Netball: New recruit Karin Burger embracing more playing time with move to Tactix

One of the stars of Central Pulse's domination of the ANZ Netball Premiership over the last two years has revealed why she's leaving the champions.

Karin Burger will link with the Tactix in 2021, citing a desire for more game-time in her prefered position.

Burger's been at the heart of back-to-back titles for the Pulse, but she won't be involved in the quest for a third.

"It's just the time for me to go," Burger tells Newshub. 

Her time comes as she searches for a starting spot at goal defence, which wasn't happening at the Pulse, where she was stuck behind Silver Ferns veteran Katrina Rore.

"At that time when I made my decision, it didn't really look that good with the Pulse, so I just needed to look where that would be possible."

Playing at wing defence at the Pulse has hurt Burger when she joined up with the Ferns. 

"I feel like I've started dropping in the 'goal d' area,because I haven't had that time there."

She'll get plenty of time there at the Tactix, who are welcoming her with open arms.

"She brings a great fitness ethic," Tactix coach  Marianne Delaney-Hoshek tells Newshub. "She's really high on fitness test and she's got a really big power base." 

Teaming up with fellow national defender Jane Watson in Christchurch is a big draw card for Burger. 

"That is an element of making your decision of who you are going to be playing with in the circle," she says. "That was a part of my decision." 

The Tactix coach is looking forward to seeing that combination with Watson. 

"I think it's going to be absolutely exciting in that circle, " Delaney-Hoshek adds. "They are both ball winners - there could be tussles over whose intercept it's going to be." 

But Burger isn't ruling out a return to the capital. 

"It's just a season, we'll see what happens after," she says.

The World Cup winner is looking forward to spending next season in the Garden City, as she chases a third straight ANZ Premiership title - but a first for her new team.