Live updates: Blackcaps v Pakistan, second test, day two at Hagley Oval

New Zealand 286/3

Williamson 112, Nicholls 89

Pakistan 297 (Azhar 93, Rizwan 61, Jamieson 5/69)

STUMPS - Williamson and Nicholls have ridden their luck through to an undefeated 215-run fourth-wicket stand to leave them just 11 runs shy of the Pakistan total.This was clearly NZ's day. Join us for day three from 10:45am Tuesday.

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85th over - This will likely be the final over of day two. Shaheen will try to make it an uncomfortable one for the hobbled Nicholls. Nicholls manages to get off strike with a single.

84th over - Abbas seams one back into Williamson, who edges it perilously close to the family jewels. He certainly still felt that one, takes a moment to walk it off. Rare maiden for Pakistan.

83rd over - Nicholls looks to be battening down the hatches now, as stumps approaches. It's an issue with his calf that's troubling him.

82nd over - Nicholls sets off for a single and comes up gammy. Out comes the trainer. He's up after some treatment, but still looks to be struggling a bit out there and he's clearly frustrated. 

81st over - Here she comes, a shiny new Kookaburra.... and not a delivery too soon for Pakistan, who are desperate for a breakthrough. Shaheen gets the honours.

Nicholls dropped again! Captain Rizwan with one of the more straightforward keeper's catches you'll see and he completely shells it. Nicholls gets another life. Unbelievable. 

79th over - Two runs off the Zafar over. One more before Pakistan can take the new ball.

77th over - Williamson pushes for a single to bring up the 200-run partnership. That's come off 287 balls. NZ are flying now, 5.90 run rate off the last 10 overs.

75th over - Nicholls calls Williamson through for a quick single and there's a direct hit. Upstairs they go, and the skipper's bat looks to be on the line and out. But the third umpire says the bail wasn't completely dislodged, only one side of it was. Huge reprieve for Williamson...and Nicholls, to be fair.

74th over - Williamson guides Faheem past gully for four. Dropped!! Tough chance at gully, but one that should have been taken. The NZ skipper gets a life. That's a head dropper.

72nd over - Faheem into the attack. Nicholls scrambles for two through cover. Williamson pulls for four to go to 99.

HUNDRED - Williamson brings up his 24th test century. He's reached triple figures in every test he's played this summer. The world's best just keeps getting better.

70th over - Williamson times one through midwicket for four.  Thick outside edge off the next one which flies between first and second slips for four more. There he goes again, makes it three-straight boundaries with another picturesque on-drive to move into the 90s. Wow, gorgeous straight drive for a fourth. Naseem looks bewildered


68th over - Williamson glances Naseem, well fielded on the boundary to save a certain four. Cuts for a single to bring up the 150-run partnership. Naseem hits Nicholls on the front pad, only starts to appeal when he sees his keeper and slips go up. Umpire has no interest, and they opt to review. This is a real 'hail Mary'. Yep, pitching well outside leg. That review reeked of desperation.

67th over - Williamson plays Zafar off his hip for three, well fielded. Nicholls misjudges one, leans back and looks to cut and again, almost plays on to his stumps.

65th over - Rizwin looks to his spinner Zafar, searching for a breakthrough. Nicholls plays an audacious reverse sweep for four. 

64th over - Naseem back into the attack. Williamson whips him away for two. 200 up for NZ. Williamons carves one through point for four, his eighth of the day. Things starting to get away from the tourists here.

62nd over - FIFTY - Nicholls pulls for two to bring up his 11th test half-century. Got a life early and made the most of it, typical Nicholls fare.

The runs are flowing for NZ now.

61st over - Williamson swivels and pulls, blasts Faheem to the rope. Attempts the same shot later in the over, doesn't quite get a hold of that but will still steal three.

60th over - Nicholls times one perfectly through midwicket to grab four more. Captain and wicketkeeper Rizwan has decided to come up to the stumps now for Abbas. Better late, etc.

59th over - Nicholls glances yet another one fine for four to bring up the 100-run partnership with his skipper. That's come off 177 balls.

57th over - Shaheen angles a gem into Williamson and the NZ skipper is fortunate that his edge runs through a vacant second slip. 

FIFTY - Williamson whips one through midwicket for his 33rd half-century. The world's best just keeps on ticking.

55th over - Nicholls with a trademark glance down leg for four.

54th over - Big noise through to the keeper off Nicholls! Loud appeal, upmpire shakes his head and Pakistan opt not to review. Looks as though Nicholls clipped his front pad there, wise move. Good over from Abbas.

53rd over - Nicholls plays Shaheen through the covers for a double. Williamons steals a quick single at midwicket.

50th over - Abbas takes the ball for Pakistan. Nicholls plays a smooth late cut for four.

Final session underway...

