Motorsport: Kiwi drivers' time to shine at iconic NZ speedway race

The world midget car 50 lapper at Western Springs is one of the biggest races on the NZ speedway calendar, but this year it'll have a very different feel.

The race usually attracts some of the best drivers from Australasia and North America, But COVID-19 means they can't get here this year, presenting an opportunity for more Kiwi drivers to take centre stage.

"It's definitely the biggest race of the year," says driver Michael Pickens. "It's the one everyone wants to win."

Without the international stars, organisers have opted for a reverse grid start, which means defending champ Pickens will most likely be starting from the back.

"Not everyone's super happy about it but we're here to put a show on for the fans and it'll certainly do that tonight," Pickens adds.

But what it does do is give a chance for more Kiwis to try and put their name on one of the most famous midget car trophies in the world.

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