Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh, second Twenty20 international in Napier

New Zealand win by 28 runs (D/L method) - Win T20 series 2-0

New Zealand 173/5 (17.5 overs) Glenn Phillips 58no, Daryl Mitchell 34no, Mahedi Hasan 2/45

Bangladesh 142/7 (Revised target 170 off 16 overs) Soumya Sarkar 51, Mohammad Naim 38, Tim Southee 2/21, Adam Milne 2/34

16th over - 42 off the final over to win it? OUT - Southee under a high one to give Bennett his second.

Mohammad Saifuddin c Southee b Bennett 3 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

15th over - This run chase has well and truly derailed. Southee back. OUT - Slower ball first up, Conway takes a tidy catch behind the stumps. 

Mohammad Mithun c †Conway b Southee 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

14th over - French cut from Milne for four. OUT - Great adjustment, full and straight and collects leg stump with a slower ball.

Mahmudullah b Milne 21 (12b 4x4 0x6) SR: 175

OUT - Milne collects another set of stumps, ideal length.

Afif Hossain b Milne 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

13th over - OUT - Phillips back and immediately makes an impact, having Naim caught at long on. His first international wicket, great night for the Aucklander in Napier.

Mohammad Naim c Guptill b Phillips 38 (35b 4x4 0x6) SR: 108.57

12th over - Run rate up to 14 now, as Sodhi returns. Two dot balls to start. Make that three. Crippling for Bangladesh. Mahmudullah goes straight for four, hugely needed boundary. Reverse sweep for four more. Two off the final ball.

11th over - Skipper Southee brings himself back. OUT - Milne takes a tricky chance running around the long-on boundary. Huge wicket for NZ. Great knock by Soumya.

Soumya Sarkar c Milne b Southee 51 (27b 5x4 3x6) SR: 188.89

Naim skies a top edge, Bennett chasing hard but couldn't get there. Textbook slower ball from Southee for a dot. Beats the bat with the final ball.

10th over - Phillips will have another crack, and fair enough. Run rate back over 12 again after two good overs for NZ. Short ball dispatched for four to bring up a half-century for Soumya off just 25 balls. Naim skies one, just out of Southee's reach. Finishes with a dot ball, nine off the over.

9th over - Sodhi again. Starts with a dot. Naim hoists one into the deep, Phillips bolts and takes what was probably an unnecessary dive, difficult chance goes down. Superb over from Sodhi, great comeback, just five runs from it.

8th over - Timely change of pace here, as Phillips has a rare bowl. Big shout as he hits the pad, not out. Inside edge saved him. Another shout goes up, again unsuccessful. Phillips doing a great job here, getting the ball to skid on. Just four runs from it, stemming the tide well for NZ.

7th over - Milne returns. Soumya greets him with a boundary. Over third man for six more. Soumya is putting on a show. Slams another one for four, and the run rate is back under control.

6th over - Ish Sodhi into the attack for the first time. Sneaky reverse sweep by Soumya for four. Takes a knee and blasts the next ball over square leg for six. Goes again with an action replay for six more, three boundaries in a row. Bangladesh needed that.

5th over - Southee back. Two dots to start. Soumya places one over covers for four. Seven off the over. That run rate is over 12 now.

4th over - Naim plays Bennett late for four. Naim rocks back and slams Bennett off the back foot for another four.

3rd over - Adam Milne up to the crease for the Blackcaps for the first time since 2018. Not the ideal start, driven for four. Beats Soumya's bat, shaking off the nerves.

2nd over - Hamish Bennett from the other end. All eyes on the operations centre, as we're yet to have a target confirmed. Suggestions it should be 170. Play has now been stopped by the umpires as they confer to clarify the Bangladesh target. Extraordinary. We are waiting on match referee Jeff Crowe to sign off on the total.

Finally, we have a total - and it's 170 to win. And we're back to some cricket.

OUT - Great catch in the deep by Glenn Phillips, coming forward at deep square leg and nabs it just off the deck.

Liton Das c Phillips b Bennett 6 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 120

1st over - Tim Southee will take the ball first. The Duckworth-Lewis revised total is yet to be confirmed here, rather bizarre. Das advances and hits Southee over his head for four.

