Boxing: Dereck Chisora calls out Kiwi Joseph Parker to reignite heavyweight rivalry

Joseph Parker's longstanding rivalry with Dereck Chisora looks to be back on if Chisora's social media activity is anything to go by. 

The two heavyweights were scheduled to fight in October 2019, but the Kiwis' preparation was stalled by a spider bite and a three-week illness that saw the fight cancelled. 

This latest callout from the British fighter is a stunning u-turn from just 12 months ago, when he showed little interest in rekindling the fight, with his eyes set on other opponents. 

Chisora only fought once in 2020, suffering a unanimous decision defeat to Ukrainian fighter Oleksandr Usyk in November, and has now turned his attention back to Parker. 

"I've made no secret that I want the fight with Parker," Chisora told Sky Sports. "I signed the fight, flew to his camp in LA to film, only for him to chicken out and claim a spider bite was the reason he couldn't step in the ring with me.

"The truth is, when sat across the table, looking in my eyes, reality hit, he wasn't ready for the war I bring. 

"If fight fans want it, I'm game and he can come to me this time. This fight happens on my turf."

Parker's team are on the same page with the man known as 'Del Boy War' and are keen on the fight, but want it to happen downunder in New Zealand. 

"I've heard some noises and frankly that is a fight with interest," Parker's manager David Higgins has told Sky Sports.

"We'd endorse it and there is interest from Parker, and our management team would endorse it.

"They would want to do it in the UK, but I would challenge Chisora and David Haye to come down to New Zealand to do it," says Higgins.

"If not, we'll still discuss it, but it would be very interesting to see 1) whether they are for real and 2) what they have in mind.

"From the Parker perspective, why waste time? We'd be keen to get that fight up and going in New Zealand or the United Kingdom... in the beginning of June would be feasible, I'd think.

Before Parker can turn his attention to Chisora, he'll need to negotiate fellow Kiwi heavyweight Junior Fa at Auckland's Spark Arena.

The South Aucklander has responded to Chisora's call out by telling the Englishman he's up to the challenge, but his eyes remain fixed on firstly overcoming Fa.

"That 'unfinished business' has to wait until February 27 is done," Parker tells Newshub.

"It is exciting that there are opportunities coming up after this fight, but I don't want to discuss it just yet because I still have this guy in front of me who I have to take care of.

Nevertheless, Parker says he's encouraged that he's still on Chisora's radar.

"If I get past Fa it's great that there is another big fight that we can make.

"I'm not sure where he's ranked at the moment but it is a fight we've already promoted, and I feel like it is unfinished business."

Victory over unbeaten Fa would set the platform for Parker's goal of regaining a world title, with plenty of opportunities on the horizon, something the Kiwi's camp have their eye on. 

"Once Joe does take care of business... we're thinking there are a couple of very big fights in the UK," Barry tells Newshub.

Join us on February 27 for live updates of the Parker v Fa heavyweight boxing bout