Live updates: Super Bowl 2021 - Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium

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Final Score: Buccaneers 31 Chiefs 9

Super Bowl LIV - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 (Gronkowski x2, Fournette, Brown TDs, Succop FG) bt Kansas City Chiefs 9 (Butker 3x FGs) HT - 21-6

Wrap - A masterclass from Tom Brady with the ball and the Tampa Bay defence without the ball. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs never looked like scoring a touchdown and he was constantly scrambling away from trouble. Brady was superb in the first half and pretty much flawless throughout the entire 60 minutes. Thanks for joining us. 

4Q - 00:00 - That's it - game over and Tom Brady has his seventh Super Bowl ring and Tampa Bay have their second in franchise history.

4Q - 00:38 - One snap left for the Buccs.

4Q - 1:33 - Interception - Mahomes on the run and throws a bullet pass but White gets in front of Kelce - the ball pops up and he collects the deflection.

4Q - 2:00 - 4th & 3 and Mahomes finds Robinson for a 1st down.

4Q - 2:12 - 3rd & 4 for the Chiefs ... Mahomes has never gone TD-less in a game. Williams runs for no gain. 

4Q - 2:52 - 25-yard pass for Mahomes to Hill.

4Q - 3:41 - Brady goes deep on 3rd & 5 but can't find Gronk and the Buccs will punt.

4Q - 3:51 - Buccs will try and run the clock here. 

4Q - 3:58 - Mahomes scramble - goes deep but the pass is incomplete. Winfield is called for taunting and that'ss be a 15-yard penalty, but still a turnover for the Buccs. 

4Q - 4:06 - Mahomes throws a 23-yard pass to Hill. 4th & 10.

4Q - 4:51 - Sack number three for the Buccs - Mahomes hammered by Suh. 3rd & 33.

4Q - 5:24 - 1st & 10 on the Buccs 30 and Mahomes finds Hill for a 1st down but a holding call against the Chiefs costs them all those yards. 

4Q - 6:38 - Mahomes finds Kelce again for another 12 yards.

4Q - 6:53 - Mahomes under pressure from Jason Pierre-Paul - he gets the pass away and its incomplete. Pierre-Paul is pinged for roughing the passer and that's a 15-yard penalty.

4Q - 7:51 - 36-yard pass from Mahomes to Kelce down the middle.

4Q - 8:05 - Chiefs go to work from their own 8-yard line. 

4Q - 8:12 - Brady goes deep on 3rd down but can't find Evans and the Buccs will punt.

4Q - 9:22 - Fournette runs for 8-yards - the Buccs up to halfway now. 

4Q - 11:29 - Another 1st down for Jones - Buccs up to the 35. 

4Q - 12:50 - Jones on the run and breaks a couple of tackles. 1st & 10 for the Buccs on their own 25. 

4Q - 13:00 - Mahomes breaks out of the pressure - he's on the run and somehow gets a pass away after being ankle tapped - Robinson is in the end-zone and leaps for the ball but it bounces off his face mask and falls safely. Turnover. That's the game folks. 

4Q - 13:56 - 3rd & 9 - Mahomes under pressure - he gets a pass away and almost finds Williams in the end-zone. Chiefs will go for it on 4th down. 

4Q - 14:42 - Mahomes down the middle finds Kelce - 2nd & 10 on the Buccs 10.

4Q - 15:00 - Chiefs begin the quarter snd & 10 on the Buccs 30. This is four down time for the Chiefs.

End of quarter

3Q - 00:05 - Mahomes on 1st & 10 can't find an open receiver and that'll end the 3rd quarter.

3Q - 1:07 - Mahomes finally finds Hill in open space and completes a 21-yard pass. 

3Q - 2:46 - Mahomes goes to work from the 20 - he goes deep to Kelce down field but he can't collect. There was holding back at the line of scrimmage and the Chiefs get just their second penalty of the game.

3Q - 3:30 - Kick is good for a 22-point Buccs lead. BUC 31-9

3Q - 3:33 - 3rd & 10 from the Chiefs 20 - Brady back to throw but the snap flies over his head and Succop with attempt a field goal from about 51 yards.

3Q - 4:10 - 3rd & 1 and Brady with the toss to Jones who gets enough for the first.

