Live updates: Blackcaps v Pakistan, second test, day three at Hagley Oval

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Pakistan 8/1

Pakistan trail by 354 runs

Abid 7, Abbas 1

New Zealand 659/6d (Williamson 238, Nicholls 157, Mitchell 102*)

Pakistan 297 (Azhar 93, Rizwan 61, Jamieson 5/69)

STUMPS - An utterly dominant day for the Blackcaps comes to an end. Join us from 10:45am Wednesday for all the day three action.

11th over - Final over of the day, Southee to close us out.

10th over - Jamieson strikes Abid in front, huge appeal and the finger goes up! They ask for a review, which reveals the faintest of edges. Abid survives.

9th over - Southee now. Abbas wants a run here, bold from the night watchmen. 

8th over - First-innings hero Jamieson into the attack, four overs remain.

WICKET - The big man just keeps making things happen for NZ. Shan edges to third slip for his second duck of the match and NZ have an early breakthrough.

Shan Masood c Southee b Jamieson 0 (25b 0x4 0x6)

Abbas comes out as the night watchmen. Edges to Southee at third slip who can't quite get his hand underneath it. Tough chance, great effort. Four slips in now.

Jamieson strikes Abid on the backfoot and a huge appeal goes up! Umpire says it's going down leg but Williamson opts to review. Umpire's call, so it remains not out. What an over.

7th over - Southee nips one back and almost catches Shan's edge. Maiden over.

6th over - Boult charging in. Angling across Abid and seems to be trying to get one to nick back and straighten. Runs! Abid drives for two.

4th over- Another over, another maiden. Pakistan understandably extra cautious out there late under the lights.

3rd over - Southee completes the third-straight maiden to start. Pakistan yet to open their account.

2nd over - Boult to the popping crease. Another maiden.

1st over - Southee has the honours first up. Maiden over, 10 left in the day's play.

Pakistan second innings underway..

6:20pm - The NZ bowlers will be out shortly for a late-day crack at the Pakistan top order.

159th over - Shaheen takes the ball now. Mitchell drops one short and they scamper through for two. 96. Pulls again, two more. 98.

CENTURY for Mitchell! - Mitchell glances for four, screams and leaps for joy. A moment he'll never forget, his maiden test 100. That also marks the end of the NZ innings, as captain Kane calls his men in.

158th over - Williamson is going to give them another over here, presumably to allow Mitchell another crack at his maiden test century. Flat bats one deep and they scramble back for two. Mitchell has two balls, needs eight runs. Mistimes a pull, just a single. Jamieson advances and creams Zafar back over his head for another six. Williamson will give them another over.

157th over - Williamson raises a finger in the NZ team room, one more over it is. Naseem limiting the damage here. Mitchell hoists one over fine leg for six. They steal a bye off the final ball.

156th over - Bang! Jamieson pummels Zafar on to the pavillion for six. The NZ mandate is very clear now. 

155th over - Two Mitchell boundaries in the over off Naseem, as well as a failed caught behind review. NZ full of intent here. Mitchell swivels and blasts one over the rope for his highest test score.

Mitchell skies one and is caught comfortably at deep mid-wicket. Makes his way from the middle before being called back, it's the third bouncer of the over and therefore, a no ball. Not out.

Hits the very next ball to the same fielder, who can't hold on to the catch this time. Wouldn't read about it.

Final session underway...

TEA BREAK - How much longer will NZ bat? Join us back here shortly for the final session of the day.

153rd over - Jamieson gets off the mark by blasting one through cover for four. Mitchell pulls another to the rope. 

151st over - WICKET - Williamson ramps one to third man to bring an end to a spectacular innings. The Pakistani fielders rush to offer their congratulations as Hagley Oval rises to its feet in applause.

KS Williamson c Shan Masood b Faheem Ashraf 238 (364b 28x4 0x6)

149th over - Faheem continues, as we approach tea. Two from it.

147th over - Williamson slashes at a wide one and gets a thick edge for four. Follows that by rocking back and pounding Faheem through point to the fence. Pulls a third boundary for the over through midwicket. He's in complete control.

146th over - Williamson pulls for four to raise the 100-run partnership with Mitchell, the 25th boundary of his innings.

145th over - Faheem takes the ball. All of a sudden, this partnership is up to 92 runs from 127 balls. It looks so easy out there. Also cold, really cold. Spectators wearing Kathmandu puffers cold. And it's summer.

FIFTY - Poised half-century for Mitchell off just 71 balls. Has played with intent from the outset. His second test fifty.

144th over - Zafar is back with some spin. Still looking for his first test wicket, after conceding 105 runs from his 24 overs so far. Mitchell reverse sweeps for one. It's that kind of vibe at the moment.

143rd over - Perhaps a declaration at tea in about 15 minute's time? Williamson has now been at the crease for nine hours. Machine.

141st over - NZ may look to have a wee bowl before the day is out. Tricky new ball conditions out there. For now they seem content to keep piling on these runs in demoralising fahsion.

Case in point, the pull shot Mitchell just played to the fence off Abbas. Closes the over with another pull to the rope.

