Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh, First T20 from Hamilton

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Blackcaps 210/3 (Conway 92no, Young 53, Guptill 35, Nasum 2/30)                                    Bangladesh 144/8 (Afif 45, Saif Uddin 34no, Sodhi 4/28, Ferguson 2/25) 

Result: New Zealand win by 66 runs

Wrap: The Blackcaps have continued their red hot run of form with another impressive victory. The star of the show with the bat was Devon Conway who top scored with a stylish 92 not out but he was helped out by debutant Will Young who chipped in with 53.

With the ball, Ish Shodhi continued his impressive summer with another four wicket haul to rip through the Tigers batting order and extended the visitors losing streak in New Zealand to 30 matches. The two sides now head to Napier to the second of three T20s. 

20 overs - Mitchell to finish

Saifuddin starts with a six over long-on, where's this been? Backs away and heaves, but can't reach the second ball.

Swing and a miss for the third. Slower ball from Mitchell with the fourth, no run. Swing and a miss with ball five. One to come and then we're done.

Saifuddin will finish with a boundary, he swipes one over third man. But it's too little, too late.

19 overs - Bennett for his last over

Wicket! And he starts with a wicket! Shoriful continues to throw the kitchen sink at everything. He skies a ball towards point, where Guptill somehow runs back to take the diving catch! Outstanding.

Nasum is the new batsman. Saifuddin on strike, he drives dead straight and breaks the stumps, saving a boundary.

Bennett follows up with a yorker, no run. Same ball with the fourth of the over, Saifuddin keeps it out. Full toss, Saifuddin gets one. Nasum edges the last ball of the over, but it drops short of third man.

One run and the wicket from the over.

18 overs - Southee back to finish his spell

Slower ball to start, Saifuddin goes down the ground for one. Shoriful backs away and swipes at the second ball. Southee and Conway appeal for caught behind, but the umpire says not out. Southee reviews. 

Oh no. Shoriful hasn't got anywhere near it. Not out stands. Shoriful follows up by swinging wildly, clobbering four through cover. First international runs for Shoriful.

Southee goes to a bouncer next up, Shoriful backs away and heaves, but the ball goes over his head. Calle wide. Full ball from Southee, Shoriful fires one straight back to the bowler - who drops the catch! Tough chance, but they all count. Southee's hurt too, he's getting treatment on his finger.

Running repairs completed, before Shoriful swings (again) and gets a single to the off-side. Bangladesh now need to hit every ball for six if they're going to win.

They won't though, Southee's final ball is hit wide of mid-off for four more.

Eleven runs from the over.


17 overs - Ferguson comes back for his last over

Goes for the yorker to Saifuddin, who digs it out for one. Follows up with a full toss to Afif, who steers it to Guptill at point. 

Ferguson goes back to the yorker, but Afif lifts him down the ground for four! Great shot. 

Wicket! Ferguson gets him next ball. He goes to another yorker, Afif backs away and loses his stumps. Bowled for 45 from 33. Good innings, just not enough.

Shoriful Islam is the new man, in on debut. 

Ferguson goes short, but the 19-year-old backs away. No run. One ball left in Ferguson's spell. No run, Shoriful drives to Guptill at point.

Five runs and the wicket from the over.

16 overs - Southee brings himself on

Saifuddin charges him, but misses. Southee goes to length, Saifuddin gets one into the leg side.

Afif on strike, swipes across the line but can't connect on the third ball. Southee sends down a bouncer, Afif can' reach it, called wide.

Southee goes to length again, Afif cracks one to cover, no run. Slower ball, Afif gets a single to long-on.

Another slower ball, Saifuddin gets a single to cover.

Four from the over. Bangladesh need 94 from 24 balls.

15 overs - Bennett's back

Starts with length, Afif gets one down to third man. Saifuddin punches square for one more. Afif flat bats one down to Southee at mid-off, slight mix up, but no run.

