America's Cup 2021: Team UK skipper Ben Ainslie subtly digs at Team New Zealand over Britannia's foil problems

British challengers Team UK face a race against the clock, as they prepares to face Team NZ in two races on the second day of the America's Cup World Series. 

A nightmare opening day for Sir Ben Ainslie's crew saw Britannia soundly beaten by American Magic in their opening race, before a major issue with the foil cant system forced them to withdraw against Luna Rossa.

Skipper Ainslie says they are not guaranteed of taking their place on day two of the regatta and has thrown blame at Team New Zealand for their struggles.

The foil cant system is designed and supplied by Team New Zealand, and Ainslie suggests the Kiwi team are reluctant to share the software with rival teams. 

The former Olympic champion has urged the defenders to work with the challengers to ensure competitive and exciting racing takes place.

"I'm not saying it's any one team's fault," he says. "I just think we need to work together better than we are doing to resolve it.

"We need some resolution for a team who loses races through no fault of their own, but through supplied software.

"We've been working together to try and resolve the issue. It's tricky, because a lot of the information, the software is Team NZ-sourced. 

"On the one hand, I can understand they don't want to share that data and that intellectual property, but unless we understand, it's really hard for the other teams to input back and to solve it.

"And it's not solved, so as much as it's our issue today, it'll be someone else's issue tomorrow.

"It's not a perfect scenario - I think it needs fixing, if not for our team, it will be another team, another day and wouldn't it be terrible if the America's Cup was decided because of something like that.

Britannia has been described as the "lamest of ducks" by some in the British media, but Ainslie is confident the team with the biggest budget in the field will turn things around in time for the Prada Cup challenger series next year.

If the wind picks up, Ainslie believes his boat will be quick - if they can sort out a few technical gripes. 

"We've got a number of issues - the foil cant system is just one of them.

"Our performance in the lighter airs is not good enough - it's not where it needs to be, and it's certainly not as good as the Italians and the Kiwis.

"We're working hard to resolve that, and that's the challenge of the Cup - it's never going to be easy. 

"It's particularly difficult for us and the moment, but I'm confident in the team and that we've got the right people to sort this out."

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