Live updates: Blackcaps v Australia, Second T20 at Dunedin's University Oval

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Australia 215/8

Stoinis 78, Philippe 45, Sams 41, Santner 4/31

NZ 219/7

(Guptill 97, Williamson 53, Neesham 45no)

NZ win by four runs, lead series 2-0

20th over - He hasn't been called on today, but Neesham will bowl the final over. Gulp.

OUT Sams c Phillips, b Neesham 41

Sams tries to get under Neesham's first ball, but holes out on the boundary.

Second ball slips down legside, but not called wide. Stoinis did seem to fall outside offstump.

Stoinis can't get the third ball through the field and declines the single.

Low full toss is dispatched for six, the pendulum swings back Australia's way.

OUT Stoinis, c Southee b Neesham 78

Stoinis gets under the penultimate ball and Southee takes a catch on the boundary. That's the win for NZ!

Jhye Richardson cuts through the field for four, but it won't be enough to deprive NZ the win by four runs.

19th over - Aussies need 30 from 12 balls, Southee to bowl out - he went for 25 off his last over and bowls a first-ball wide.

Stoinis cuts for a single. Sams swings through legside for a single.

Southee pitches on leg stump and Stoinis flicks off his pads for four.

Southee serves up a dolly and Stoinis smacks it into the stands.

Full toss restricts Stoinis to a single.

Yorker keeps Sams to a single and keeps him on strike, Nineteen off the over, Aust 205/6

18th over - Boult will bowl out his four overs. Better over, only two runs off the first three balls.

Full tosses seem to be doing the trick here.

Sams hits straight, but hits the umpire and scoring is limited to a single.

Just six runs off the over, great over from lovely Trenty, Aust 190/6

17th over - Jamieson to bowl his last, but Stonis strokes him away for four and his half century in 22 balls.

Stonis edges the next one past the fielder for another boundary.

Sams gets under a short ball from Jamieson and hits over fine leg for six.

Seventeen runs off the over, Aust 184/6

16th over - Southee for his third over, but Stonis falls away and chips behind square leg for four.

Sams hits straight over the bowler and almost into the commentary box for six.

Sams plays this one over the offside for another maximum. Next shot goes over the onside for six.

Twenty-five off the over, Aust 167/6

15th over - Sodhi lands one in Stoinis' sweet spot and watches it clobbered for six.

Sodhi lands another in Stoinis' sweet spot - same result. That's raw power.

Sodhi almost entices Stonis into a catch, but it falls short of the fielder.

Sams joins the party with a four. Twenty runs off the over, Aust 142/6

14th over - Boult returns for his third over, Sams at the crease.

Stonis hits straight back to the bowler and Boult stops the ball, not a catch though.

The misery continues for Jamieson, who should have stopped a regulation ball, but lets it through for a boundary. Nine runs off the over, Aust 122/6

13th over - Santner to bowl out his alotment, but Stonis cuts him through point for four.

Stoinis hits and runs, but great athleticism from Santner to almost throw the stumps down from side on.

OUT Philippe, c Conway b Santner 45

Philippe tries to hit over the offside field, but chips it into an advancing Conway off the boundary.

OUT Agar, c Conway b Santner 0

Wow, didn't even have time to mention that Agar had been promoted up the order, before he holes out to Conway too.

OUT Marsh c Seifert, b Santner 0

First ball, Santner drifts one down legside and Marsh nicks it to the keeper. Three wickets in four balls in that over, and six runs, Aust 113/6

Santner finishes with 4/31 from his spell.

12th over - Sodhi for his second over, but the first ball is hit straight along the ground for four by Stoinis.

A full toss is dispatched by Stoinis for another boundary, Guptill's dive can't cut it off.

Stoinis hits straight for six. Fifteen off the over, all of them to Stonis, Aust 107/3

11th over - Santner to bowl his third.

OUT Maxwell c Sodhi, b Santner 3

Maxwell tries to reverse sweep, but succeeds in scooping it to Sodhi, as the spin twins combine.

Stoinis at the wicket now and his firepower is badly needed by Australia. Five singles and a wicket off the over, Aust 92/3

10th over - Jamieson to bowl his third, averaging 15s.

Plenty of off-pace deliveries in this over. Philippe edges one over the inner ring for two.