Afif gets down and tries to ramp Bennett, but misses the ball. Two to come.

Full toss from Bennett, Afif gets one to point. Saifuddin gives Bennett the charge, but gets cramped up and can only get a single.

Four runs from the over.

14 overs - Mitchell gets a crack with the ball

Opens with a slower ball, Saifuddin gets one to point. Mitchell goes wide at Afif, he cuts and beats Ferguson at point, four runs.

Afif gets another single, hits to Phillips at cover. Length ball next up, Saifuddin gets a leg bye.

Mitchell goes short to Afif - but he's not quick enough to trouble the batsman. Afif pulls him out to midwicket for four more. Another short ball from Mitchell, another pull shot from Afif, and that's the 50 run stand.

Twelve runs from the over. 

13 overs - Ferguson replaces Phillips

Starts with a slower ball to Afif, who gets the edge but there's no pace through to Conway behind the stumps. Follows up with a short ball, Afif pulls through midwicket where Mitchell saves the boundary.

Ferguson goes to length, Afif gets a single out to deep point. Three to come. Short ball, Saiffudin pulls and gets back for two. 

Short ball from Ferguson, and Saifuddin does well to get out of the way. One to come. Saifuddin turns a slower ball into leg for a single.

Six from the over.

12 overs - Sodhi to bowl out

Here we go, Sodhi's got six balls to get a five-for. He goes short to Afif, who goes back and pulls for one. Saifuddin on strike. Sodhi tosses one up, Saifuddin goes down the ground, but doesn't time it. The ball bounces just short of Mitchell at long-off.

Afif dabs one to short third man for a single. Saifuddin on strike, Sodhi dishes up a half-tracker that's send through midwicket for four. 

Wide ball to follow, before Saifuddin carves ball five to point for one more. Sodhi has one ball left, can he get five?

He can't. One last wrong-un, but Afif hits to cover for one more. Sodhi finishes with his equal-best figures of 4/28 from his day's work.

Ten from the over.

11 overs - Phillips comes into the attack

Starts with a short ball, Saifuddin goes back to pull a single. Afif clips one off his pads for one more. Phillips sends one down leg, and Bangladesh get two wides. Afif drives out to cover for a single. 

Phillips sends down a half-tracker, but Saifuddin hits it straight to the man at cover. Phillips closes out with two dots, big appeal - from the bowler only - for lbw, but the umpire isn't interested. NZ review, but the ball's not troubling the stumps.

Five runs from the over.

10 overs - Sodhi to continue

Afif works him for one down to long-on. Second ball is tossed up back in towards Saiffudin, who defends. Saifuddin cuts to point to get off the mark.

Fourth ball is in the slot, and Afif hits with the spin to send Sodhi over the ropes for six - decent hit at 91 metres.

How does Sodhi come back? Wrong-un, that Afif reverse-sweeps for a single. One ball left in the over, Saifuddin turns one into leg for a single.

Ten from the over. At the halfway point of the innings, Bangladeh need 135 runs from the last 60 balls.

9 overs - Ferguson returns

Starts with a full toss to Afif that he carves straight to Guptill at point, but he's dropped it!

Second ball is defended, before Ferguson comes around the wicket, defended again. Ferguson goes short at Afif, who pulls into a gap for two runs.

Ferguson comes back over the wicket, and goes full at Afif, who flicks him through midwicket for four. One to come, Ferguson goes short again, Afif pulls straight for a run to mid-on.

Seven runs from the over.

8 overs - Sodhi stays on

Sodhi goes full, Mahmudullah goes inside out for four runs over cover. He drives through cover again, and gets two more. 

Dot ball from Sodhi, slightly shorter that catches Mahmudullah off-guard. He dabs to third man, but no run.

Wicket! Sodhi gets another one! Sodhi sends down a top-spinner, Mahmudullah plays for the spin - only there isn't any. The ball takes the edge back onto the stumps. Sodhi has three as Mahmudullah goes for 11.

