America's Cup: Team New Zealand's cutting-edge broadcast technology

After tens of millions of dollars, months of build up and plenty of bickering, the America's Cup is about to get real.

Team New Zealand and the man in charge of putting on the event, Grant Dalton, have given Newshub an exclusive looks behind the scenes of what fans can expect, both on and off the water.

"This is a €23 million ($NZ39.6m) game," Dalton tells Newshub.

"The Government's put in about seven and half to eight million of that amount."

At ground zero is the international broadcast center, which will take feeds from more than 30 cameras and stream them around the world. 

Dalton says ensuring it's world class and accessible is the most important part of putting on the event.

"You can push a button you can go and watch it live basically anywhere in the world," he says. 

"To me, that was always a major objective that's been achieved."  

The team of hundreds has until next Thursday to iron out the kinks, when the World Series regatta begins.

It will be the first and only time all four teams line up against one another, and a chance to show off Auckland to the world.

The America's Cup village is now almost complete - free and with a capacity of 25,000 - it's expected to bring a much needed boost to downtown businesses. 

"We're nearly there. It is coming together.. and has been a difficult year," he admits.

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