Live updates: Blackcaps v Pakistan, first test, day four in Tauranga


Pakistan 71/3 (Fawad 21*, Azhar 34*) Target - 373

NZ 431 (Williamson 129, Watling 73, Taylor 70, Nicholls 56, Shaheen 4/109)
Pakistan 239 (Faheem 91, Rizwan 71, Jamieson 3/35)

NZ 180/5d (Blundell 64, Latham 53, Naseem Shah 3/55)

STUMPS - That will do us for day four. Mr 300, Tim Southee, is applauded as he leaves the pitch, as New Zealand eyes victory at Bay Oval. Join us back here on Wednesday for the fifth and final day. Click here for a full wrap and highlights.

38th over - Santner steps up to bowl what may be the final over of the day.

36th over - Santner still struggling to find his length, dispatched to the boundary again by Fawad

35th over - Jamieson back into the attack. Continues to be miserly with yet another maiden.

34th over - Fawad puts a couple of poor Santner short balls to the fence.

33rd over - Azhar negotiating Wagner well, keeping out some real skidders that had LBW written all over them. That will be it for Wagner today, who makes his way back off the field.

31st over - Azhar drives Wagner straight into his batting partner at the other end of the pitch. Right to the shoulder, that one stung. 50 runs up, and it only took 30 overs. Another maiden.

29th over - Wagner delivers one of his patented knuckle balls, Fawad is up to the task. Maiden over.

28th over - First over of spin for the day, as Santner takes the ball. Decent start, two off the over.

26th over - Big sound as Watling takes one off Boult down leg and the Blackcaps go up. All thigh pad. Thick outside edge runs away for four to end the over.

25th over - Wagner targetting the front pad of Azhar, couple of near misses as the bounce levels continue to be inconsistent here at Bay Oval. Just as I say that, Wagner gets one to ping off the deck and strike Azhar on the hand.

23rd over - In comes Neil Wagner for his first over of the day. Operating on just a total of eight toes, no less. Soldier. Steady maiden to start.

21st over - Jamieson searching for another scalp. No dice, and off to a drinks break we go.

19th over - Jamieson finds an edge but it flies past gully. NZ have their tails up now.

18th over - Comical scenes as a single turns into four run singles, after two poorly backed-up throws at the stumps. Boult joins Wagner on the rope, and both men return to the field. Turns out Wagner actually has TWO broken toes. No big deal.

WICKET - Southee becomes the third New Zealander to reach 300 wickets, as he nabs Haris caught at mid wicket. Huge ovation goes up at the Bay Oval.

Haris Sohail c Santner b Southee 9 (46b 0x4 0x6) 

17th over - Great news for NZ, with Neil Wagner expected to return to the field of play very shortly. Three from the Jamieson over.

16th over - Southee back, change of ends. Another maiden.

14th over - Maiden from Boult, who leaves the pitch for some medical attention. Young on to field.

13th over - Kyle Jamieson replaces Southee in the attack. Maiden first up.

12th over - Boult is glanced for four by Azhar.

11th over - Southee continues his hunt. Beats Haris' outside edge, gasps all round.

9th over - Southee in again, chasing number 300. Azhar works him for two.

8th over - Maiden from Boult.

7th over - Southee hits Azhar's back pad and the Kiwis go up! Umpire shakes his head but eventually Williamson concedes and reviews. Turns out the ball is missing by a long shot, not out.

6th over - Azhar finds the fence again to get the final session of the day started.


5th over - Southee in for the final over before tea. Maiden rounds out a cracking few overs for NZ.

4th over - Boult tasting blood.  Azhar plays a lovely straight drive for four to finally get some runs on the board for his side.

3rd over - WICKET - Southee with a length ball that straightens to catch Shan's edge and fly comfortably to second slip. Pakistan in all sorts of trouble here.

Shan Masood c Taylor b Southee 0 (8b 0x4 0x6)

Southee now sits on 299 test wickets.

2nd over - WICKET - What a start for NZ! Boult digs in with an absolute peach to catch Abid on the gloves and Watling does the rest.

Abid Ali c Watling b Boult 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)

1st over - Southee up to open the bowling for NZ. Plenty of early swing, very encouraging signs for the Blackcaps. 

Pakistan second innings underway...

