Super Bowl 2021: NFL commissioner Roger Goddell questions diversity of coach recruitment

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not satisfied with this year's head coaching hiring cycle, a year after he pledged to increase diversity in the role.

Just one of the league's vacant head coaching positions has gone to a diverse candidate this year, with the New York Jets hiring former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. The league unveiled a plan in November to boost diversity among head coaches and executive staff.

"It wasn't what we expected and it's not what we expect going forward," Goodell has told reporters at his annual 'State of the League' news conference before Monday's (NZ time) Super Bowl between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa, Florida.

"For us, we want to continue to look and see what went right, what went wrong," he adds. "That has to happen with individual discussions with candidates - both successful and unsuccessful candidates - the clubs, and try to understand exactly what went right and what went wrong.

"They're not the outcomes we wanted."

Among notable snubs during the hiring cycle - an annual period during which low-performing teams look to appoint new leadership, was Eric Bieniemy - the Chiefs' offensive coordinator, who has now led the team to two consecutive Super Bowls and was once seen as a prime candidate to pick up a head coaching job.

Head coach Andy Reid has told reporters he's "curious" to know why Bieniemy, who is Black, was passed over.

"This guy doesn't miss a beat," says Reid. "So I don't understand everything.

"I'm not an owner, I don't sit in those meetings to interview head coaches, but I would just tell you that whoever gets him, whenever they get him, will be very, very lucky."


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