9:35pm - Okay, the covers are off and the outfield being cleared. Bangladesh will begin their chase shortly, needing 148 in 16 overs.

9:30pm - Still looking pretty bleak. That's the update.

9:20pm - NZ's innings has been abandoned. Bangladesh will have to chase 179 in 17 overs, if we can get back out there.

9:15pm - No sign of the rain abating just yet. The Spark Sport commentary team have run out of viewer-submitted questions. We're getting desperate out here.

18th over - Taskin in for his final over. Mitchell flicks a full toss for two. Flat bats one down the ground for four runs. Quick convo between the umpires, and they decide to proceed in the face of the rain. Top edge from Mitchell looking to pull, runs safely away for four. Clever from Mitchell, walks across the face of his stumps and ramps one to fine leg for four.

We won't finish the over, as the umpires decide the rain is too heavy to continue. Fingers crssoed for another brief delay, but I'd say this will cost us a few overs.

17th over - Saif back to the bowling crease. Starts with a pinpoint yorker. That rain is starting to pick up again. Mitchell rocks back and pulls one forward of square for four. Goes again, one bounce for four down to long on. Calls for a new bat, then christens it with four through midwicket. 17 off the over.

16th over - Mahedi to spin away. Fielders hitting the deck all over the shop in this outfield. Six! Phillips puts a rank full toss down leg over the square leg rope. That was too easy. Phillips inds another gap through midwicket for two to bring up his second international T20 half century. Follows that with a late cut for four more. Big over for NZ, 15 from it.

15th over - Taskin back into the attack. Phillips clips one off his toes to fine leg for four.Misfield in the deep costs two runs for Bangladesh. Extra moisture causing some issues out there for both sides.

14th over - Mahedi back with some spin. OUT - Chapman out smarted by Mahedi and returns the easiest of caught and bowled chances. 

Mark Chapman c & b Mahedi Hasan 7 (8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 87.5

13th over - Here we go, back into it. Two balls left in the over. Edge over the top from Chapman, that will run away for four. Review here for LBW, looks to be angling comfortably down leg... and that it is. Not out.

8:11pm - Promising signs here, as the covers are gradually lessened. Fingers crossed.

Yep, confirmation that we will back out there at 8:20pm. No loss of overs. 

13th over - Shoriful back. That rain is getting pretty thick. The umpires confer, and we're off the field for now, as the covers come out. 

12th over - Mahedi welcomed back with a six directly over his head from Young, who stood and delivered. OUT - Young is stumped all ends up, looking to repeat another dose of six. Nicely flighted delivery from Mahedi and Liton Das does the rest.

Will Young st †Liton Das b Mahedi Hasan 14 (17b 0x4 1x6) SR: 82.35

Phillips puts an awful long hop the treatment it deserved, over extra cover for six.

11th over - Nasum beats Phillips all ends up, somehow doesn't collect the top of off stump. They scramble a single, direct hit and he was on his bike. Phillips plays one inside out, timely shot for four.

10th over - Taskin back for his second over. Phillips goes deep over long-on for two. Great variation here from Taskin, beats Young and just misses off stump. Changes of pace have been very effective. Phillip closes the over by cracking a cover drive for four.

9th over - Nasum in with some more spin. Big shout as Young is struck on his pads. Umpire says no, may have been worth a referral. Just five off the over.

8th over - The rain starting to fall a bit harder now. Mahedi up with some spin. Phillips uses his feet, puts one over midwicket, one bounce for four.

7th over - Shoriful back to the crease. OUT - Conway has one hurry up on him, some extra bounce fools him and he pulls one comfortably to deep square leg. The breakout star won't carry his bat tonight.

Devon Conway c Mohammad Mithun b Shoriful Islam 15 (9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 166.67

6th over - Saif to bowl. Conway gets some width and plays a lovely cover drive for four. Backs that up with a textbook square cut for four. OUT - Taskin Ahmed takes an absolute ripper at backward square leg, sticks out a mit and the ball stays put.

Martin Guptill c Taskin Ahmed b Mohammad Saifuddin 21 (18b 2x4 1x6) SR: 116.67

5th over - Islam takes the ball. Conway off the mark with a risky single. islam gets one to angle off the surface, beats Conway all ends up. Clearly some moisture out there. Conway advances and lofts one over the bowler's head, scrambles through for three.

