Tokyo Olympics 2021: Kiwi athletes react to stringent new Olympics 'playbook'

The International Olympic Committee has unveiled its 'playbook' aimed to keep the Tokyo Olympics safe amid the global pandemic on Thursday.

It includes a list of stringent rules that have some of New Zealand's top Olympians asking plenty of questions.

The playbook states athletes and officials should not use public transport without permission, and asks them to wear face masks at "all times" during the event, except when eating or sleeping.

"It's going to be really tough to police 15,000 athletes," insists NZ great Dame Valerie Adams. "That's all I can say."

Perhaps the most glaring change in the Games' appearance could stem from the new edict of supporting athletes by clapping, rather than singing or chanting.

"That's probabaly one of the hardest protocols to follow because you can watch something spectacular and there's nothing that can stop you from jumping up," says Black Sticks keeper Grace O'Hanlan.

Shotput ace Tom Walsh agrees.

"I also like I let out a big grunt and I'm not going to stop myself from doing that too," Walsh notes.

Athletes can also expect to get used to stringent and frequent testing, with a minimum of a test every four days.

"I don't really fancy people shoving shit up my nose every four days, but again, you better get used to it," says Dame Valerie.

That reluctant acceptance seems to be the trend from the NZ athletes, who are generally happy to do whatever it takes to not miss their shot at gold.

"I'm willing to do anything to make the Olympics go ahead," says Walsh.

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