Live updates: NRL pre-season - Indigenous All Stars v Māori All Stars

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Final score: Māori All Stars 10  Indigenous All Stars 10

Fulltime - Nothing dramatic at the end - we have a draw. Weird feeling for the players who really gave it their all.

19mins - No golden point in this match. Herbert kicks off - long and the IAS have 40-odd seconds to do something.

18mins - Penalty for the IAS right in front of the posts and they will even the match up here. 10-10

17mins - Luai kicks early but way to much on it and that's out on the full. Here come the IAS.

15mins - Marshall kicks on the last for Nikoll-Klokstad - he almost gets there but Wightion collects - he is tackled and that'll be a line dropout. Short from Mitchell and Ferguson pulls it in, Big play.

12mins - The Indigenous throwing everything at the MAS, but the defence is holding at this point. Scrum for the Maori 30m out from the Indigenous tryline.

9mins - Luke on the last from dummy-half on the last but he is wrapped up and that will be a change over.

6mins - Wighton kicks on tackle five but he shanks it over the sideline on the full.

4mins - Try Indigenous All Stars: Alex Johnston - Short side play - Mitchell to the line and grubbers for Johnston who collects and dives over in a heany tackle from Herbert. Mitchell nails it from the sideline. MAS 10-8

3mins - Knock on from Herbert - chance for the Indigenous 30m out.

1min - Mitchell and Walker combine to create space down the left - Thompson kicks ahead but it's a muffed kick and it's cleaned up by the Maori.

Kick-off - Patrick Herbert gets the game back underway, 

Fourth quarter 

End of third quarter 

19mins - Peachey is marched for 10mins for a stupid play. Prevents Nikoll-Klokstad from taking an early tap.

18mins - Repeat set for the Indigenous - lovely grubber from Walker. Herbert is there but there is no where to go and he is tackled in the in goal.

17mins - Marshall kicks on the last crossfield but Manu can't gather the ball - seven-tackle set for the IAS.

15mins - MAS straight back on attack - 20m out.

13mins - Try Maori All Stars: Dallin Watene-Zelezniak - Intercept! Fogarty comes accross the field and throws a cutout pass - Joseph Manu plucks it out and is away .... Ferguson chasing and 10m out Manu offloads to his skipper he crosses the line. Herbert hooks the conversion. MAS 10-2

9mins - Try Maori All Stars: Jordan Riki - What a pass from Marshall. Short pass to a storming Riki who breaks several tackles and crashes over in a bundle of players to score. Herbert converts. MAS 6-2

8mins - Luai kicks high on the last ... Ferguson is back-tracking and in trouble but he bats the ball into touch, 

5mins - Lovely kick on the last by Johnstone ... Walker forces the ball dead. The IAS starting to get into their grove.

1min - Great set by the IAS and Walker grubers on the last ... Nikoll-Klokstad does well to tidy that up and get back into the field of play.

Kick-off - Here we go for the third section of 20 minutes .... The IAS will have the ball first.

3rd quarter


19mins - Joey Manu from dummy-half on tackle goes close but he's lost the ball and that will end the first half.

18mins - The MAS attacking from the 20 after a penalty.

17mins - Walker kicks on the last but his namesake Dylan Walker takes the high ball with ease.

16mins - 10 in the bin for Musgrove - don't know about that call but it was a poor tackling decision.

15mins - Musgrove with a heavy tackle - could be a shoulder charge. Video ref is taking a look. 

14mins - Repeat set for the Maori. Razzle dazzle final  tackle play ... Masters kicks on the last and Ferguson bats the ball dead.

10mins - Mitchell darts down the shortside on tackle four 30m out but his flick pass has to much heat on it and Johnstone fumbles over the sideline.

9mins - MAS back on attack after a mistake from Ferguson, but Manu coughs the ball up on tackle two. Wighton has been epic on defence.

6mins - Another mistake for the MAS. Musgrove with the loose carry this time just 5m out. Cheap turnovers galore by the Maori tonight. 

5mins - Penalty for the Maori. Hand on the ball in the tackle. Marshall finds touch on the 40.

3mins - Lattrell Mitchell knocks the ball on on tackle two.

2mins - Crazy kick on the last tackle .... awful bounce for Nicoll-Klokstad and Fifita kicks ahead....Watene-Zelezniak recovers and forces the ball. Line dropout.