4th over - Allen blasts Taskin over midwicket on top of the stand, 95m banger right there. Allen sends the next one straight up and into the stratosphere, really tough chance is put down by the skipper Mahmudullah. Guptill wants in on the fun, blasts a rocket 85m straight over the rope. OUT - Allen tries to hoist another one away but it was too full, this time the chance is taken by Naim.

Finn Allen c Mohammad Naim b Taskin Ahmed 17 (10b 2x4 1x6) SR: 170

3rd over - Guptill goes over the top of mid-on, rolls away for four. Great comeback from Nasum, five straight dots to close.

2nd over - Saif into the attack. Brisk single from Guptill after dropping it short. Allen plays a lovely straight drive for four, beautifully timed. 

1st over - The rain has eased off for now. Let's get this started. Guptill straight into his work, freeing his arms and cutting for four. Allen shakes off the nerves emphatically, reverse sweeping for four.


6:35pm - The Blackcaps have lost the toss and will bat first. 

Lockie Ferguson will sit this one out, having recently returned from injury. Adam Milne takes his place.

A bit of rain about in Napier, which is apparently worsening. Here's hoping we avoid any interruptions.


New Zealand: 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Finn Allen, 3 Devon Conway (wk), 4 Will Young, 5 Glenn Phillips, 6 Mark Chapman, 7 Daryl Mitchell, 8 Tim Southee (capt), 9 Ish Sodhi, 10 Hamish Bennett, 11 Adam Milne

Bangladesh: 1 Liton Das (wk), 2 Mohammad Naim, 3 Soumya Sarkar, 4 Mohammad Mithun, 5 Mahmudullah (capt), 6 Afif Hossain, 7 Mohammad Saifuddin, 8 Mahedi Hasan, 9 Nasum Ahmed, 10 Shoriful Islam, 11 Taskin Ahmed


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the second Twenty20 international between the Blackcaps and Bangladesh.

A win will wrap up the series for the hosts, while the Bangladeshis will be eager to salvage some pride after a demoralising run of defeats in New Zealand.

Live coverage will begin from 7pm.

TAB betting odds:

New Zealand - $1.10 Bangladesh - $6.20


Pre-match banter:

Blackcaps' Conway compared to game's great, as test selection looms

By James Regan

Breakthrough Blackcaps star Devon Conway's man-of-the-match performance against Bangladesh in their Twenty20 series opener against Bangladesh has reaffirmed his status as one of the world's form batsman.

And after excelling in the short forms of the game at international level, his play has re-ignited debate over whether selectors can continue to ignore his obvious talent, when it comes to selecting our best test XI.

Since joining the squad this summer, Conway has surpassed expectations, seamlessly slotting into the side and rewarding selectors with plenty of runs. 

"We've always known that Devon has a special talent and for him to do what he's doing at the moment is pretty amazing really,"  says Blackcaps coach Gary Stead.

In fact, few have made the transition to the international level as impressively as Conway. 

"Probably Kane Williamson would be the closest and the parallels are so similar in terms of the God-given gift that you may have," says former Blackcaps player and coach John Bracewell.

"I think he's just very clear in the way he wants to play. He bats, and has a nice still head when he bats and has options he can pull out."

Conway's numbers speak for themselves. He currently tops the world T20 batting averages, with 65.42 runs through his 10 innings to date.

He also leads the way in one-day internationals, averaging 75 in his three matches so far.

While it's still early days, those statistics have put him right on Stead's radar for the upcoming trip to England, which includes two tests and the World Test Championship final against India.   

"Absolutely," says Stead, when asked if Conway is on his radar for test selection.

"As you've seen in all forms so far, he keeps churning out the runs, so I guess the longer the game goes, the more you can see him do that as well."

Bracewell sees shades of some of the world's best in Conway.

"[India's Virat] Kohli has it, [England's Joe] Root has it, Williamson has it, [Australia's Steve] Smith has it and Conway has that gift," Bracewell says.

With praise like that, it seems only a matter of time before Conway takes his next big step.