Mahedi in at seven. Two balls left in the over. 

Wicket! Same ball that got Mahmudullah. Mahedi plays it so late, that he ends up just gliding the ball onto the stumps. First ball duck for Mahedi, Sodhi's on a hat-trick.

Here we go. Everyone around the bat. Saifuddin the new batsman. He survives.

Six runs and two wickets from the over.

7 overs - Chapman given a chance to bowl

Mahmudullah goes back and gets one out to midwicket. Stays around the wicket to the left-handed Afif. He goes wide and Afif gets the toe of the bat on the ball to pinch a single.

Mahmudullah plays back again, and gets two runs out into the leg side. Mahmudullah goes down and ramps him for one run.

Last ball, and Afif edges for four more. Nine from the over.

6 overs - Sodhi comes in to bowl the last over of the power play

Mithun tries to heave Sodhi away, but mistimes one for a single. Soumya on strike, and drives straight to Mitchell at cover.

Sodhi goes full on leg stump, Soumya turns to midwicket but there's no run. 

Wicket! Sodhi goes with the wrong-un, Soumya tries to turn it away, but gets the leading edge. The bowler dives to his left and pulls off the caught and bowled with one hand! Soumya goes for five.

Mahmudullah comes in at five. Two balls to come. Sodhi goes short, Mahmudullah rocks back and pulls him out for one. 

Wicket! Another wicket to finish as Sodhi gets Mithun with another wrong-un. Mithun plays all around it and loses his middle stump. 

Two runs and two wickets from the over.

5 overs - Lockie Ferguson comes into the attack

NZ's fastest bowler is welcomed back to international cricket as Naim clubs him back over his head for four more! 

Wicket! Lockie gets him next ball though! He goes full, straight, and fast and Naim can't get near it. Naim's hit on the pads right in front of the stumps, and the umpire doesn't wait to give it out. Naim goes, lbw for an attractive 27.

Mohammad Mithun comes in at four. Ferguson goes full and straight again, and Mithun nearly chops on. Ferguson doesn't relent. He beats Mithun for pace and strikes him high on the pad. No run.

Short ball from Ferguson, and Mithun pulls into the deep for two. One ball left, Mithun cuts to third man for a single.

Seven runs and a wicket from the over.

4 overs - Bennett continues

His first ball is hit through cover for four more by Naim - who's looking in decent touch today.

Bennett comes back with a dot ball second up, before Naim steers one out to point. Allen tries to save the boundary, and does well, just the two runs.

Naim works one to mid-on, where Ferguson fields. One run. 

Soumya on strike, and he late cuts for one. Naim gets one out to cover to finish the over.

Nine runs scored.

3 overs - Southee carries on

Slight shape away from the right handed Das, but the batsman defends, no run. 

Das goes back next ball and swings Southee over the leg side for four! 

Wicket! Southee has the last laugh though, length ball that isn't there for Das to pull. He skies a chance where Sodhi does well to take the catch moving back from mid-on. Das falls for four.

Soumya Sarkar is the new batsman, but Naim's on strike. Southee goes wide and is called. Naim takes a single next ball, Sarkar will face up for the first time.

Soumya creams Southee through cover for four! Great shot. One ball left in the over, and there's no run as Soumya swipes across the line but can't connect.

Ten runs and a wicket from the over.

2 overs - Hamish Bennett with the new ball from the other end

Bennett goes short to Naim first up, and the batsman rocks back to pull over square leg for a boundary.

Good comeback from Bennett though, as Naim gets an inside edge onto his pad, no run. Third ball is hit to Allen at backward point, no run. 

Naim drives to mid-off for one, and brings Liton Das onto strike for the first time. Bennett goes full, Das tries to make room and pushes to mid-on, no run though.

Bennett goes down leg looking for the yorker, wide called. Slower ball to finish, beats Das but they get a leg bye.

Seven from the over.

1 over - Southee to begin

Streaky boundary to start from the left hander! He gets a thick outside edge past point.