46th over - NZ DECLARE - Santner swings Naseem for four, and that will be the final act in this NZ second innings, as Williamson calls his players off.

Join us shortly for the Pakistan 'chase'.

44th over - WICKET - Nicholls blasts two boundaries and then holes out. NZ really looking to pick up the pace here now.

HM Nicholls c Mohammad Abbas b Naseem Shah 11 (5b 2x4 0x6)

WICKET - Watling comes back for an ill-advised second run and is well short oin the throw from Imran.

BJ Watling run out (sub [Imran Butt] Mohammad Rizwan) 5

42nd over - WICKET - Williamson skies one to the keeper off Naseem for an easy catch.

KS Williamson c Mohammad Rizwan b Naseem Shah 22 (33b 2x4 0x6)

40th over - Williamson launches Naseem through mid-off for four.

WICKET - Latham hooks a short ball from Naseem straight down deep square leg's throat.

TWM Latham c Abid Ali b Naseem Shah 53 (112b 3x4 0x6)

39th over - FIFTY - Latham drives to the fence for his 20th test half century. Another assured opening stand from the left-hander. 

38th over - Just two from the Naseem over.

36th over - Williamson is clearly in limited overs mode, looking to keep the scoreboard ticking as he pushes into gaps for singles.  

34th over - Four  runs from the Naseem over.

33rd over - WICKET - Blundell charges down the pitch in an attempt to ramp up the run rate but Abbas beats him through the gate to collect leg stump. 

TA Blundell b Mohammad Abbas 64 (107b 7x4 0x6)

Williamson punches one off the back foot to open his account.

32nd over - Latham drives Naseem for three. Cuts for a single to take NZ's lead to 300.

31st over - Abbas around the wicket to Latham. Latham pulls, top edge for one. Blundell times one off his pads to bring up the 100-run partnership.

1:42pm - Blundell and Latham join the Pakistan team back out on the pitch. It will be interesting to see  their approach here. How much longer will NZ bat?

Session wrap: Not much to say really. A slightly streaky start from both batsman, with Latham looking out of touch, but after the first 10 overs they took over. Blundell's half century was a commanding knock one he past 20 and he looks a good player once he settles. Latham got better as the innings progressed and he now looks pretty assured at the crease. Look for NZ to build the lead to 400-odd in the next session before having a bowl later this afternoon. 


30th over - Shan Masood to bowl the last over of the session.

Single for Blundell to short mid-wicket. 
Two for Latham to fine-leg. 
Latham ends the session with a single to mid-off. 

29th over - Yasir continues 

Blundell punches through the onside for a single.
Latham down the wicket and he has a single. (NZ 94/0)

28th over - Shaheen continues.

Blundell powerfully pulls, but the field is widespread and he only has one. (NZ 91/0)

27th over - Yasir continues.

Latham paddles around the corner for a single.
Reverse sweep for Latham earns him a run. (NZ 88/0)

26th over - Shaheen continues ... 0/26 from 7.

Blundell turns around the corner for one.
Short from Shaheen and Latham pulls powerfully for four. (NZ 84/0)

25th over - Yasir continues.

Latham paddles around the conrer and has three runs... great work on the boundary by Faheem prevents four. 
Half Century! Blundell cuts for a single and has his fifty from 87 balls. (NZ 79/0)

24th over - Shaheen continues. 

Two for Blundell through the covers, but  a good stop from Abid prevents four. (NZ 71/0)

23rd over - Yasir continues - 0/4 from 2 overs. 

Latham sweeps... in the air, but safe and he has a single.
Blundell forces off the backfoot and has a single to deep point. (NZ 69/0)

22nd over - Shaheen continues.

Latham has a single to third-man. (NZ 67/0)

21st over - Yasir continues. 

Blundell comes dancing down the wicket and makes good contact... he has two runs to wide mid-off. (NZ 66/0)

20th over - Shaheen Shah Afridi is back - 0/18 from 4 overs. 

Two for Blundell to fine-leg... good running.
Blundell gets a single through mid-wicket.
Latham has a single to the point sweeper. (NZ 64/0)

19th over - Yasir Shah into the attack replacing Naseem Shah - 0/9 from 5.

Latham sweeps for a single.
Single for Blundell to short fine-leg. (NZ 59/0)

18th over - Faheem continues... 0/10 from 3.