3Q - 5:59 - Brady from the 30 on 1st & 10 unloads to Fournette who runs 8-yards. That's 100 yards running for Fournette now. 

3Q - 6:20 - Intercept for the Buccs - Mahomes goes deep for Hill - it's tipped and Winfield JR has the intercept. This game is falling away from the defending champs. 

3Q - 6:57 - First sack of the game for the Buccs - Mahomes brought down by Shaq Barrett.

3Q - 7:41 - Pringle returns the kick to the 31.

3Q - 7:50 - TOUCHDOWN Buccaneers - Fournette finds the hole and gets to the outside for a 30-yard rushing TD. BUC 28-9

3Q - 8:16 - Brady down the middle to Gronk who is in open space and that's 25 yards for the Buccs. 

3Q - 10:05 - 3rd & 4 for the Buccs - Brady throws underneath the pass rush to Fournette who gains about 10 yards.

3Q - 11:22 - Mickens returns to the 21. Brady will go to work. Chiefs need a stop.

3Q - 11:50 - Butker drills it - that's a good start for the Chiefs. BUC 21-9

3Q - 12:08 - 3rd & 7 for Mahomes - he's on the run but breals the pocket - he throws to Kelce but the ball is dropped. 50-yard field goal attempt coming up. 

3Q - 13:30 - Draw play for Edwards-Helaire and he runs 14-yards for the first down. 

3Q - 14:40 - 26-yard run from Edwards-Helaire to open the drive. 

Second half - Here we go. The Chiefs have the ball to start the 3rd. Pringle returns to the 23. 

Half-time show coming up - The Chiefs have work to do, but they did trail by 10 in the fourth quarter against a better defence in the 49ers a year ago, so it's far from over if Mahomes can get going.

End of the first half

2:14pm - Have to say - a couple of pretty questionable calls against the Chiefs at the back-end of this quarter, but the Chiefs are making it hard for themselves. 

2Q - 00:06 - TOUCHDOWN Buccaneers: Brady finds Brown with a bullet pass and that's another TD for the Buccs. BUC 21-6

2Q - 00:10 - Penalty in the end zone against the Chiefs. Brady from the 1-yard line. 

2Q - 00:13 - 1st & goal for Brady with 13 seconds and no timeouts.

2Q - 00:36 - 1st down for the Buccs - time is running out though as the cross halfway. Brady goes deep to Mike Evans and he's tripped... pass interference against the defence. Brady from the 20.

2Q - 00:55 - Brady with one timeout and a minute on the clock. 

2Q - 1:06 - Kick is good from 25 yards and the Chiefs are within 8.  BUC 14-6

2Q - 1:22 - 3rd & 6 for Mahomes .... and the pressure comes from the Buccs defensive kingpin Barrett and Mahomes has tho throw it away. Field goal attempt coming. 

2Q - 2:30 - Mahomes on the run again ... gets to the outside then dumps a pass to Kelce over the top and he has a first down on the Buccs 19.

2Q - 3:50 - Mahomes on the run again and finds the first down with his legs this time. Up to the Buccs 29. 

2Q - 4:36 - 2nd & 8 and Mohomes is scrambling away from pressure - he throws on the run and finds Kelce. Up to the 50 now. 

2Q - 6:05 - TOUCHDOWN Buccaneers: Brady throws down the middle to Gronk who broke free and collects the ball easily to score. BUC 14-3

2Q - 6:11 - Penalty against the Chiefs on the kick for offside - the Buccs get a fresh set of downs. Huge call.

2Q - 6:20 - 3rd & 5 - Brady throws down the middle for Johnson but he can't connect. 40-yard field-goal attempt coming up. 

2Q - 8:03 - 3rd & 4 - Brady throws .... it's deflected and intercepted by Mathieu but there is a flag on the play for holding. The Buccs getting all the calls at the moment. 1st & 10 for Brady on the 30. 

2Q - 9:03 - Townsend shanks that one and only gets 20-odd yards. Brady to go to work and already in field-goal range.

2Q - 9:18 - Penalty against the Chiefs and they will have to repeat that play. Will kick from the 5 yard line this time. Buccs on top.

