Live updates: Blackcaps v Pakistan, first test, day five in Tauranga

New Zealand win by 101 runs - Click here for highlights.

124th over - Santner up to the mark. Hits Naseem on the front pad! Umpires says not out, Williamson signals for a review. Umpire's call is the official decision, and Pakistan survive.

WICKET - There it is! Simple caught and bowled straight back into Santner's outstretched hand and the Blackcaps pull off a fantastic victory with less than five overs left. What a team.

123rd over - Boult will have another crack, with just six overs left. Naseem gets off strike with single behind square. Boult trying to get one to straighten, but there's not much left in either the pitch or the ball. Another one out of the way.

122nd over - Seven overs left. This is test cricket at its finest. Southee to bowl. Naseem is a picture of concentration out there. Pushes one to square leg for a single. One more down.

121st over - Boult again. Shaheen sees a couple through to the keeper. Defends stoutly. Digs out a yorker, and that's another over in the bank. Seven remain.

120th over - Williamson looks to Mr 300, Tim Southee. Naseem holding strong, doing his best to avoid having to play any shots. Ducks under a short one. Another one down. A minimum of eight overs minimum remain.

119th over - Boult to the top of his run-up. 10 overs left. Shaheen safely evades two short balls. Defends firmly off the backfoot. End of the over, the tail is hanging around here.

118th over - Santner back. Plenty of helpers around the bat. Naseem with some assured defence. Beats the bat, Watling almost goes up. False start. Naseem sees out the final ball.

117th over - Boult takes the ball, hunting the final Pakistani scalp. Undeterred, Shaheen drops to a knee and slams one through a very vacant long-off for four. Backs that up with a delicate square cut for four more, and they live to see another over.

116th over - Minimum 13 overs remain in the test match. Bowling change here, in comes Santner for some spin. Five men around the bat. Turns a peach off the deck to beat the bat. Abbas defends a drifting ball. WICKET - Santner catches Abbas deep in his crease and the umpire is quick to raise his finger. Pakistan review, absolute hail mary. That was plumb.

Mohammad Abbas lbw b Santner 1 (26b 0x4 0x6)

Seventeen-year-old Naseem enters the cauldron. Sees out the over.

115th over - Shaheen is looking shaky out there. The trainer has some out for another chat. Pakistan are entitled to make a concussion replacement. No, he's going to stick this out. Abbas sees out Jamieson's first four, defends well, then plays off his hip for a single to maintain strike.

114th over - Wagner to his mark for his 11th straight over. Heroic performance from him today, hobbled with two broken toes. Two searching yorkers well dug out by Shaheen. Bang! Shaheen misreads a short one and wears it right on his helmet. Shakes it off to see out the over.

113th over - Jamieson looking to close this match out. You can barely see Abbas through the fieldsmen surrounding him. Maiden, and drinks.

112th over - Eight-toed Wagner steams in for his 27th over, the most of any NZ bowler this innings. Ironman. Still searching for that hook shot. Faheem obliges but there's no danger in that one, well executed pull for four.

WICKET - Wagner finds Faheem fishing on the backfoot, tickles one through to Watling. The collapse continues.

Faheem Ashraf c †Watling b Wagner 19 (28b 4x4 0x6)

111th over - Jamieson digs in short to start, Abbas isn't tempted. Sends one fizzing past Faheem's face and the big man takes an extra long look after that one. 

110th over - Abbas hooks boldly off Wagner and the ball falls heartbreakingly between two fielders in the deep. Happy to take the bait off the Wagner short ones so far, this is his bread and butter. Looking to keep Faheem on strike so Jamieson can have a crack at Abbas in the next over. Succeeds.

109th over - Jamieson in for his 23rd over (1-34).  WICKET - There's another one! Jamieson catches Yasir's edge and it's a comfortable catch for Southee at gully. 

Yasir Shah c Southee b Jamieson 0 (5b 0x4 0x6) 

The Bay Oval faithful are loving this. NZ can taste victory here now. Abbas to the crease, who proved a handy nightwatchmen in the first innings.

108th over - Faheem pulls boldly for four. Runs are all academic at this stage, that won't bother Wagner. 20 overs remain, minimum.