1min - MAS have the ball to start the quarter. Marshall kicks on tackle five from halfway - finds Mitchell on the 20 and he runs back to the 30.

Second quarter 

End of 1st quarter 

20mins - Penalty gial Indigenous: Fogarty makes no mistake. IAS 2-0.

19mins - Penalty right in front of the sticks for the IAS. Fogarty taken out after kicking and the Indigenous will kick for two points to end the quarter.

17mins - The MAS have another chance here - several set restarts tonight so far. That's a real feature of the new rule. Luke knocks on 2m out on tackle three and that is another chance wasted.

15mins - Great defence again from the IAS. Ferguson and a few others force Riki over the sideline to stop that attack.

14mins - Penalty against Wighton for taking out a runner on a Marshall grubber. Tap 20m out.

13mins - Bit of biff as Cody Walker lays a cheap shot on on Watene-Zelezniak and that's a penalty against the IAS.

12mins - Cody Walker cops a big hit from Patrick Herbert and knocks the ball on in contact. Scrum for the Maori on their own 20.

10mins - Tackle four and there is an overlasp to the left - Luai throws a stinging cutout pass but it finds the ground instead of Herbert and bounces out of play.

9mins - Benji Marshall throws a forward pass to Tapine - no it's ruled a knock down by Fifita and that's a fresh set for the MAS.

8mins - MAS on to the attack as Ferguson spills a high ball.

7mins - Quite a few new rules to get my head around. No more scrums from the ball going into touch. It's now a tap restart from the 10, 20 or centre field. Also, restart sets can now occur on offside play as well as ruck infringements. 

6mins - Dylan Walker forced over the sideline in tackle three and that's a waste by the Maori.

5mins - First penalty of the match.Hand on the ball in the tackle. MAS on the attack.

3mins - Backline move on the final tackle and Herbert crosses the lne but Dylan Walker's pass was forward. Playing four quarters tonight FYI.

1min - Hitups from Fisher-Harris, Tapine, Packer and Riki and Marshall kicks and finds Mitchell on the 30 - he offloads to Wighton who knocks the ball on. Scrum for the MAS on the attacking 30.

Kick-off - No Melbourne Storm players in action tonight which is a shame - but we play on and it's Mitchell who gets the game underway for the IAS.

10:14pm - And just as stirring from the IAS. Both sides now ready for 80 minutes of rugby league.

10:08pm - That was the most stirring haka I have ever seen at a sporting event. The Indigenous now with their reply.

10:07pm - This is truly spine tingling stuff.

10:05pm - Respective war cry's to follow. The Maori haka is first - led by Benji Marshall - chills.

10:03pm - A 'Welcome to Country' to start the pre-match.

10:02pm - The Maori All Stars have made their way out followed by the Indigenous side.

9:50pm - Not to far away from a start in Queensland. A bit of rain about tonight,

Kia ora rugby league fans and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the traditional NRL pre-season opener.

The Indigenous All Stars and Māori All Stars clash at Queensland's Country Bank Stadium.

There have been several changes to the original squads named last month because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, but two very talented sides are set to tackle the park just after 10pm tonight. 


Indigenous All Stars: 1-Latrell Mitchell, 2-Blake Ferguson, 3-Jack Wighton, 4-Jesse Ramien, 5-Alex Johnston, 6-Cody Walker, 7-Jamal Fogarty, 8-Andrew Fifita, 9-Reuben Cotter, 10-Josh Kerr, 11-David Fifita, 12-Tyrell Fuimaono, 13-Tyrone Peachey 

Reserves: 14-Corey Thompson, 15-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 16-Cade Cust, 17.-Chris Smith, 18-Zac Saddler, 19-Josh Curran, 20-Brian Kelly

Māori All Stars: 1-Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 2-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 3-Joey Manu,​ 4-Dylan Walker, 5-Patrick Herbert, 6-Jarome Luai, 7-Benji Marshall, 8-Russell Packe, 9-Jeremy Marshall-King, 10-James Fisher-Harris, 11-Briton Nikora, 12-Jordan Riki, 13-Joseph Tapine, 14-Issac Luke, 15-Emry Pere, 16-Zane Musgrove, 17-Jackson Topine, 18-Esan Marsters, 19-Bailey Simonsson, 20-Daejarn Asi

TAB Odds: Indigenous All Stars - $1.47, Maori All Stars - $2.60