Philippe hits long, Williamson can't catch up with it, before it rolls into the rope for four. Eight off the over, a better one, Aust 87/2

Ninth over - Maxwell takes a single off Santner to get off the mark.

Philippe hits straight down the ground for four, but tries to sweep the next ball and barely keeps his ground.

Philippe gets under a ball that soars high, but falls safely between fielders. Nine off the over, Aust 79/2

Eighth over - Sodhi into the attack, after his four wickets at Christchurch.

Philippe cuts the second ball square and Santner can't quite gather the catch.

OUT Finch c Phillips, c Sodhi 12

Finch scoops one into the outfield, where Phillips makes a falling catch.

Six runs and a wicket off the over, Aust 70/2

Seventh over - With the power play over, Santner's spin is introduced.

Philippe steps outside leg stump and strokes the ball over long off for six.

Philippe attempts a sweep and the ball hits him on the pad. Given not out, but reviewed...

Replays show the ball bouncing over the stumps, not out.

Philippe tries to sweep the next ball and top edges it into space. Eleven runs off the over, Aust 64/1

Sixth over - Boult comes back, after an expensive first over.

Boult's last ball htis Finch on the pads and Philippe has advanced well down the pitch for a single and has to turn back. Boult can't gather the ball for a possible runout.

Just three runs off the over, Aust 53/1

Fifth over - Jamieson back for his second and his first ball is top-edged by Philippe for six. Tough result for a good ball.

Philippe flicks one behind square leg for six.

Fifteen off the over, Aust 50/1

Fourth over - Southee switches ends for his second over.

OUT Wade c Williamson, b Southee 24

Wade looks cramped and short-bats an easier catch on the circle to the NZ skipper.

Southee bowls his change-up and Philippe hits just wide of the bowler for a single. Two runs and wicket off the over, Aust 35/1

Third over - Jamieson into the attack early, but his first ball is short and Wade plays him over the keeper for four. The bowler overstepped, so it's a free hit.

The free hit is a wide, so another free hit coming...

Wade can't take advantage of the free hit, failing to connect.

Wade falls outside the offstump and laps over the keeper for six.

Wade plays through the onside, but Guptill chases and catches the ball before the boundary to save a run.

Finch scuffs a shot off the toe of his bat and it falls just wide of a fielder. Sixteen off the over, Aust 33/0

Second over - Boult with the second over, Wade pulls his first ball for four.

Boult drops one short and Wade plays him over legside for four.

Wade hits and runs a single, but the throw from Neesham is a direct hit, Finch is home.

Twelve runs off the over, Aust 17/0

First over - Southee has the ball in hand.

Wade pulls him to the boundary for a single to start the innings.

Finch is desperate for runs and swings lustily at a ball that leaves him - he misses everything.

Finch swings down fine leg for four, Aust 5/0

New Zealand 219/7 (20 overs)

Neesham 45, Jamieson 0

Australia win the toss and elect to field first

20th over - Sams to bowl the last over and is called for wide on his first ball.

Neesham laps the second over the keeper for six.

Neesham hits long for a single, conceding strike to Southee.

Southee hits straight for two and retains strike.

Southee cuts a wide delivery over point for four, justifying the faith in his batting ability.

OUT Southee run out (Wade) 6

Southee can't catch up with a wide delivery, Neesham has already run and Southee can't reach the other end before the ball, despite Sams tripping over in the process of breaking the stumps.

Last ball is a full toss, which Neesham swings high and long and into the carpark for six.

Twenty runs off the over, NZ 219/7

19th over - Kane Richardson is entrusted with his final over, he's going at 13s.

Neesham hits straight back to the bowler, who gets two hands on the ball, but can't hold it.

OUT Conway c Zampa, b K Richardson 2

Conway tries to cut to the boundary, but Zampa is running in for the catch. Difficult position for Conway today.

Santner the closer strides to the middle.

OUT Santner c Maxwell, by K Richardson 0

Santner tries to get underneath, but skies it high for Maxwell to run under the ball. Wheels are coming off the NZ innings here.

Southee is promoted above Jamieson in this situation. Only four runs and two wickets off that over, NZ 199/6

18th over - Jhye Richardson for his fourth, he's also going for 11 an over.

First two deliveries are wide outside offstump - the second is called such.

Richardson is bowling to a plan and Phillips can't catch up with a third wide delivery.

Neesham swings a full toss for four. Six runs and a wicket off the over, NZ 195/4.