107th - Two new batsmen at the crease and suddenly it is all on at the Bay Oval! Just a single from the Jamieson over. 

106th over - Wagner again. Men under helmets at both silly mid-off and silly mid-on. No secret as to what he's attempting here. WICKET - Fawad looks to pull one but only succeeds in gloving one down leg to the Watling. Wagner loves that one - the dangerman is gone and NZ are now right in the box seat for victory. Nonetheless, a brilliant innings from Fawad, but he'll be gutted about that rare lapse of concentration.

Fawad Alam c †Watling b Wagner 102 (269b 14x4 0x6)

105th over - Jamieson continues. He's hunting that front pad, looking to exploit that uneven bounce with the new batsman. Half a shout as he hits Faheem high on the hip. Gets off the mark with a cut past point.

104th over - Wagner with an extra spring in his step. One more wicket and NZ are right into Pakistan's tail. Fawad staunch as ever in defence.

103rd over - WICKET - Jamieson hits the pads, Rizwan on the back foot. Huge shout but the umpire shakes his head. Williamson immediately reviews...and that's hitting! Hope here for NZ.

Mohammad Rizwan lbw b Jamieson 60 (191b 6x4 0x6)

That's brought the crowd back to life at Bay Oval. Another twist left?

102nd over - Rizwan inside edge on to his foot, Wagner throws his hands to the sky. Fawad leaves the rest, maiden over.

101st over - Jamieson digging in with some short stuff but these batsmen aren't biting. Another maiden.

100th over - Wagner in for the NZ hundy. 134 runs to win for Pakistan, but there doesn't seem to be any real intent to pursue least yet. Maiden.

99th over - Williamson looks to Jamieson now. He's 0-30 from his 17 overs. Now he's 0-30 from 18 overs.

98th over - HUNDRED - Fawad pulls Wagner for four to bring up a superb - potentially match-saving -  century. 236 balls required, his first 100 in 12 years. That has to feel good.

97th over - Rizwan pulls Boult for four.

96th over - Wagner takes his mark. Dot balls all round.

94th over - Rizwan cuts for four to start the Wagner over. Could Pakistan decide to hunt a win here? Yeah, nah.

93rd over - Boult gets us restarted. Rizwan shows some intent, lovely cover drive for four. FIFTY - Fouth consecutive test half century for Rizwan. What a knock, 156 balls of concentration.

4:03pm - Here we go, could there be another twist in this tail, or will Pakistan hold on for one last session?

TEA - These two have been fantastic for Pakistan, batting the entire session for a 140-run partnership that may well save the test for the tourists. Join us back here at about 4:05pm for the final session of the first test.

92nd over - Santner to bowl the last over before tea. Strikes Rizwan on his front pad roll playing defensively, big shout but that's comfortably down leg. Rizwan gives a poor short ball what it deserves, pulled for four.

90th over - Fawad with a delicate late cut off Jamieson to bring up the Pakistan 200. Follows that with a perfect on-drive for four more.

89th over - Southee gets one to explode off the deck, Fawad beaten all ends up. Fawad pulls, Jamieson does well to get down low and save the boundary.

88th over - Latham under the helmet for Jamieson. Fawad times a nice off-drive for three. Rizwan strokes a textbook cover drive to the fence. These two are well and truly in, offering nothing, yet punishing the poor balls.

Rizwan swings at a wide one, there's a big noise and Watling is claiming the catch! Umpires convene, they believe it's a bump ball. Video replays suggest that's the case. Not out.

86th over - Boult sprints in. Fawad rocks back and plays a gem of a square drive for four. Shot of the day.

84th over - Edge through vacant third slip for four off Boult brings up the 100-run partnership. Impressive determination from these two.

83rd over - Southee getting plenty of movement and bounce. Beats Rizwan's inside edge, that was close to hitting. Promising signs here for the Kiwis.

82nd over - Boult returns for some new ball action. Beats Rizwan on the back foot. Maiden over.

81st over - The new ball is in Tim Southee's hands. Huge period of play coming up. Inside edge, misses leg stump and they scamper a single. Low edge to third slip, Southee trying to invite the drive.

