DAZN to shake up NZ sports-streaming landscape with affordable content

Kiwis can now watch some of the greatest boxers on the planet for less.

The global launch of DAZN's sports-streaming service will change the landscape for consumers, keep money in their wallets, and send shivers down the spines of existing providers like Sky Sport and Spark Sport.

And while the UK-based company offers only boxing as it enters the New Zealand market, nothing is off the table.

DAZN executive vice president Joe Markowski tells Newshub the December 2 global launch was about laying the foundation to aggressively enter regional markets in the coming years.

"The long-term vision is to become the No.1 global destination for sports fans, so that's a pretty aggressive brief," Markowski says. "This lays the architecture that will allow us to grow significantly in the specific markets in the next few years.

"What we will learn in the next six months about consumer demand for our service in countries like New Zealand or Australia will help us marry that with content that allows us to grow."

At just NZ$2.99 a month, fight fans can watch Anthony Joshua's upcoming heavyweight title defence against Kubrat Puklev, as well as bouts involving middleweights Canelo Alvarez and 'GGG' Gennady Golovkin.

As a comparison, Joseph Parker's clash with Junor Fa will cost you $59.99 if you purchase the day of the fight.

There is no twist with DAZN's price point... no ‘purchase early and receive a discount’ offer. For less than the price of a McDonald's hamburger, you can watch some of the most anticipated boxing bouts of 2021 and beyond.

"People, as consumers, are pissed off by how much they have to pay for sports content,” says Markowski. "It's disgusting and consumer unfriendly. 

“We want to change that and that's why we have launched globally with our boxing rights. We are pricing this for volume.

"At NZ$2.99, that's an extremely low price point, and that is reflective of our desire to introduce our brand and service to as many sports fans as possible.

"From the research I've gathered, a typical big boxing card in New Zealand is NZ$50. Our view is to price events and sports in a way that is consistent with our principles, which is making content available to sports fans at an affordable price. 

"In time, if we come into New Zealand specifically, then we would reconsider our price at that point, but as an introductory offer for people to try our brand, $2.99 feels right to us." 

DAZN is available in more than 200 countries, but its content varies from market to market.

Thanks to a seven-year global broadcast deal with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing, the assumption is DAZN is a combat sports broadcaster.

That is not the case. The English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, Major League Baseball, UFC, international cricket, motorsport, golf and the Rugby World Cup have all been available to DAZN subscribers, depending on location.

The vision is simple, at least in words - to be the No.1 global sports broadcaster on the planet.

"There are no global sports broadcasters in the market until this week and after four years of operations, to say we are the only global sports broadcaster, that is a pretty major milestone for us.

"We are a multi-sport, global sports broadcasting business, but we are using the investments that we have already made around boxing in the UK and the US to fuel our global launch, because we own that content globally.

"But the opportunity on a regional market by market basis, the opportunity to spread our wings into a broader offering of sports will come and is already coming. We have had very positive outreach from the rights holders community.

"We are now in the discussion for every single major sports right conversation in the world, because people know our brand and capabilities. 

"We can invest in their content and take it worldwide."

It may take a few years, but the days of paying excessively for your sports content could be coming to an end.