Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh, third ODI at Wellington

Live coverage has concluded

New Zealand 318/6 (Conway 126, Mitchell 100no, Rubel 3/70) 
Bangladesh 154 (Mahmud Ullah 76, Neesham 5/27, Henry 4/27) 

Result: New Zealand win by 164 runs 

Wrap: A dominant performance form the Kiwis. Devon Conway, Daryl Mitchell, Matt Henry and James Neesham all contributing to a clinical performance form the Blackcaps. 
The teams now move on to Hamilton for the first of three T20s.

43rd over - Neesham continues.

Wicket - Rubel c Latham b Neesham 4 (28) FOW 154/9
Good ball from Neesham as he finds the edge of Rubel's bat and the end is near.  
Wicket - Mustafizur lbw Neesham 0 (3) FOW 154
Mustafizur goes across his stumps and is struck in front mand the umpire puts the finger up to end the game. 

42nd over - Jamieson continues.

Another four for Mahmud Ullah as he pulls Jamieson to the mid-wicket boundary.
Six! Big swing from Mahmud Ullah and he top edges behond the keeper for a maximum.
50 partnership up. (BAN 154/8) 

41st over - Neesham is back - 3/14 from 6.

Mahmud Ullah whacks Neesham over mid-wicket for six. 
Now he sits back and strokes Neesham through the offside field for four. (BAN 142/8)

40th over - Jamieson returns - 1/12 from 6.

No ball from Jamieson.
Free Hit: Mahmud Ullah swings Jamieson over mid-wicket for four to bring up his 50. 
(BAN 129/8)

39th over - Santner to continue.

Three from the Santner over. (BAN 123/8) 

38th over - Boult to finish

Mahmud rocks back and hammers Boult for six over fine leg, before another boundary next ball!
Boult comes back with a yorker that Mahmud drives to mid-off.
Mahmud plays back and gets another single to bring Rubel back with two balls to come.
Rubel defends the last two. (BAN 120/8)

37th over - Santner continues.

Mahmud and Rubel both rotate the strike, taking three from the first five balls. Appeal for lbw on the last, but no luck for Santner. Three from it. (BAN 109/8)

36th over - Boult continues.

Mahmud takes a single second ball, pulling into the leg side. Boult comes round the wicket and nearly takes out Rubel's off-stump, but the batsman survives. (BAN 106/8)

35th over - Mitch Santner into the attack for the first time. 

Just a single off the Santner over. (BAN 105/8)

34th over - Boult continues - 0/24 from 7.

Just a single from the over. (BAN 104/8) 

33rd over - Henry continues - 3/25 from 9.

Wicket - Taskin c Conway b Henry 9 (24) 2x4 FOW 102/8
Ugly swipe from Taskin as he clears his front hip and launches into one that goes straight up and Conway makes no mistake at mid-wicket. 
(BAN 103/8)

32nd over - Boult will continue after drinks.

Bangladesh 100 up as Mahmud Ullah edges past the keeper for four. (BAN 101/7)


31st over - Henry continues.

Three runs from that over. (BAN 96/7)

30th over - Trent Boult is back - 0/18 from 5.

Just a single from that over. (BAN 93/7)

29th over - Matt Henry is back - 3/18 from 7.

Taskin french cuts for four - just misses leg stump. (BAN 92/7) 

28th over - Neesham to bowl his 6th - 3/13.

Just a wide off that over. (BAN 88/7)

27th over - Mitchell continues.

Taskin launches one through the covers for four - all along the carpet. Lovely shot. 
(BAN 87/7)

26th over - Neesham continues.

Wicket - Mahedi c Latham b Neesham 3 (8) FOW 82/7
Neesham has his third! Mahedi pulls and gets a edge through to Latham behind the stumps.
(BAN 82/7)

25th over - Mitchell - 0/16 from 2 - continues.

Four from the over. (BAN 82/6)

24th over - Neesham replaces Jamieson.

Wicket - Mushfiqur c & b Neesham 21 (44) FOW 77/5
Mushfiqur pulls but it hits high and the bat and the Neesham makes an easy grab from his own bowling.
Wicket - Mehidy c Conway b Neesham 0 (2) FOW 78/5
Another one down. Mehidy drives hard and the ball flies to Conway at point and he takes a nice low catch. 
(BAN 78/6)

23rd over - Mitchell continues.