80th over - Williamson getting some decent turn here. Rizwan drives in the air, just out of long-off's reach. Drinks time.

79th over - Wagner again. One from it. New ball not far away now. Wagner leaves the pitch for some treatment.

78th over - The crowd goes up as the skipper takes the ball for a bowl. Rockets through his six balls for a maiden.

77th over - Eight-toed Wagner steams in. Fawad cuts for a single. Beautiful late swing to beat Rizwan's bat. He's not happy with Fawad, gives him an earful about taking too much time to be ready to face. Fawad can only apologise. Good over, Wagner asking questions.

76th over - Santner returns. Pushed for three, but responds with one that leaves Rizwan guessing, some encouraging turn to strike the top of the bat.

75th over - Wagner back into the attack. One off the over.

74th over - Santner starts with a no ball. A lot of non-threatening short stuff, easily dealt with by these two batsmen.

73rd over - Fawad only just able to dig out a Jamieson yorker. Inside edge from Fawad comes perilously close to hitting his own stumps, as the gasps go up.

71st over - Fawad catches some ground with his bat and Mark Richardson in commentary goes up for the caught behind. That was awkward. Two off the Jamieson over. 

70th over - Santner continues. Looking to bring Latham at silly mid-off into play, but he continues to struggle with the consistency of his line and length.

68th over - Rizwan pushes Santner through cover and scrambles through for a single. Fawad finds space through mid-wicket. Too full from Santner, easy singles coming. Fawad pulls for four to end the over.

67th over - Jamieson to the popping crease. Fawad surprised by the uneven bounce that persists on this pitch. Another maiden for the big man.

66th over - Santner will get us restarted at the Bay Oval. 15 overs until the new ball, this will be a crucial period of the match. FIFTY - Fawad with his second hard-fought half-century of the match. They'll need much more from him if they're to salvage this test.

Second session of the final day is underway...

Session wrap: Good session for Pakistan. Rizwan and Fawad have recovered nicely from the early loss of Azhar Ali and look secure at the crease. They have resisted some very good bowling from all five of the Blackcaps used in the session. 
While a Pakistan win is now unlikely, a draw is firming on a wicket that is losing its life. 


65th over - Wagner to bowl the last over of the session.

Single for Fawad down to mid-off. (PAK 137/4)

64th over - Santner to bowl his 10th - 0/25 so far.

Quick-run single for Fawad to wide mid-on. (PAK 136/4)

63rd over - Wagner - 0/17 from 12 continues. 

Rizwan pulls to deep square-leg for one. 
Fawad pulls hard through mid-wicket for four - good shot. 
Single for Fawad to square-leg. (PAK 135/4)

62nd over - 50 partnership between these two. Santner continues.

Quick-run single for Rizwan with a push to mid-off. (PAK 129/4)

61st over - Wagner continues.

Fawad punches off the back foot for a couple through the cover field. 
Fawad hooks and has four square of the wicket ... just wide of Santner at square-leg. (PAK 128/4)

60th over - Santner continues.

Single for Fawad through the offside.
Close! What a nut from Santner. Pitches on middle and turns sharply away from Rizwan, but doesn't take the edge. (PAK 122/4)

59th over - Wagner changes ends and replaces Jamieson.

Quick single taken to short fine-leg forces a dive out of Rizwan at the keepers end. (PAK 121/4) 

58th over - Mitchell Santner replaces Wagner - 0/19 from 6 for the left-arm spinner.

A well-run three for Rizwan after a nice deflected shot down to fine-leg.
Single for Fawad as he turns Santner square on the onside. (PAK 120/4)

57th over - Jamieson continues - 0/4 from 10 overs. 

Rizwan has a single to deep square-leg. (PAK 116/4)

56th over - Wagner continues.

A very good over from Wagner testing the defence of Fawad comes to and end - just a no ball from it. (PAK 115/4)

55th over - Jamieson to continue.

Maiden from the big man. (PAK 114/4)

54th over - Wagner continues with his two broken toes. 

