need to see it today. For me, it was entertainment and they're playing with all of our emotions. 

"I thought it was pretty disgusting. Hopefully some other drivers have spoken up - if that's not how we all really feel, I'd be very surprised."

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas says there should be "a limit" on how replays of serious accidents are broadcast.

"When there is a crash, when it ends up being OK for the drivers, they like to repeat those," says Bottas.

"I feel like people, spectators want to see it, but there's a limit as well.

"It could have been a fraction different - the shunt - and there would have been no way for him to get out of the car. So yeah, there's a limit on it.

"I was watching the screen, because I wanted to see what happened. Once I saw it, I was trying to avoid it, but it was playing on replay everywhere.

Romain Grosjean's car after the crash.
Romain Grosjean's car after the crash. Photo credit: Getty

"I don't know, maybe it's a question for people watching - the fans - if they want to see 20 repeats of that or not."

Scuderia AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly describes the crash as "horrible". 

"When I saw the images, I was shocked," he says. "It was really scary, but I had no idea a Formula One car could break that way."

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel is also critical. 

"I haven't looked at the images a lot, mainly because I didn't want to, but a Grand Prix car and barrier are not supposed to fail like that," he says. "It shouldn't fail and the car shouldn't catch fire in that fashion, so I don't know what happened there."

In social media video, Grosjean has assured everyone he's OK from his hospital bed and even credited the Halo for saving his life. 

"Just wanted to say I am okay," says Grosjean. "Thank you very much for all the messages. 

"Thanks to all the medical staff at the circuit, at the hospital, and hopefully I can write you quite soon some messages and tell you [how] it's going."