140th over - Williamson celebrates as casually as you'd expect after his fourth double century. No big deal eh? How does the NZ approach change now?

139th over -  RAIN DELAY - Would you believe it, the rain is back to keep Williamson stranded on 199. It supposedly isn't heavy, so hopefully they'll be back out there shortly.

Back come the players onto a floodlit Hagley Oval. It's looking grim out there.

Mitchell puts Williamson on strike. Here we go.

D0UBLE CENTURY - The runs just keep flowing for the world's best test batsman. Williamson passes 200 for the second time this summer. What a player.

138th over - Shaheen to Williamson. He cuts, ist this it? No! Well fielded in the deep. Moves to 199. Blocks out the final three balls, and that will be drinks. Way to maintain the suspense huh?

137th over - Williamson cuts to bring up the NZ 500. 

136th over - Naseem continues.

135th over - Mitchell lofts Zafar over long-on for four. The spinner has been costly, 0-101 from his 23 overs so far. Williamson uses his feet, whips one to mid-on for a single.

133rd over - Williamson cuts for a single, inching closer to that double century. Mitchell ticking things over well here.

Zafar catches Mitchell on the front pad, huge shout goes up. No dice from the umpire, but Rizwan opts to review. Looks to be going down leg, and the ball tracker confims precisely that.

132nd over - Mitchell times one through midwicket for two off Naseem, who's back into the attack. 

131st over - Mitchell calls Williamson through for a well-run two. Shaheen decides to come around the wicket. He's really charging in here, hitting the high 140km/h. 

129th over - Delicate paddle around the corner for a boundary to Williamson.

128th over - Mitchell glances to a vacant fine leg for four. 

127th over - Mitchell looking poised. Williamson is about 10 minutes away from having batted for eight hours. 

125th over - Mitchell announces his arrival by advancing and Playing Zafar straight back over his head for four.

124th over - Shaheen gets us back underway, bowling to Williamson. Dropped! Yet another chance goes begging for Pakistan, as the NZ skipper is dropped at gully. That should have been taken. That makes is seven dropped catches and a wicket off a no-ball. Ouch.

Watling cuts for four to bring up the NZ 450.

WICKET - Shaheen hits a perfect length and Watling drives and nicks to second slip.

BJ Watling c Haris Sohail b Shaheen Shah Afridi 7 (18b 1x4 0x6) 

3:04pm - Well, the covers are coming off and the rain has eased. We shouldn't be too far away from a restart.

In fact, the players will be back out at 3:15pm.

3:01pm - Okay, they may have jumped the gun here. Seems the issue now may be with the wet outfield.

2:50pm - Good news! We should be back into the cricket in five minutes, provided there's no further rain.

2:30pm - The heavier covers have come out at Hagley Oval. We could be in for a lengthy delay here. Stay tuned for updates.

124th over - Uh oh, here comes the rain. Out come the covers. Fingers crossed for only a brief intermission here. Pakistan won't be mad at this.

123rd over - Zafar again. Interesting to see the approach now from NZ. Watling is always happy to dig in, perhaps he might play a bit more expansively. As I say that he gets a touch of his forearm trying to sweep that lobbed into the air, falls behind the keeper for a single.

120th over - Williamson cuts Zafar for four to start the over. 

WICKET - Finally a breakthough for Pakistan! Nicholls pulls one down deep fine leg's throat and leaves to a standing ovation. Great knock, fighting through injury.

HM Nicholls c Naseem Shah b Mohammad Abbas 157 (291b 18x4 1x6)

119th over - Zafar continues. Williamson guides one to third man.It all feels far too easy out there for NZ.

117th over - Nicholls shimmies down the wicket and bangs Abbas back down the ground for four. Seems to be an edict to puit the foot down here a tad after lunch.

116th over - Abbas again. Nicholls cuts for a single. In the air! Williamson gets caught up on a seaming ball and almost lofts one to cover but the ball falls short.

150 for Nicholls! The third of his test career. Give him an inch, he'll take a mile.

Williamson cuts late to bring up the 350-run partnership, and the runs have shown no sign of abating.

115th over - Zafar up with some spin. There's been some rain at Hagley Oval during the lunchbreak, we could see some extra aggression here from the Kiwi batsmen. Five singles from the over.

114th over - Abbas to get us restarted. Nicholls just casually plays a T20 style ramp shot down to fine leg for four. Follows that by cutting square for four more.

Afternoon session underway...


113th over - Zafar to continue.

Three singles from the over - 400 up for New Zealand and that's the end of the session. (NZ 400/3)

112th over - Shaheen Shah Afridi changes ends and replaces Naseem Shah.

Maiden from Shaheen. (NZ 397/3)

111th over - Zafar Gohar is into the attach replacing Shaheen as we see spin for the first time today.

Three singles from the over. (NZ 397/3)

110th over - Naseem continues for Pakistan.

Naseem bounces Nicholls but it's way to high and beats everyone - four wides. (NZ 394/3)

109th over - Shaheen continues.

Williamson turns on the onside for a quick single and that's 150 up for the skip. (NZ 387/3)

108th over - Naseem Shah changes ends - 0/99 from 19.