OUT Phillips b J Richardson 8

Frustrated at the wide approach, Phillips moves outside offstump to lap and is bowled by one that's pitched on the stumps.

Finally, Devon Conway strides to the crease - let's see what he does at the end of an innings.

17th over - Kane Richardson to bowl his third.

Neesham flat-bats it down the ground for another six.

Phillips swings over the legside boundary for six. Fourteen off the over, NZ 189/3

16th over - Zampa to bowl his last, but he's going at 10 an over.

Neesham hits his third ball for a third six - he's batting at 600 strike rate.

Williamson cuts for two.

OUT Williamson b Zampa 53

The skipper plays around Zampa and his stumps are gone. Still, a good knock in support of his opener.

Glenn Phillips emerges ahead of Conway, so NZ have their foot on the pedal. He plays for two and just beats the throw.

Twelve runs and wicket in the over, NZ 175/3

15th over - Sams back for his third over.

Williamson runs a single for his 50 off 32 balls. Almost lost in the context of what's happening at the other end.

OUT Guptill c Stoinis, b Sams 97

Guptill tries to go long again, but is caught on the boundary just short of his century. Still, a great knock from someone who needed to produce under pressure.

Neesham is promoted up the order to hit out - and he does just that with his first ball, onto the bank for six.

Second ball, he flicks behind square for another maximum. NZ 163/2

14th over - Zampa with his third over. Guptill cuts and runs, the throw is a direct hit, but he's home.

Williamson swings to the longest boundary and clears Maxwell for six. Twelve runs off the over, NZ 149/1

13th over - Jhye Richardson back for his third over.

Williamson swings square for six. 

Guptill chips over point for four. He's into the 90s.

Fourteen off the over, NZ 137/1

12th over - Kane Richardson back into the attack - he has Australia's only wicket so far.

Williamson cuts square, but the ball is cut off at the boundary by Sams and he runs three.

Guptill takes a swish and top-edges over the keeper for six - ridiculous shot that deserved much worse. It's his day.

Guptill hits straight down the ground for six, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Next ball is a full toss, dispatched for four.

Twenty-one runs off the over, NZ 123/1

11th over - Marcus Stoinis with his first over. Williamson pulls him for two.

Williamson tries to lap over the keeper, but hits onto his shoulder and is lucky not to be caught.

Guptill plays one over his left shoulder, behind square for six. He flat-bats another down the ground for another six. Seventeen off the over, NZ 102/1 

10th over - Agar almost has Williamson caught by Finch on the cirlce with his first ball of the over.

Williamson swings the next ball over the infield for four.

The skipper skips down the pitch and dispatches Agar back over his head for six. Thirteen runs off the over, NZ 85/1

Ninth over - Sams returns with his left-armers.

Guptill guides to the fine leg boundary, but Kane Richardson prevents the four.

Sams serves up a full toss, but Guptill has only a single.

Six runs off the over, NZ 72/1

Eighth over - Jhye Richardson for his second over.

Williamson cuts through point for four.

Seven off the over, NZ 66/1

Seventh over - Zampa is the first to bowl consecutive overs.

Guptill straight six out of the ground. He rockets into the 40s.

Guptill advances and hits out of the ground again, and becomes the leading six hitter in international cricket. THAT'S why he hasn't been droped.

Guptill runs a single to bring up 50 off 27 balls. Fourteen off the over, NZ 59/1

Sixth over - Agar will be the first to bowl two overs. Williamson takes a single off the first ball.

Guptill six down the ground again - this is why they've kept him in the team.

Guptill cuts square for four and makes it look easy.

Guptill pushes for a single and almost trips over, but scrambles home. Fifteen off the over, NZ 45/1

Fifth over - Spinner Adam Zampa with his first over. His opening full toss is fended away by Williamson for a single.

Guptill plays an educated inside edge to fine leg for two.

Five off the over, NZ 30/1

Fourth over - Kane Richardson with his first over.

OUT Seifert, c Finch b Richardson 3

Seifert is cramped and lobs a flat-bat shot to Finch in the circle for an easy catch. Williamson comes to the middle.

Williamson plays late, behind the wicket for a single to get off the mark.

Guptill chips this one and it clears the infield, rolling to the boundary for four - a little streaky. Five runs and a wicket off the over, NZ 25/1

Third over - Jhye Richardson with the third over, Guptill hits over the ropes with the first ball. First six of the innings and Guppy into double figures already.