Similar ball second up from Southee, but this time Naim finds the fielder. Four more next up, Southee dishes up a full toss and Naim goes through cover-point for a boundary.

Dot ball from Southee, before he gets the fifth ball to shape back towards the left hander, Naim defends. Naim works into leg for a single to finish.

Nine from the over.


Bangladesh's openers are out there, captain Southee will take the ball, Mohammad Naim on strike.

NZ 210/3 - Conway 92, Phillips 24

20 overs - Mustafizur to close out the innings

Phillips on strike, Mustafizur goes wide and gets called for it, extra run for the Blackcaps.

Mustafizur goes full, but Phillips gets enough bat on it to fly over third man for four. Full toss third ball, and Phillips slashes past backward point for four more. Mustafizur's really not bowling to his field here.

Full toss to Phillips, who swings it out to deep cover, and brings up NZ's 200!

Three balls left, Conway on strike, 18 away from a century. Three to come, and Conway scoops between the keeper and third man for four! Mustafizur goes full, and Conway clubs him for four more and brings up the fifty partnership with Phillips! It's taken just 19 balls.

Final ball of the innings, Mustafizur finally lands his yorker, but Conway gets two - he'll finish 92 not out. Twenty from the last over.

New Zealand finish with 210/3 from their 20 overs.

19 overs - Saifuddin back to finish

Conway gets one more out to deep point. Phillips back on strike, and clearly in the mood to do some damage. He smashes one out to long-off, where Sarkar can't hang on to the catch.

Conway back on strike, and he swipes one through midwicket for four more. If that was good - the next one is even better! Conway gets down on one knee and sends the ball over point for six more!

Saifuddin does well in his comeback though, sending down a leg stump yorker that Conway can't get anything on. Last ball, and Conway flicks it out to midwicket for two more. 

Fourteen more from the over.

18 overs - Shoriful with his last over

Dot ball first up to Phillips, before he gets two with a skied shot that lands in a gap. Shoriful goes full, but Phillips digs it out and runs two after some good work on the boundary from Mahmudullah. 

Shoriful sends down a slower ball, but Phillips rocks back and puts him over square leg and onto the roof for six more! Phillips goes for a huge drive but can't connect with the next ball.

One to come, and Phillips goes over cover for another boundary! Fourteen from the over.

17 overs - Mahedi to finish

Young gets an edge down to third man for four, and he gets fifty on debut! It comes from 28 balls with four sixes and two boundaries.

Young rotates the strike, before Conway sends one into the crowd for six more to bring up the 100-run partnership!

Mahedi comes back well, but Conway gets one to point.

Wicket! Young looks for the boundary, but can only find Afif Hasan at deep midwicket. Young departs for 53 from 30 balls, great knock on debut.

Glenn Phillips comes in at five, how much damage can he do? One ball left in the over, but Conway will be on strike. Conway cuts for four more, 16 runs and a wicket from the over.

16 overs - Mustafizur's back

Young gets one run to midwicket, they look for two but don't risk it. Conway advances at the second ball, but can't time it. They get another run.

Young goes high, and gets six more over long-on! Single to follow, Young pulls to midwicket. 

Two balls left in the over. Conway on strike, and he cuts for four! Mustafizur finishes with a yorker. Good over, 13 runs scored.

15 overs - Nasum to finish his spell

Conway on strike, he heaves across the line and is lucky not to drag back on. They get one though.

Young pulls to the leg side fence for another single. Conway pulls to midwicket, and they'll run another single. Young works another single out to deep point. 

Conway rocks back and looks to pull over fine leg for six, but he's holed out! Or has he? We'll check upstairs. The fielder's taken the catch cleanly, but there's doubt over whether he's stepped on the rope. 

The third umpire says not out, which means six runs, and another fifty for Conway! 