Four runs from the over. (BAN 77/4)

22nd over - Jamieson continues. 

Just a single from the over. (BAN 73/4)

21st over - Daryl Mitchell replaces Neesham. 

Six! Mahmud Ullah rocks back and lifts Mitchell over the fine-leg boundary for a maximum. 
Mushfiqur drives down the ground for four. (BAN 72/4)

20th over - Jamieson to bowl his 5th - 1/6.

Lovely shot from Mushfiqur as he drives through the covers for three runs. (BAN 60/4)

19th over - Neesham continues.

Single for Mahmud Ullah to third-man. 
Short from Neesham and Mahmud Ullah pulls hard to the boundary for four. Boult should have snapped that up at square-leg. (BAN 55/4)

18th over - Jamieson continues.

Wicket: Mithun c Santner b Jamieson 6 (39) FOW 48/4
Finally some aggression but Mithun picks out the only boundary rider on the onside and Santner takes a comfortable running catch at mid-wicket. 
(BAN 48/4)

17th over - Neesham continues 

Two runs from the over. (BAN 47/3)


16th over - Jamieson continues.

Just a couple off the over. (BAN 45/3)

15th over - Jimmy Neesham into the attack. 

Three runs from the over. (BAN 43/3)

14th over - Jamieson to bowl his 2nd over.

Mithun plays and misses, Latham goes up and the umpire raises the finger.  On review there was no bat - it flicked the thigh pad. (BAN 40/3)

13th over - Henry continues - 3/16 from 6.

Wide down the legside. (BAN 39/3) 

12th over - Kyle Jamieson replaces Boult - 0/18 from 5.

Two from Jamieson's first over. (BAN 37/3)

11th over - Henry continues.

Mushfiqur down the wicket and hits over mid-on - no timing so he only gets a couple. (BAN 35/3)

10th over - Boult continues.

Swinging down the legside and it's past Latham and down to the boundary for five wides.
(BAN 32/3)

9th over - Henry - 3/13 - continues. 

Another maiden. (BAN 26/3)

8th over - Boult continues.

Maiden over. (BAN 26/3)

7th over - Henry continues - 2/9 from 3.

Dot ball to Das to start, before a checked on-drive beats the man, Nicholls chases the ball to the boundary, but the batsmen run three.
Mithun tries to steer Henry behind point, but Neesham dives to save four runs.
Mithun pushes a single to cover with the third ball. 
Wicket: Das c Boult b Henry 21 (21) 3x4 FOW 26/3
What a grab by Trenty! Das swings across the line and gets a top edge - Boult comes running around behind the keeper and takes a stunning one-hander. (BAN 26/3)

6th over - Boult continues - 0/11 from 2.

Two dots to start with, before Das takes a single on the third ball. Boult hits Mithun high on the pad, deep in the crease, but the appeal is turned down, probably going over the stumps.

Three dots from Boult to finish, one run from the over.

5th over - Henry continues.

Over-pitched and Das drives through the cover field for four. 
Wicket: Soumya c Boult b Henry 1 (6) FOW 18/2
Soumya pulls and gets a top edge straight to Boult at fine-leg. 
eight runs on a  wicket from that one. (BAN 21/2)

4th over - Boult continues.

Just a single from the over. (BAN 13/1)

3rd over - Matt Henry to continue.

Wicket: Tamim c Latham b Henry 1 (9) FOW 10/1
Henry strikes! Tamin waves the bat at that one and gets the edge through to Latham.
(BAN 12/1)

2nd over - Trent Boult to bowl. 

Full and swinging but Das whips him over square-leg for four.
Das drives straight down the ground for four. 

1st over - Matt Henry to open up - Tamim Iqbal on strike.

A maiden to start from the Cantabrian. (BAN 0/0)

Innings wrap: Wow! What a great finish to the NZ innings. Mitchell was 83 when the over began and his lucky two on the final ball was enough for his maiden ODI ton. Devon Conway was magnificent with a stupendous 126 through the middle of the innings and his partnership with Mitchell is probably a match-winning one. 

Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh, third ODI at Wellington

50th over - Mustafizur to bowl the final over.