Rizwan pulls through a stacked onside infield... Santner does great work on the rope to prevent four. 
Single for Rizwan through mid-wicket. (PAK 114/4)

53rd over - Jamieson - 0/3 from 8 overs continues. 

Single for Rizwan to fine-leg. (PAK 110/4)

52nd over - Wagner to bowl the first over after the drinks break.

Just as no ball off the Wagner over - he has 0/5 from 8. (PAK 109/4)


51st over - Kyle Jamieson replaces Southee... a happy birthday to the big fella who is 26 today. 

Testing maiden from Jamieson. (PAK 108/4)

50th over - Neil Wagner replaces Trent Boult. 

Fawad has four to fine-leg... scratch that it's leg-byes. (PAK 108/4)

49th over - Southee - 2/20 from 14 - continues.

Fawad has a single down the ground to end the over. (PAK 104/4)

48th over - Boult continues... 2/42 from 14 overs.

Single for Fawad to fine-leg.
Down the leg-side from Boult and it beats the batsman and Watling behind the stumps and down to the boundary for four. Watling should have gathered that up. (PAK 103/4)

47th over - Southee continues.

In-swinging yorker from Southee around the wicket, but Fawad does well to turn him square to fine leg for a run.
Rizwan has a couple of runs out to the deep-point. (PAK 98/4)

46th over - Trent Boult continues.

Full and wide from Boult and Rizwan drives through the cover field... doesn't time it and only gets two runs.
Rizwan has four to fine-leg with a nice leg-glance. (PAK 95/4)

45th over - Southee 2/16 from 12 continues.

Rizwan gets off strike with a single to mid-wicket. Took that off middle so Southee was up. You miss I hit. (PAK 89/4)

44th over - Boult continues. 

Lucky for Fawad. He plays away from his body and the ball flies past Latham in the gully and down to the boundary for four. (PAK 88/4)

43rd over - Southee continues.

Fawad clips through the onside in the air over Nicholls at short-leg. (PAK 84/4)

42nd over - Boult continues - 2/28 from 11.

Chance! Oh that was close. Rizwan goes back and the ball nips back and he almost chops the ball back onto his stumps. 
Fawad drives at a wide, full ball from Boult and he has three runs through the cover field. (PAK 83/4)

41st over - Southee to continue.

Fawad very watchful as Southee bowls his second straight maiden to open the day. (PAK 79/4)

40th over - Trent Boult - 1/24 from 10 overs - to bowl his first over of the day. 

Down the legside and Azhar flicks him down to fine-leg for four.
WICKET: Azhar Ali c Watling b Boult 38 (120b, 4x4s) FOW 75
Boult gets the big scalpe. Lovely line from Boult .. he throws out a bit of a carrot and Azhar decides to drive... the ball just moves away from him slightly off the pitch and he gets the edge through to Watling. 
Four byes as the ball flies off the wicket and over Watling's head. (PAK 79/4)

39th over - Tim Southee to bowl - 2/15 from 9 overs.

A maiden from Southee to start the day. (PAK 71/3)

10:59am - Tim Southee will open up for the Blackcaps this morning.


Welcome cricket fans to live updates of the opening match of the two test series between New Zealand and Pakistan at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui.

The Blackcaps posted a commanding 431 after being sent in to bat thanks to a century to skipper Kane Williamson (129), while Ross Taylor (70), Henry Nicholls (56) and BJ Watling (73) also chimed in. 

Pakistan replied with a fighting 239, after being reduced to 80/6 early in the second session.

Skipper Mohammad Rizwan (71) and Faheem Ashraf (91) rebuilt superbly, as Pakistan avoided the follow-on, enhancing their chances of saving the test match. 

On day four, New Zealand built a potentially match-winning lead, totalling 180/5 from 45 overs with Tom Latham (53) and Tom Blundell (65) passing notching half-centuries.

Chasing a daunting 373 for victory, Pakistan will resume at 71/3, still needing 302 runs with Azhar Ali (34) and Fawad Alam (21) at the crease.

Veteran swing bowler Tim Southee claimed his 300th test wicket in day four, when he had Haris Sohail caught by Mitchell Santner at cover. 

TAB odds:
New Zealand $1.09, Pakistan $35.00, Draw $6.40