2Q - 9:18 - 3rd & 8 and Mahomes under pressure throws to Kelce who drops the pass. Chiefs punt and Mickens returns short to his own 31. 56 yard punt from Townsend.

2Q - 10:30 - Nice play from Mahomes to Hill gets the Chiefs out of trouble. 1st & 10 on their 15. 

2Q - 10:50 - The Chiefs come up big on defence! Jones on the run again but he is hammered ahead of the line and doesn't break the plane. Turnover on downs. Huge moment. 

2Q - 11:33 - Big stop for the Chiefs on 3rd & goal. Jones on the run but is stopped inches short. Brady will go for it on 4th. 

2Q - 13:09 - Brady throws down the middle to Evans for 31 yards. 1st & goal for the Buccs. Chiefs in trouble. 

2Q - 13:29 - The Buccs are establishing the run. Two good runs from Jones and the Bucccs have a first down. 1st & 10 on the Chiefs 40.

2Q - 14:56 - 3rd & 4 for the Chiefs and the Buccs force a Mahomes to throw a loose pass - he's lucky not to turn it over. Chiefs punt and the Buccs will resume from their own 30.

End of quarter: Buccaneers 7 Chiefs 3

1Q - 0:30 - Great return from Pringle and the Chiefs begin from their 35.

1Q - 0.37 - TOUCHDOWN Buccaneers - 1st & goal and Brady throws to Gronkowski who collects, turns and runs 5 yards to score the opening touchdown. Buc 7-3

1Q - 1:42 - Great run from Fournette as he breaks a few tackles and goes 13 yards for the first down. 

1Q - 2:38 - 16-yard throw from Brady to Brown on the first. Buccs rolling now. On the Chiefs 24. 

1Q - 3:14 - A holding call on Chiefs corner Bashaud Breeland and the Buccs get a fresh set. 

1Q - 3:50 - 3rd & 1 and Fournette runs for the first down. Five yard gain. 

1Q - 5:06 - Brady will go to work from his own 20. 

1Q - 5:09 - Harrison Butker nails a 49-yard attempt to open the scoring. CHI 3-0

1Q - 5:14 - Mahomes throws deep but it's incomplete. Chiefs will go for three. 

1Q - 5:56 - Good defensive play for the Buccs. Edwards-Helaire stopped for a loss of two yards. 3rd & 11 or the Chiefs. 

1Q - 6:06 - 1st & 10 - Flag thrown - free play for Mahomes. He throws big into the end zone, but it's battered away by a Buccs defender.

1Q - 7:15 - 1st & 10 and Mahomes breaks out of the pocket and runs for a first down. Chiefs up to the Buccs 40. 

1Q - 8:53 - Tyreek Hill runs for the first time on a reverse - gets three yards.

1Q - 9:11 - 3rd & 8 for Brady - the pocket collapses and he is sacked by two Chiefs defenders. Frank Clark credited with the sack. 4th & 14 and the Bucks punt. Bounces out on the Chiefs 42. 

1Q - 11:09 - Big run from tailback Ronald Jones. He goes for 13. 

1Q - 11:24 - Kick is too long and will be a touchback. Brady to go to work from his own 20. 

1Q - 11:29 - Mahomes goes deep on 3rd & 9 but he overthrows and the Chiefs will punt.

1Q - 12:41 - Mahomes runs on 3rd & 6 and makes the first down marker.

1Q - 13:43 - Three and out for the Buccs - Brady with an incomplete 5 yard pass on the third. Buccs punt ..... downed by the Buccs at the Chiefs 33.

1st quarter - Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker kicks and it's returned to the 25.

12:34pm - The Chiefs have won the toss and will kickoff - Brady to have the ball first.

12:29pm - Coin toss coming up - you'd think both sides would want the ball first.

12:27pm - The Chiefs can be the first side since the Patriots in the mid 2000s to go back-to-back. 

12:20pm - Brady shooting for his seventh ring today, and to emulate old foe Peyton Manning as the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams. 

12:14pm - Both teams out on the field as we prepare for kickoff. Coin toss and anthem to come. 

11:56am - A few cardboard celebs in attendance today.

11:51: So the going rate for an advertisement during the game? A cool $NZ7million. 

11:47am - Check out our very own Luke Robinson's preview of Super Bowl LV.

