Boxing: Joseph Parker, Junior Fa forge ahead amid lockdown uncertainty

Ten days out from their blockbuster fight, Joseph Parker and Junior Fa have taken Auckland's latest lockdown in their stride, despite being limited with how much they can train. 

The clash has big ramifications for the careers of both fighters and they're desperate to avoid another postponement, which will be necessary unless Auckland returns to alert level 1.

It's less than ideal preparation for what's being dubbed New Zealand's biggest-ever boxing match. 

But for the moment, a home gym is what Joseph Parker has to make do with, as he prepares to enter the ring for the first time in a year. 

"This week in particular will still be putting in the hard work," Parker tells Newshub. "I'll still be running, still be smashing the bag."

As it was for many in the region, there was a scramble to get ready for Junior Fa, but he's taking it in his stride.

"It was pretty hectic to be completely honest," Fa says. "We didn't have much time to decide or sort anything out. 

"It's not ideal doing these last parts of training by yourself but it is what it is. It's important to be able to adapt. It's just like a fight if it's not going your way you have to adapt."

Both camps say a short stint in level 3 is manageable but they're desperate to return to normal, for the sake of both training and the bout itself.

"If it does open up on Wednesday, I'll be sparring again on Thursday," Parker insists. 

"Once I start tapering off I know I'll be ready for February 27."

After the fight was delayed in December, neither Fa nor Parker wants to wait any longer than they have to, especially since a delay could jeopardise plans in the pipeline.

"It just brings up that fire and that hunger just a bit more," says Fa. "It's been a while and I'm just keen to get in there."

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