Mitchell down the ground and has four straight over the bowlers head.
Mitchell pulls to fine-leg for four and he's into the 90s. 
Mitchell has four off the gloves to fine-leg and is five runs away! No ball!!
Free hit: Down the ground along the deck and he races back for two - tight call on review but he just makes it back. 
Down the ground for just a single! 
Santner goes over cover and they get back for three!! Mitchell on strike final ball.
100!!! Mitchell swings to the onside and should only have one, but the keeper drops the ball and he gets back for two and an ODI ton! (NZ 316/6)

49th over - Rubel continues. 

Mitchell laps over short fine-leg for four.
Neesham slaps a four to mid-wicket.
Wicket - Neesham c Das b Rubel 4 (3) FOW 290/6
Neesham looks to launch this one out of Wellington but he gets underneath it and Das takes the catch on the rope.
Mitchell smashes this one over mid-wicket for six! Shot that. (NZ 297/6) 

48th over - Mustafizur continues.

Wicket - Conway c sub b Mustafizur 126 (110) 17x4 FOW 279/5
Conway finally goes. He flicks this one to deep mid-wicket and straight down the throat of the sub fielder. (NZ 281/5)

47th over - Rubel is back - 2/41 from 8.

Rubel goes full and straight to start, Conway keeps it out but can't score a run. Similar ball second up, Conway shovels down to long on for a single.
Mitchell attempts a pull shot, but only manages a top edge that lands in no-man's land with third man running in, the batsmen scamper two.
Rubel goes straight, Mitchell works one into the leg side and brings up the 150 partnership with Conway. 
Conway celebrates by crunching Rubel through cover for four more, and brings up the highest ODI partnership at the Basin Reserve! He goes again one ball later - this time a bit squarer - but the same result - 13 from the over. (NZ 278/4)

45th over - Mustafizur continues.

Conway cuts over the top of gully and point for four. 
Conway cuts along the deck and Taskin comes around to field it but the ball goes between his legs and will be four.  (NZ 265/4)

44th over - Taskin continues - 1/48 from 9.

Dropped! Mitchell hooks and it's gone straight up and short fine-leg has put it down! 
Just fove from that over. (NZ 253/4)

43rd over - Mustafizur is back - 0/43 from 6.

Mitchell goes down the ground and has four over the bowlers head. (NZ 248/4)

42nd over - Taskin continues.

100 for Conway! From 95 balls - he cuts over point for four. (NZ 241/4)

41st over - Mahedi continues.

Conway sweeps hard for four to square-leg.
Back-to-back for Conway who pulls through mid-wicket for four. (NZ 233/4)

40th over - Taskin Ahmed is back - 1/29 from 7. 

Mitchell hooks and has four over tghe keepers head. 50 up for the big right-hander. 
100 partnership up for Mitchell and Conway. (NZ 221/4)

39th over - Mahedi continues.

Conway sweeps hard for four in front of square. (NZ 211/4)

38th over - Soumya is back - 1/28 from 7. 

Conway lifts one over mid-wicket and has a two-bounce four. 
NZ 200 is up. (NZ 204/4)

37th over - Mahedi is back - 0/20 from 4 overs.

Reverse lap from Mitchell and he has four runs - great option that. 
Seven from the over. (NZ 195/4)

36th over - Mustafizur continues.

Conway walks across his stumps and flicks to deep square-leg for a one-bounce four.
Nine runs from that over. (NZ 188/4)

35th over - Soumya continues - 1/22 from 6.

Mitchell launches into this one and has four runs to cow-corner. (NZ 179/4)

34th over - Mustafizur is back - 0/30 from 4 overs. 

Conway powers a cut shot through the offside - there is a sweeper but Conway gets back for two. 
50 partnership up between these two.
Free Hit: Mitchell whacks it back to the bowler who deflects the ball - Mitchell gets through for one. (NZ 172/4) 

33rd over - Soumya to continue.

Just three runs from the over. (NZ 167/4)


32nd over - Rubel to bowl his 8th - 2/39 so far.

Just two singles from the over. (NZ 164/4)

31st over - Soumya continues - 1/16 from 4. 

Just three from that over. (NZ 162/4)

30th over - Rubel is back - 2/29 from 6.

Mitchell whacks this one over mid-wicket for four - one bouce. (NZ 159/4)

29th over - Mehidy continues

Conway punches one through covers for his second half-century in three international ODI innings.

Mitchell blasts one Miraz over midwicket for six.(NZ 146/4)

28th over - Soumya continues. 

Mitchell flicks one off his pads for a rare boundary. (NZ 138/4)

27th over - Mehidy continues.