TEA - Williamson has done what he does best, steady the NZ ship that had been dangerously close to capsizing, especially if Shaheen hadn't been caught overstepping after snaring Nicholls caught behind.

The partnership is building nicely at 74, and the skipper's eye now seems well and truly in.

49th over - Haris up to the plate. Williamson airy with a shot that has the Pakistan field throwing its hands up. Two singles off the over, and that will be tea.

48th over - Williamson advances down the pitch and lofts Zafar back over mid-on for four. The spinner won't be complaining about that. He will be about the next one, rank long hop that Williamson pounces up and pulls for four more. Look out, Williamson times one beautifully through midwicket for four more. The world's No.1 looks to be well and truly in, danger signs for Pakistan.

47th over - Shan becomes Pakistan's fifth bowler of the day, bringing some spin to the table. Nicholls edgy to third man to bring up the 50 partnership.

44th over - Williamson works Faheem - who's been on the money - for a single.

42nd over - Naseem closes his over  with a peach of a yorker which somehow misses Nicholls' off stump. 

41st over - Faheem takes the ball for a crack. Starts well, beating Nicholls all ends up on the backfoot. 

40th over - Williamson times a lovely straight drive for four to bring up the NZ 100. Turns the next one behind square and only just out of the reach of square leg.

39th over - Nicholls inside edge which goes dangerously close to the top of middle stump.  Instead, it's four runs. This has all the hallmarks of a huge innings to come for Nicholls.

38th over - Tough going out here for the NZ batsmen, runs have been tough to come by. Pakistan will really be ruing Shaeen's overstepping for the Nicholls wicket. That would have swung the momentum definitively.

Williamson punches one off the backfoot for three. Coincidentally, off a no ball.

37th over - Naseem into the attack. Starts with a maiden.

36th over - Nicholls helps a poor ball from Abbas on its way down leg for four byes.

34th over - Williamson drives elegantly off the backfoot through cover for four.

33rd over - Nicholls plays Shaheen neatly off his pads for a couple. Nicholls edges to the keeper and NZ lose another one! Hold up, square leg umpire has had the call from upstairs and there's a clear no-ball. Huge break for NZ. Nicholls edges again from the final ball, this time it falls just short of first slip and ricochets for two.

Not the most lavish way to bring up 2,000 test runs, but I'm sure he'll take it.

32nd over - Nicholls punches one through cover to open his account. 

31st over - Williamson leaves Shaheen for another maiden. If Pakistan could get the NZ skipper they would be well on top.

30th over - Williamson glances, catches a pad for a leg bye. 

WICKET - Abba's persistence pays off and he gets Taylor edging straight down second slip's throat. Big wicket for the tourists.

LRPL Taylor c Shan Masood b Mohammad Abbas 12 (33b 1x4 0x6)

29th over - Taylor takes a big pull at Shaheen, nothing but air. Maiden over.

28th over - Taylor works Abbas behind square for a single.

27th over - Shaheen to the popping crease. Taylor edges but it falls short of gully. Just a bye from the over.

26th over - Abbas to Williamson to get us started after lunch. Williamson tucks him to square leg for one.

Second session underway...


The late loss of Blackcaps openers Tom Blundell and Tom Latham has probably given Pakistan the edge after that session.

While Shaheen and Faheem grabbed the wickets, Abbas' accuracy probably frustrated the batsmen into false shots, as they tried to lift the run rate.

The partnership between Taylor and Williamson will be crucial to New Zealand's chances of overhauling the 297-run target.

25th over - Shaheen to Taylor, probably the last over before lunch. Taylor drives through the offside for a couple, but wafts at one that could easily have caught an edge.

He drives the last ball of the session straight down the ground for four (NZ 66/2).

24th over - Faheem to Taylor. Another edgy single to Taylor.

Williamson edges wide of gully to get off the mark with a boundary (NZ 60/2).

23rd over - Shaheen to Taylor. This is a key partnership for the Blackcaps, with arguably our two greatest batsmen of all-time (statistically at least) at the crease.

Just another single to Taylor (NZ 55/2).

22nd over - Faheem to Taylor, who again nudges for a single (NZ 54/2).

21st over - With the new batsman, Shaheen returns to the attack.

OUT - Latham c Haris b Shaheen 33

Shaheen finds the edge of Latham's bat and the ball is deflected in the slips, with Haris finally snatching it before landing. Vital one-two punch from Pakistan, removing both openers in quick succession.

Ross Taylor plays legside to get off the mark (NZ 53/2).

20th over - Faheem to Blundell. Second ball hits Blundell in the pad to a muted appeal.

Blundell edges one wide of the slips to the boundary to bring up the 50 partnership.

OUT - Blundell lbw Faheem 16

Fifth ball takes the pad again, given not out and this time Pakistan call for a review, which shows the ball clipping leg stump.

Captain Kane Williamson strolls to the crease and sways out of the way of his first delivery (NZ 52/1).