11:30am - About an hour from kickoff in Tampa - looks to be a pretty nice evening so expect dry conditions for the big game.

Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of NFL's Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Raymond James Stadium. 

No question the two best teams in the league will battle out in Tampa for the famed Vince Lombardi Trophy.

While the Buccaneers finished second in their division (11-5), seven straight wins has seen them earn a spot in a home Super Bowl - the first time that has happened in history.

The defending champion Chiefs finished with the best regular-season record in the league (14-2) and have coasted through the playoffs off the back of the offensive prowess of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But the Buccaneers have a bloke called Tom Brady - a six-time Super Bowl champion - so the matchup against Mahomes is mouthwatering.

NZ TAB odds:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $2.30, Kansas City Chiefs $1.56

Super Bowl MVP odds:
Patrick Mahomes $1.91, Tom Brady $2.90, Tyreek Hill $13.00, Travis Kelce $14.00

Super Bowl 2021 preview by Luke Robinson

OPINION: Super Bowl 2021 will take place at Raymond Jones Stadium, in Tampa, Florida on Monday, February 8 (NZT) and it’s set to be a high-tempo match between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The storyline is the polar opposite - the hottest team over the past three seasons, up against the team that has been the laughing stock of American sports, holding the lowest ever winning percentage as a franchise, nicknamed the 'Suckaneers'. 

But that narrative changed when they signed iconic quarterback Tom Brady, who, alongside a stacked receiving core and a talented defence, finds himself in a tenth Super Bowl. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs 
Monday 12:30pm (NZT)

This year's Super Bowl matches up the 'Greatest Of All Time' (G.O.A.T) in Tom Brady, and his incumbent, Patrick Mahomes. The result? The most exciting Super Bowl in years.

Brady, boasting a record six Super Bowl titles with his 20 years at the Patriots; Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl champion and MVP, at just 25. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are headlined by Mahomes, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and star tight end Travis Kelce, who will go up against Brady, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski. 

But Brady has a few more weapons at his disposal, with the likes of Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller and of course, the unpredictable Antonio Brown. 

Despite the narrative that it’s Brady v Mahomes, it’s not quite that simple. , The big battle will be the Buccaneers defensive pass rush v Mahomes and his offensive line.

If the likes of defensive kingpins Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul can get to Mahomes, this game will be very competitive and will swing the way of Tampa Bay.

If your looking for a smokey prediction look no further than Barrett to win the Most Valuable Player. 

What makes things interesting is the Chiefs have lost two starting tackles to injury - in other words, two players who protect Mahomes, including Eric Fisher (former No.1 draft pick), who is a massive loss.  

The Buccaneers are the best team in the league at stopping the run, while the Chiefs are towards the bottom half, so expect the running game to be negated when the Chiefs have the ball.

That will put serious pressure on Mahomes, who will need to throw more than he has all season.

On the flip side, expect Bucks running back Leonard Fournette to beast this game against a wounded Chiefs defence. 

These two teams matched up in the regular season, with Tyreek Hill going for over 200 yards in the first quarter alone.

That will not happen this game - the Bucks will put double coverage on him and force Mahomes to find other areas of attack. 

The Buccaneers are undefeated since that 27-24 loss to the Chiefs winning seven straight, including three road playoff games to earn a home Super Bowl - a first in the NFL. 

Overall, expect this game to be a mixture of the Chiefs’ high-flying offence mixed with some tough defence from the Buccaneers and a sprinkle of Brady brilliance downfield to his wide receiving core. 

How the Chiefs win this game: Mahomes gets time in the pocket to throw deep to Hill and through the middle to Kelce.

That will open up the Chiefs running game, meaning a long night for the Buccaneers defence. 

How the Buccaneers win this game: Barrett and Pierre-Paul are able to cause a ruckus through the middle and pressure Mahomes.

Win a couple of sacks on the defensive end, turn the ball over and then Brady needs to protect the ball

He threw three interceptions against the Packers last time out; that can’t happen in this match. If the Bucks are able to pressure Mahomes and Brady limits his interceptions to zero, then Tampa Bay will be the Super Bowl champions. 

Brady has six Super Bowl rings, and all six have come with game-winning drives; I expect this to be no different.

Prediction: Buccaneers 27 - 24 Chiefs.