Three singles from the over. (NZ 131/4)

26th over - Soumya continues - 1/2 from 1.

Four runs from the over. (NZ 128/4)

25th over - Mehidy continues - 0/10 from 2. 

Two singles from the over. (NZ 124/4)

24th over - Soumya into the attack.

Wicket - Latham c Miraz b Soumya 18 (33) 1x4 FOW 120/4
NZ captain is on his way. Big slash outside off and Miraz dives high to his left and takes a smart catch. (NZ 122/4)

23rd over - Mehidy continues

Conway cuts powerfully for four to backward point. (NZ 120/3) 

22nd over - Mahedi continues - 0/13 from 3.

Seven runs easily taken from that over. (NZ 114/2)

21st over - Mehidy Miraz replaces Mustafizur who came back for a one over spell.

Latham chips for a couple to mid-wicket - almost held out there. 
50 partnership up between these two. (NZ 107/3)

20th over - Mahedi to bowl his 3rd.

Sweep from Conway and he has four to fine-leg. NZ 100 up. (NZ 103/3)

19th over - Muatsfizur is back - 0/16 from 3.

Conway late cuts down to third-man for four - lovely shot. 
Conway drives and edges - no slips in - and he has a second-straight four. 
Glorious! Straight drive past the bowler for a third consecutive four. (NZ 98/3)

18th over - Mahedi continues.

Conway sits back and cuts between point and backward point for four. Class. (NZ 84/3)

17th over - Rubel continues - 2/25 from 5 overs.

Conway turns around the corner for a couple. (NZ 79/3)

16th over - Mahedi Hasan into the attack with his off-spin. 

Three singles off the over. (NZ 75/3)

15th over - Rubel continues.

Conway hooks - top edge but it falls safely and goes down to the rope for four runs. 
Six runs from the over. (NZ 72/3)


14th over - Taskin to bowl his 7th straight.

Maiden from Taskin. (NZ 66/3)

Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh, third ODI at Wellington

13th over - Rubel continues - 2/13 from 3 overs.

Full and wide from Rubel and Latham drives through the offside for four to get off the mark. 
Short single on the onside and a direct hit may have had Conway in trouble. (NZ 66/3)

12th over - Taskin continues - 1/27 from 5.

Two runs from the over and three play and misses from Conway. (NZ 59/2)

11th over - Rubel continues - 1/7 from 2.

Taylor cuts over the infield and has two to point.
Dropped! Taylor looks to go over mid-on with an ugly swipe and hits it to Mustafizur who pits down a goober.
Taylor repeats the does but this time gets on top of it and has his first boundary to mid-wicket. 
Wicket - Taylor c Mushfiqur b Rubel 7 (14) 1x4 FOW 57/3
Taylor goes! Looks to run this one down the third man but can only nibble it through to the keeper. Bangladesh on top. (NZ 57/3)

10th over - Taskin to continue.

Fifty up for the Blackcaps as Conway leaves one that bounces over middle and the keeper can't gather it cleanly. 
Taylor off the mark with a cut to third-man. (NZ 51/2)

9th over - Rubel continues - 0/7 from his first over. 

Wicket - Guptill c Das b Rubel 26 (28) 2x4 FOW 49/2
Awful shot. Short from Rubel and Guptill looks to launch over mid-wicket but the ball hits high on the bat and straight down Das' throat at mid-on. 
Wicket maiden for Rubel. (NZ 49/2)

8th over - Taskin continues - 0/17 from 3.

Dropped! Nicholls swings at a full, wide ball and edges to Mushfiqur,  but he puts it down diving to his left and the ball goes down to the boundary for four. 
Wicket - Nicholls c Das b Taskin 18 (21) 2x4 FOW 44/1
He's gone this time! Nicholls drives at a wide one and edges again - this time to a wide 3rd slip and Das makes no mistake. 
Five wides down the legside. (NZ 49/1)

7th over - Rubel Hossain replaces Mustafizur - Rubel probably the quickest bolwer for the Tigers. 

Nicholls cuts to wide third-man for a couple.
Guptill turns to fine-leg and he comes back for the second and a better throw would have had him dead. Poor from Taskin on the boundary. 
Short from Rubel and Guptill pulls to deep mid-wicket and comes back fro a couple. (NZ 40/0) 

6th over - Taskin continues.