19th over - Naseem to Latham, who drives him through the onside for four (NZ 48/0).

18th over - Faheem takes Blundell on the pad and the Pakistanis appeal. Given not out, he's well outside his crease and the ball seems headed down legside.

That's a maiden (NZ 44/0).

17th over - Naseem to Latham. Just a couple of singles and a no-ball for overstepping (NZ 44/0).

16th over - Faheem to Blundell. Third ball nips back and impacts the box area.

That's a maiden over (NZ 41/0).

15th over - Naseem resumes to Latham, who whips him off his toes for a couple of runs.

Latham plays powerfull on the onside, but it's well cut off by the fielder. Naseem is called for overstepping (NZ 41/0).

14th over - Faheem replaces Abbas and Latham nudges a single off his pads.

Time for drinks, with New Zealand surviving the first hour of the day (NZ 38/0).

13th over - Naseem to Blundell, who plays straight to a fielder and runs. He's well short of his ground, if the throw hits - but it doesn't.

Latham swings of his pads through the legside for three runs (NZ 37/0).

12th over - Abbas continues to Latham. Second ball beats the edge of Latham's bat, inspiring some interest from the slips.

Another maiden from Abbas, his third (NZ 33/0).

11th over - Change in the bowling, with Naseem Shah to take the ball to Blundell, who plays the first edgily off his toes for four.

Six runs off Naseem's first over (NZ 33/0).

10th over - Abbas to Latham. Abbas has conceded just two runs off four overs so far, but Latham ruins that record with a boundary.

Abbas pitches short and Latham hooks him over square for four more (NZ 27/0).

Ninth over - Shaheen to Blundell, who is finally off the mark, hooking to the boundary.

Latham plays down the ground for three runs. Eight runs off that over, New Zealand's most productive so far (NZ 19/0).

Eighth over - Abbas to Latham, who likes a leave.

Sixth ball catches the inside edge of Latham's bat and careens into his box area. That's another maiden for Abbas. (NZ 11/0).

Seventh over - Shaheen to Latham, who has the first boundary of the morning, driving through the onside (NZ 11/0).

Sixth over - Latham plays Abbas into the legside for a single.

Blundell is batting way outside his crease and has yet to get off the mark after 16 balls. The fifth ball has him in a tangle, but he's safely behind the last (NZ 6/0).

Fifth over - Shaheen to Blundell. Fifth ball starts wide outside offstump and is taken down leg, Blundell shoulders arms.

Another maiden (NZ 5/0).

Fourth over - Abbas to Latham. Third ball starts outside the off stump, but wicketkeeper Rizwan gathers it down leg.

There's movement, so Latham needs to take care which deliveries he leaves. He edges again, but short of first slip - that's a maiden (NZ 5/0).

Third over - Shaheen finds the edge of Latham's bat, but the ball doesn't carry to slips. The batsman plays legside and takes three off the next delivery.

Blundell keeps out a great fifth-ball yorker (NZ 5/0)

Second over - Abbas to bowl the second over.

Latham is lucky not to edge the third ball - there was a sound - and then leaves one that cuts back towards offstump.

He takes a single off the last ball to retain strike (NZ 2/0).

First over - Shaheen will take first use of the new ball, with Tom Latham facing the first delivery.

Latham isn't required to play the first four balls - the fourth whistles wide down leg side - but is off the mark with a single off the fifth.

Blundell shoulders arms to the final ball (NZ 1/0).


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second day of the second test between New Zealand and Pakistan at Christchurch's Hagley Oval.

Already one win up in the two-test series, the Blackcaps will begin the day chasing their rivals' first-innings score of 297 on a pitch that many expected to suit the home bowlers.

Paceman Kyle Jamieson certainly seemed to have the hosts on track early, as he knocked the top off the Pakistan batting order, but staunch resistance from the middle order - Azhar Ali (93), captain Mohammad Rizwan (61), Faheem Ashraf (48) and Zafar Gohar (34) - stalled their progress.

New Zealand needed extra time after the scheduled end of play to wrap up the Pakistan innings and will hope to bat for most of the next two days to set a demanding total, with two days remaining to dismiss their opponents and chase whatever they need for victory.

Jamieson finished the opening day with his third five-wicket bag (5/69) in six tests, with Tim Southee and Trent Boult also grabbing a couple each.

Tom Latham and Tom Blundell will take their guard, when play resumes at 11am Monday.

Pakistan: Shan Masood, Abid Ali, Azhar Ali, Haris Sohail, Fawad Alam, Mohammad Rizwan, Faheem Ashraf, Zafar Gohar, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mohammad Abbas, Naseem Shah

New Zealand: Tom Latham, Tom Blundell, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, BJ Watling, Daryl Mitchell, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

TAB: New Zealand $1.29, Draw $6, Pakistan $6.20