Short and wide and Blundell cuts over gully and down to the boundary for four.
50-run partnership up between this pair. 
Cover drive from Blundell earns him another four runs. Lovely shot. (NZ 57/0)

17th over - Naseem continues.

Latham has a single to deep square-leg.
Single for Blundell to fine-leg.
Latham pulls for a single square of the wicket ... just out of the reach of Fawad at square-leg.
(NZ 48/0)

16th over - Faheem 0/1 from 2 continues.

Short from Faheem and Blundell pulls through mid-wicket powerfully for four.
Back-to-back boundaries for Blundell as he smashes the ball through point for four. (NZ 45/0)


15th over - Nassem continues.

Latham drives square on the offside to deep point for a single. 
Blundell pulls, but he can't get hold of it and just has one to square-leg. (NZ 37/0)

14th over - Faheem continues.

Back-to-back maidens for the tourists. (NZ 35/0)

13th over - Naseem to bowl his third over... 0/4.

Maiden from Naseem. (NZ 35/0)

12th over - Faheem Ashraf replaces Abbas who went 0/12 in 5 overs.

Single for Latham square on the offside. (NZ 35/0)

11th over - Naseem continues.

Two for Blundell as he punches off the back foot through mid-off. (NZ 34/0)

10th over - Abbas continues.

Latham drives nicely, but good partial stop from Azhar Ali in the covers saves four. (NZ 32/0)

9th over - Naseem Shah replaces Shaheen Shah Afridi who went 0/18 in his opening spell.

Blundell punches off the back foot for a single square on the offside.
Latham has a single to deep point. (NZ 30/0)

8th over  - Abbas 0/8 from 3 continues. 

Blundell deflects to short fine-leg for a run. (NZ 28/0)

7th over - Shaheen continues.

Wide and full from Shaheen and Blundell drives through point for four. 
Blundell gets a single to fine-leg. (NZ 26/0)

6th over - Abbas continues.

Latham drives and edges... second slip dives to his left but can't get a hand on it and Latham has four to third-man. 
Latham edges to agan, but his soft hands means it bounces in front of Yasir Shah at third slip. He gets two runs.  (NZ 21/0)

5th over - Shaheen 0/11 from 2 continues.

Blundell confidently on the front foot drives through the in-ifeld for two to through wide mid-off. (NZ 15/0)

4th over - Abbas continues.

Latham edges but there is no carry to that and bounces in front of Azhar Ali at second slip.
Chance! Latham drops and runs but is sent back.... he would have been run out had it hit, but the throw from square leg was horrible.  (NZ 13/0)

3rd over - Shaheen continues.

Streaky boundary fro Blundell. He attempts to leave and can't get the bat out of the way... the ball runs up the bat and deflects through the slips for four. 
Lovely shot from Blundell. Rocks back and pulls through mid-wicket for four. (NZ 13/0) 

2nd over - Mohammad Abbas open up alongside Shaheen.

Latham has two runs to the cover sweeper. (NZ 5/0)

1st over - Shaheen Shah Afridi to open up.

Latham off the mark first ball... pushes into the covers and there is a misfield - they scamper through for the single. 
Blundell struck on the pad in front but looks like he got an edge to that... Pakistan review.
Not out is the decision .... no conclusive evidence that it was pad first... very tight.  
Blundell works the ball just behind square for a couple of runs. (NZ 3/0)

10:45am - Hello folks - Latham and Blundell are at the wicket. Shaheen Afridi will open the attack.


Welcome cricket fans to live updates of the opening match of the two test series between New Zealand and Pakistan at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui.

The Blackcaps posted a commanding 431 after being sent in to bat thanks to a century to skipper Kane Williamson (129), while Ross Taylor (70), Henry Nicholls (56) and BJ Watling (73) also chimed in. 

Pakistan replied with a fighting 239, after being reduced to 80/6 early in the second session.

Skipper Mohammad Rizwan (71) and Faheem Ashraf (91) rebuilt superbly, as Pakistan avoided the follow-on, enhancing their chances of saving the test match. 

Tom Latham and Tom Blundell will be at the crease at 10:46am when play resumes. 

TAB odds:
New Zealand $1.12, Pakistan $41.00, Draw $5.40