Guptill goes up and over the offside in-field and has four to the point boundary.
Short run single on the offside - player hots the stumps as Nicholls comes through and it's being reviewed - Nicholls makes his ground easily. 
Nicholls comes down the wicket and goes over mid-off and will have three runs. (NZ 33/0)

5th over - Mustafizur continues - 0/11 from 2.

Hit and run to mid-on for Nicholls and he makes his ground. 
Guptill has three through point with another well-timed shot off the back foot. (NZ 25/0)

4th over - Taskin continues - 0/2 from his only over so far. 

Quickly run single for Nicholls to mid-on. 
Guptill off the back foot slaps the ball through point for four - stupendous timing. 
Taskin goes right through Guptill with a peach - cut back in off the seam and cut the Kiwi in half but ball bounces over middle. (NZ 20/0)

3rd over - Mustafizur continues.

Two for Guptill through point.
Nicholls drives through mid-on for four all along the carpet - lovely cricket shot that. (NZ 13/0)

2nd over - Taskin Ahmed to open up from the other end - will bowl to Nicholls.

Nicholls drives and gets a thick edge but gully can oly pick it up on the half volley. 
Single for Nicholls to fine-leg.
Single for Guptill square on the on-side. (NZ6/0)

1st over - Mustafizur Rahman to open up for the Tigers - Marty Guptill on strike. 

Guptill plays the first ball back down the pitch and it's picked up by Rahman.
Guptill drives through wide mid-off for a well-timed three runs. 
Single for Nicholls to mid-wicket. (NZ 4/0)

10:47 - Here are the starting XI's for the third ODI:

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Devon Conway, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (C & WK), James Neesham, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Kyle Jamieson, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal (C), Liton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim (WK) Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mahedi Hasan, Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Mustafizur Rahman

10:35 - The Blackcaps have won the toss and - for the first time this series - will bat first at the Basin Reserve.

Conditions are looking ideal in the capital, not a cloud in the sky and only the faintest of breezes.


Kia ora and welcome to our live coverage of the Blackcaps third and final match of the one-day international series in Wellington.

There's only pride on the line today for Bangladesh, who will be looking to avoid a series sweep, while the hosts will be eager to keep their momentum rolling into Sunday's first Twenty20.

We'll have all the action for you from 11am.

TAB betting odds:

New Zealand - $1.10 Bangladesh - $6.20

Pre-match banter:

Blackcaps' Taylor not giving up on T20 selection

By Alex Powell

Ross Taylor has been cleared to play in the Blackcaps' final one-day international against Bangladesh on Friday, after missing the first two matches with a hamstring injury.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old passed a fitness test and will almost certainly slot into his No. 4 spot in the NZ batting order to play his first ODI of the summer.

Taylor's fitness will come at the expense of batsman Will Young, although selectors may choose to use the dead rubber as an opportunity to see the right-hander bat at No.3, with Devon Conway having proven his worth with 72 runs in New Zealand's five-wicket victory on Tuesday.

"I was pretty close to playing in the last game to be fair," Taylor says.

"If it was a test match, or a World Cup semi-final or final, I would have played.

"It feels good, it's been a strange old year or so - we haven't played any one-day cricket. I'm looking forward to playing a format that I enjoy playing."

With the Twenty20 World Cup to be held later this year, Taylor adds that he's still playing in the hope of sealing a spot in the Blackcaps' shortest form setup, despite having lost his place to the likes of Conway and Glenn Phillips.

"I've still got ambitions [for] that T20 World Cup," he insists.

"There's still a lot to go. The selectors have wanted to give these guys an opportunity, which is fair enough.

"This format, especially in New Zealand, is a good way of getting these guys into international cricket if they're not going to play a lot of one-day cricket or test cricket.

"There's still a lot of things to, a lot of injuries, and a lot of cricket in the winter. I'm here."

Taylor adds that despite having wrapped up the series on Tuesday, the Blackcaps aren't taking their eyes off the ball - with vital qualification points for the 2023 World Cup on the line.

"It's nice to have wrapped up the series, but there's still World Cup points on offer. There's no dead rubbers.

"As we've seen throughout the whole summer, teams who've come out of quarantine have taken a couple of games to get ready.

"We had a bit of luck go our way in the last game, and I'm sure Bangladesh will want to finish the game on a high note."

The Blackcaps currently hold an unassailable 2-0 series lead after two matches, and can seal a whitewash in the third and final ODI at the Basin Reserve.