Queenstown nurse Brooke Thomas smashes 3000km run across New Zealand after 58 days on the road

A Queenstown nurse has smashed one of the longest trails in the country by more than a week.

Brooke Thomas completed the 3000km Te Araroa Trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff late Friday night, overcoming challenges including having a pacemaker.

There were shouts of celebration from supporters as Thomas crossed the finish line in Bluff shortly after 10pm on Friday night.

"I'm sorry I made everyone wait!" she said.

Her arrival broke the women's record for the Te Araroa Trail by more than eight-and-a-half days.

Her father Elwyn was never so happy to be proved wrong.

"I have to eat my hat, because I suggested she couldn't and wouldn't be able to do this."

Thomas started her run last November, the journey taking her across mountains, roads, and rivers.

"In the backcountry and you're in huts and stuff, and then the next day you're running out onto the beach in Waikanae, and then running into Wellington," her coach Adam Keen says.

The weather's been challenging.

"I literally got knocked off my feet in the wind the other night. Crazy rain," Thomas says.

Running shoes were among the items taking a hammering.

"They were all pretty much brand new when I started. So I think I've gone through six," she says.

Her efforts have raised more than $22,000 for the charity Heart Kids.

For Brooke, it's a personal cause having had a pacemaker fitted a decade ago to regulate her heartbeat.

"But I didn't want to be just that person that was like 'I could have, I should have, I didn't'," she says.

Invercargill's mayor was keen to welcome the record-breaker in person.

"It'll inspire people all over the country to follow in her footsteps," Sir Tim Shadbolt says.

Now after 58 days on the road she has a few simple plans.

"Just sitting still, eating food without rushing," Thomas says.

And a chance to reflect on her impressive achievement.

Donations can be made here.