Seifert hits and runs, but has to dive to beat the throw of Maxwell. He would have made it.

Guptill hits over the bowler's head for four. Twelve off the over, NZ 20/0

Second over - Agar's spin will make an early appearance, remembering Zamps spun the second over on Tuesday.

A couple of singles off the over, NZ 8/0

First over - Attention immediately goes on Martin Guptill, who needs a score, as much for his own piece of mind as his selection chances. You could see that 'you've got to be kidding me' look on his face after his dismissal the other night.

Sams got him in the first over on Tuesday and Sams will open with the ball again.

Guptill strokes the first ball through the onside for four - phew, that was much needed. Actually similar shot to the one that got him out last time though.

Guptill blocks the fifth ball straight back down the wicket for a single.

Seifert has a single to get off the mark. Six off the over, NZ 6/0

1:49pm - Australia have won the toss again and elected to field, putting the Blackcaps into bat first.

Skipper Kane Williamson admits he would have fielded too. No changes in either side from Christchurch.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Tim Seifert (wk), Kane Williamson (c), Devon Conway, Glenn Phillips, Jimmy Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult

Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Matthew Wade (wk), Josh Philippe, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Mitchell Marsh, Daniel Sams, Ashton Agar, Jhye Richardson, Kane Richardson, Adam Zampa


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second T20 international between New Zealand and Australia at Dunedin's University Oval.

Three nights ago, the Blackcaps rallied from 19/3 with the bat to execute a 53-run victory over their trans-Tasman rivals, spearheaded by 99no off 59 balls from Devon Conway and four wickets by spin bowler Ish Sodhi.

While the result provides the ideal start to a five-match series for the home side, we must remember that the Aussies walked out of a two-week quarantine only the night before, with no match practice under their belts.

They'll be much better for the run and after today's second encounter, they have six days to get their legs back before the third.

All attention is on Blackcaps opener Martin Guptill, who is desperately short of form and was dismissed for a three-ball duck in Christchurch.

Conway has emerged as the new star of the NZ batting line-up, but the Aussies would be mistaken to focus too much on him and allow skipper Kane Williamson to have his way with their attack.

New IPL million-dollar man Kyle Jamieson came down to earth quickly too, conceding 32 runs off his three overs and struggling to find a consistent line of attack.

TAB odds: NZ $1.83, Australia $1.90

New batting star craves Blackcaps selection for Lord's

Any question marks around Devon Conway's ability to perform in international cricket have now surely been answered.

The Blackcaps batter has blasted 99 not out to singlehandedly seal an emphatic 53-run victory over Australia in their opening T20 at Christchurch.

As the side arrived in Dunedin on Tuesday, many wondered whether Conway should be in the test XI and how was he overlooked in the Indian Premier League auction?

The two national sides were welcomed by school students, a day after Conway handed out a lesson in short-format batting.

His man-of-the-match performance lifted his scoring aggregate to 273 runs at an average of 91 in just seven games.

Devon Conway in action against Australia
Devon Conway in action against Australia. Photo credit: Photosport

Conway was denied a famous maiden century... 

"Mitch Santner said to me, 'bro, we're running two no matter what', and I think realistically I hit it straight to the guy, so I was never getting back."

But he doesn't just want T20 success.

"It's been a dream of mine from a young age to play test cricket, but realistically, if you look at that test team there are no real spaces for me, which is understandable," he says.

The Blackcaps middle order is world class, with skipper Kane Williamson, Henry Nicholls and Ross Taylor all currently ranked in the top 20 of the ICC rankings.

Conway's only viable way into the current test team may be as an opener in the place of Tom Blundell.

"Whatever's best for the team, I'm happy to bat wherever that is," he says.

But Conway's game-winning ability could surely be useful in the World Test Championship final at Lord's in June.

"I'm sure he'll be on the plane to be over there," says Blackcaps all-rounder Jimmy Neesham, who shared a 47-run stand for the fifth wicket with Conway against the Aussies.

But he won't be on a plane to the IPL, after being passed over in at last week's auction.

"As far as injury replacements and that sort of thing, I'm sure he'll be near the top of the list, as far as specialist batsmen go," says Neesham.

Conway will now be top of many lists, but not yet atop the selectors' list in the longer format.