Cricket: Veteran Canterbury cricket side proving age is no barrier with stellar undefeated run

While the Kings produced a thrilling win this on Thursday to qualify for the Super Smash final, another Canterbury team's been trying to maintain an astonishing record.

Heading into this week's national tournament in Christchurch, Canterbury's over 60's rep side had never been beaten.

And while they might not look like anything too special, they are likely New Zealand's only unbeaten provincial cricket team.

"We started five years ago and haven't lost a game since," says player Bob Masefield.

And the father of Kings star Ed Nuttal, Andrew, admits they are keeping count.

"Oh it's always talked about after every game," he says. 

"This is number 20, this is number 21 and today is number 22."

They're made up of many who are representing Canterbury for the first time. 

As well as a handful of former first-class cricketers including Nuttal, who reveals there is a healthy competition with his son about individual success. 

"I suppose he still sees dad trying to improve, but it's not getting any better," father Andrew laughs.

And dad will at least have a few days to continue to brag - his side making it 22 against Northern Districts on Thursday.