Just a Williamson single from the over. (NZ 385/3)

107th over - Shaheen Shah Afridi is back - 1/65 from 24.

Two singles from the over for the Blackcaps. (NZ 384/3)

106th over - Faheem continues.

Nicholls pulls and hobbles through for a single - he is really struggling now with that calf strain.
Williamson pulls through mid-wicket and has a couple of runs - great stop on the rope by Fawad Alam to save two runs. 
Williamson whips the ball down to fine-leg for another four. (NZ 382/3)

105th over - Naseem continues - 0/95 from 18 overs.

Williamson on-drives for four superbly - 300-run partnership up. (NZ 373/3)

104th over - Faheem - 1/62 - continues.

Williamson smokes Faheem through wide mid-off for four. Shot that. (NZ 368/3)

103rd over - Naseem continues.

Nicholls hooks for four to fine-leg.
Nicholls square drives for four through point. (NZ 364/3)

102nd over - Faheem continues.

Williamson gets a little luck - inside edge down to the boundary for a couple of runs. (NZ 356/3)

101st over - Naseem to continue.

Nicholls uppercuts over the gully for four.
Lovely shot! Over-pitched and Nicholls drives through the covers for four all along the carpet. (NZ 351/3)


100th over - Faheem - 1/57 from 19 - continues.

Wide and short from Faheem and the ball swings past Rizwan and down to the boundary for four byes.
Single for Nicholls on the onside and this is now the highest 4th-wicket partnership in New Zealand history at 272.
(NZ 343/3)

99th over - Naseem continues.

Rizwan lets one go between his legs for a couple of byes. (NZ 338/3)

98th over - Faheem into the attack - replaces Mohammad Abbas.

Just a couple to Nicholls off the over.

97th over - Naseem Shah replaces Shaheen.  Naseem 0/72 from 14.

Williamson guides one down to third man for four. Trademark shot that. (NZ 334/3)

96th over - Abbas continues.

Williamson turns behind square for a single and has 7000 test match runs.
Nicholls smacks Abbas over mid-wicket for six! What a shot. (NZ 328/3)

95th over - Shaheen continues.

Short and wide and Nicholls cuts suberbly through point for four. 250 partnership up between these two. (NZ 320/3)

94th over - Abbas continues - 1/39 from 24.

Williamson turns the ball on the onside and has a single behind square. 
Nicholls drives through point and has four and his seventh test century from 212 balls. (NZ 315/3)

93rd over - Shaheen continues - 1/54 from 22.

Williamson has a sharply run single to mid-wicket.
Full from Shaheen and he strikes Nicholls on the pads but that is swinging down leg. 
Full and swinging and Nicholls flicks through mid-wicket for four. (NZ 310/3)

92nd over - Abbas continues.

Nicholls on the dive and limps through for a couple of runs through the covers.
Dropped! Nicholls cuts and iot's straight to Azhar in the gully and he puts down a sitter. Nicholls survives again.
(NZ 305/3)

91st over - Shaheen to continue.

Four byes. Shaeen around the wicket and the ball swings down the legside and past keeper and batsman for four.
Another four byes. Ball hooping big time as we see a repeat of the previous ball. Leg slip in place. 
Down the legside and Williamson flicks between keeper and leg slip for four. (NZ 303/3)

90th over - Abbas to bowl to Nicholls for the first time today.

Maiden from Abbas to Nicholls. (NZ 291/3)

89th over - Shaeen to continue.

Nicholls on the drive and has a single to mid-on.
Williamson flicks off his hips and down to the boundary for four. (291/3)

88th over - Abbas to continue.

Three straight maidens to open the day. (NZ 286/3)

87th over - Shaheen Shah Afridi to bowl - 1/45 from 19 overs.

Shaheen getting the ball to talk a bit - Nicholls leaves outside off and the ball comes rearing back and almost takes out off stump. 
Maiden over.  (NZ 286/3)

86th over - Overcast conditions this morning with a newish ball... Williamson on strike - Mohammad Abbs to bowl -  1/37 from 20 overs.

Abbas on the money and bowls a testing maiden to the NZ skipper. (NZ 286/3)


10:24am - Breaking news from NZ Cricket and it's good news for Henry Nicholls.

  • Henry Nicholls has sustained a left calf strain while batting in the first innings at Hagley Oval. 
    He will need to manage the injury for the remainder of the test, then undergo rehabilitation following further assessment. 
    After having a bat in the net this morning he will continue to bat with Kane Williamson at the start of day.

Hello folks and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of test cricket as the Blackcaps host Pakistan at Hagley Oval.

Skipper Kane Williamson cemented his spot as the world's top test batsman with a  beautifully crafted century on day 2.

With New Zealand struggling at 70/3, Williamson (112) and Henry Nicholls (89) set about restoring the Blackcaps dominance and after the Cantabrian left-hander was given a reprieve early in his innings, he too looked in complete control.

The partnership stands at 215 with New Zealand 286/3 - just 11 runs behind the tourists, although Nicholls participation in the rest of this match looks in doubt after he appeared to suffer a calf injury late last evening.

TAB odds:
New Zealand $1.06, Pakistan $29.00, Draw $9.00