America's Cup 2021: Team New Zealand scoff at Team UK's gripe over supplied foil cant system

Team New Zealand have provided a swift and blunt response to Sir Ben Ainslie's gripe about the supplied AC75 foil cant system.

The Team UK skipper suggested his crew's sub-par performance on the opening day of the America's Cup World Series regatta was partly due to the defenders' refusal to be fully transparent about the FCS - a Team NZ-designed component.

But Team NZ have dismissed Ainslie's subtle jab, claiming all challengers have access to the information needed to operate the system at full capacity.

Team NZ say each team are responsible for the installation, maintenance and operating procedures of their own FCS. 

"All teams are provided with full operating and maintenance instructions, and programmes to ensure effective and reliable performance," Team NZ say. 

"For the past few months, there has been a weekly coordinated call between all teams every Friday - in an open and transparent environment - to discuss the system and address any developments collectively.

"The maintenance and start-up schedule that has been developed is a comprehensive schedule that is shared and in possession of all teams.

"In answer to Team UK’s suggestion that they only received a software update at 12pm yesterday, this is completely incorrect and inaccurate.

"The last software update was delivered to all teams last Friday, following extensive consultation with all teams - not midday yesterday.

"As far as the defender is aware, Team UK’s foil cant system is fully operational."

Team NZ and Team UK will go head-to-head on Friday in two races as part of the America's Cup World Series.

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