This one taking 38 balls with six fours and one six. Conway gets a single to finish, 10 runs from the over

14 overs - Saifuddin comes back for his third over

Young drives through cover for a boundary - textbook. Young swipes across the line and drags the ball to long-on for a single. The batsmen look like they're going to attack from here.

Conway on strike, he drives to cover but there's a mix up! Conway makes his ground at the non-striker's end. 

Young answers with another six, this one over deep midwicket. He gets one more to mid-on to follow up. Last ball of the over, and Conway drives to long-on for a single - 14 from the over.

13 overs - Mahedi to bowl

Young drives out to cover, the fielder saves a boundary, but they get two to raise the 50-run partnership. Young drives to long-on for one more. Conway sweeps to midwicket for one more. 

Young cuts to deep cover for one more. Mahedi goes full to Conway, who keeps it out but can't take a run to cover. Conway sweeps the last ball of the over, and they'll run two more to finish.

Seven runs from it. 

12 overs - Mustafizur's back

Young on strike, first ball is a leading edge that's lucky not to balloon back to the bowler, but the batsmen run a single. Conway can't time his drive, and gets one to cover. 

Young hits back by lofting Mustafizur over long-on with a beautiful swing of the arms. Six more. Young follows up with another single out to cover to bring up NZ's 100. 

Conway inside edges a ball to fine leg, he gets one more. Young finishes with one more down the ground. Eleven from the over.

11 overs - Mahedi continues

Young gets one from the first ball, before Conway can't beat the man at cover. He swipes one out towards deep point with the third ball, and gets a single. Young plays and misses at a wide ball, and again with the fifth. Das appeals for caught behind, but the umpire says no.

One run to finish. Three from the over, a good one for Bangladesh.

10 overs - Shoriful continues

Conway gets one to square leg. Young on strike, and he lofts Shoriful over long-off for six! Classy shot.

Shoriful goes straighter, and Young gets a single behind square leg. Conway turns another one into the leg side for one more. Young gets one more, flicked to midwicket. 

Conway finishes with a boundary, flicked past the man at square leg. Fourteen from the over as we reach the halfway stage of the innings.

9 overs - Mahedi into the attack

Conway rocks back and reverse-sweeps for four. He turns one to midwicket for a single next ball. Young on strike, can't get the ball away though, defending back to Mahedi. 

Young cuts out to cover for a single. Orthodox sweep from Conway this time, and he gets four more. Takes a single off the last, puched to long on. Twelve from the over.

8 overs - Shoriful comes back.

First ball is short, Conway pulls for four. Conway cuts the second ball for a single. 

Young to face his first ball. He pulls for a single to open his account. Conway gets another single into the leg side. Young pushes one to mid-off for one more. Conway gets a single from the last. Nine from the over.

7 overs - Nasum's back.

The field's out after the powerplay. Guptill gets one to backward point. Conway pulls to deep-backward square for another single - that brings up NZ's 50.

Guptill gets another single to cover, and that's the 50-stand between him and Conway too. Wide down leg to Conway, before turning one out towards midwicket for one more. 

Wicket: Guptill charges, and he holes out to long-off. He goes for 35 from 27. Soumya takes the catch. 

Will Young is the new batsman, on his T20 debut. Conway gets one to finish the over, six runs and a wicket from it.

6 overs - Saifuddin returns.

Last over of the powerplay. He starts with a yorker down the leg side to the left hander - wide called. Goes wide again second up - this could be a costly over for Bangladesh here.

Good comeback from the bowler, full ball that Conway drives straight back for no run. 

Conway drives straight again, but only as far as the man at mid-off - who hits the stumps! Conway's made his ground though, but a good effort nonetheless.

Guptill on strike, drives to mid-off for no run. Follows up with another dot, as Guptill can't beat third man on the edg of the circle. Guptill answers with a hooked six muscled over fine leg to finish the over. Single to cover to finish. Ten from the over.

5 overs - Mustafizur comes into the attack.

Guptill on strike, defends a short ball into the leg side. Guptill defends the second ball, into the offside this time, no run. 

Slower yorker from Mustafizur, Guptill advances and lofts over the bowler for one. Conway steers a single to third man. Guptill changes his bat, and gets two with a leg glance from the fifth ball. Dot ball to finish, four runs from the over - a good one for Bangladesh.

4 overs - Shoriful into the attack on debut

His first ball in T20 cricket is flicked off Guptill's toes for a boundary at square leg. Guptill defends down the pitch for a single to bring Conway onto strike.

Conway plays out a dot ball, before he carves Soriful behind point for his first boundary! Great comeback from the bowler though, beating Conway with a bit of bounce, haven't seen that too much this summer.

Conway has the last laugh though, lofting the ball over cover for another boundary to finish - 13 from the over.

3 overs - Nasum continues

Nasum keeps the ball after bowling Allen with the last ball of the first over. Guptill gets one back for New Zealand by lofting him over cover for six! Guptill takes a single second ball of the over.

Conway back onto strike, he works one down the ground to get up the mark. Guptill executes a perfect late cut for another boundary off the fourth ball. Nasum takes all the pace off in response, Guptill can't get it away.

The batsmen steal another single with the final ball - 13 runs from the over.

2 overs - Saifuddin from the other end.

Guptill on strike, the ball shapes away slightly, but the batsman sneak a single to point. 

Conway to face his first ball, and defends. Saifuddin goes full with his third ball, Conway drives to mid-on but can't beat the fielder. He gets a leg bye next up though.

Guptill back on strike - and he outside edges to third man for the first boundary of the day. One ball to come, Guptill's hit on the thigh pad, and they run a leg bye.

Seven runs from the over.

1 over 

Nasum starts to Guptill, and there's no run first up. Shorter ball second, Guptill plays back and defends. Third ball is straighter, Guptill plays back to the bowler. Another dot ball fourth, before Guptill advances and gets a single, hitting to midwicket, but he had no control of the shot.

Allen to face his first ball - and he's bowled! A golden duck on debut for Finn Allen.


We're all good to go! Guptill and Allen stride out to the middle.

Guptill will take the first ball, Nasum Ahmed to open up for Bangladesh.


Time for the anthems, then we'll get underway at 2pm.


Bangladesh have two debutants themselves, Nasum Ahmed and Shoriful Islam, while Mushfiqur Rahim is out with injury.

Bangladesh: 1. Liton Das (wk), 2. Mohammad Naim, 3. Soumya Sarkar, 4. Mohammad Mithun, 5. Mamhmudullah (c), 6. Afif Hossain, 7. Mohammad Saifuddin, 8. Mahedi Hasan, 9. Nasum Ahmed, 10. Shoriful Islam, 11. Mustafizur Rahman.


Finn Allen's debut is confirmed, he'll open the batting alongside Martin Guptill. Will Young will also debut, batting at four. Adam Milne and Todd Astle miss out for the Blackcaps.

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Finn Allen, 3. Devon Conway (wk), 4. Wil Young, 5. Glenn Phillips, 6. Mark Chapman, 7. Daryl Mitchell, 8. Tim Southee (c), 9. Ish Sodhi, 10. Hamish Bennett, 11. Lockie Ferguson.


We're ready for the toss. Mahmud Ullah calls wrong, and Tim Southee decides that NZ will bat first.

We'll have the confirmed playing XIs for you shortly.


Good afternoon to all! We're in for a belter this afternoon, with the weather looking good, and the pitch equally so at Seddon Park. 

We're about 35 minutes away from the first ball. 


Kia Ora, welcome to Newshub's live updates of the first T20 International from Hamilton's Seddon Park.

After a clean sweep in the one-day series, the Blackcaps will finish their summer with three T20s, starting today.

NZ are without some big names, with the likes of Kane Williamson and Trent Boult among those skipping the series before the upcoming Indian Premier League, but that opens the door for some exciting new faces.

Wellington youngster Finn Allen could come in at the top of the NZ order, after a prolific Super Smash campaign, while Kiwis can take heart at the return of fast bowler Adam Milne. Devon Conway will certainly catch the eye yet again this summer, named as the side’s wicketkeeper for this series.

Tim Southee will captain the side in place of Williamson, with Mitchell Santner, Jimmy Neesham, Tim Seifert and Kyle Jamieson also not involved.

On the other hand, Bangladesh could find themselves with their best chance at a maiden victory on New Zealand soil, with the short nature of T20 cricket almost certain to close the gap between both sides.

TAB odds: Blackcaps $1.13, Bangladesh $5.45

Breakout batting sensation Finn Allen named to Blackcaps Twenty20 squad to play Bangladesh

Rising star Finn Allen is in line to make his international debut, after being named to the 13-strong Twenty20 squad to take on Bangladesh in the three-game series, starting in Hamilton on Sunday.

The 21-year-old opener took this season's Super Smash by storm, amassing a league-leading 512 runs at an average of 57 and an incredible strike-rate of 167 - featuring a table-topping 56 fours and 25 sixes.

The former NZ U19 representative is one of two new faces in the side, with batsman Will Young also called up for the first time. 

Allen is still coming terms with his dramatic rise through the ranks, culminating in his national selection.

He was put on stand-by as injury cover for Martin Guptill for the series against Australia, but ultimately wasn't required.

"This time around, knowing that there's more chance of playing, it's pretty cool," Allen says.

"There was more of a thought that it's time to get in the right headspace and to be ready to perform if I get the chance to play."

Pacemen Lockie Ferguson and Adam Milne will make a welcome return to the squad, after lengthy lay-offs.

Ferguson hasn't played for the Blackcaps since claiming 5/21 in the season-opening T20 against the West Indies in November, when he succumbed to a partial stress fracture in his back. 

Meanwhile, Milne, who hasn't played for New Zealand since 2018, will have a chance to add to his 61 appearances for the Blackcaps, working his way back into the squad, after his strong form with Sydney Thunder in the Australian Big Bash League.

The 28-year-old insists that he never gave up hope of a return to the Blackcaps.

"I think I've always strived to be playing international cricket," Milne says. "I said that when I left for the Big Bash, that wasn't me kicking international cricket goodbye, it was a stepping stone.

"For me, the ultimate is playing for New Zealand in any format. That's always been something I've been working towards."

Ferguson, Milne and Allen will depart for the Indian Premier League immediately after the Bangladesh T20 series.

Fellow IPL players Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, Mitchell Santner, Kyle Jamieson, Jimmy Neesham and Tim Seifert have not been selected, allowing them to rest and spend time with family, before making their way to India.

"The six guys who will miss this series are incumbents in our T20 side and the decision to give them some time at home with family before they embark on a long stint in India was principally made with their welfare in mind," says selector Gavin Larsen.

"We're also very aware of the need to give others opportunities in a World Cup year, and it's great to be able to introduce Finn and Will to the set-up, as well as welcome back Lockie [Ferguson] and Adam [Milne]."

Tim Southee will captain the side in Williamson's absence, while Devon Conway has been selected as the frontline wicketkeeper. All-rounder Daryl Mitchell and spinner Todd Astle also return to the squad.

"Tim [Southee] is a great leader in any Blackcaps side,"adds Larsen. "We've seen how well he's slipped into the T20 captain's position in the past and we look forward to him continuing to grow in the role.

"Devon [Conway's] wicketkeeping skills are a real asset to have in a squad and we're keen to ensure he has some international experience in this role to provide us with another option going forward."

Blackcaps T20 squad: Tim Southee (capt), Finn Allen, Todd Astle, Hamish Bennett, Mark Chapman, Devon Conway (wk), Lockie Ferguson, Martin Guptill, Adam Milne, Daryl Mitchell, Glenn Phillips, Ish Sodhi, Will Young