Live updates: Boxing - Alexander Povetkin v Dillian Whyte II at Gibraltar

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Dillian Whyte secures the win many thought he deserved last August. He is now the WBC interim heavyweight champion again and is next in line for a tilt at the real thing.

His career is back on track.

Alexander Povetkin v Dillian Whyte (heavyweight)

Whyte wins with fourth-round technical knockout

And now to the night's man event, with Dillian 'The Bodysnatcher' Whyte entering the ring with a robe paying homage to recently deceased boxing great 'Marvellous' Marvin Hagler.

Remember, Povetkin stunned Whyte last August, knocking him out in the fifth round, after twice hitting the deck himself in the previous round.

The rematch has been rescheduled twice, due to COVID-19, but Whyte is really fighting for his career. Another loss would be pretty devastating to his title hopes.

The bookies seem to favour Whyte and Povetkin has had to come back from a bout of COVID in the meantime, so some questions over his recovery.

TAB: Whyte $1.17, Povetkin $4.33, draw $36

The winner of this bout will take the WBO interim heavyweight title, which basically means they will get next shot at the world crown, after the Joshua v Fury encounter.

First round: Povetkin is almost immediately stumbling backwards - Whyte doesn't seem to be connecting, but his rival is reeling to avoid contact. Three times Povetkin is almost down.

Nothing much else happening for the rest of the round, as both fighters try to establish their rhythm.

Second round: Whyte catches Povetkin on top of the head, and the Russian is stumbling again.

Povektin still looking to come forward and catches Whyte with a flurry late in the round.

Third round: Whyte goes down on the ringside advertising, but waved off by the ref. He connects with a big right and is dominating at this stage. 

Whyte is throwing bombs and has the early lead.

Fourth round: Whyte connects and moves in for the kill. Povetkin retreats and regroups.

This is the round when the Russian went down twice in their last meeting and he gets tagged in the head by a jab.

Whyte connects with a right and then knocks Povetkin back onto the ropes. The Russian finds his feet again, but is visibly shaken and Whyte finishes him off,

Povetkin finds his feet again, but he's not there. The fight is stopped - his corner actually throw the towel - and Whyte quickly finds his opponent a stool, obviously concerned for his welfare.

Fabio Wardley v Eric ' Drummer Boy' Molina (heavyweight)

Wardley wins by fifth-round knockout

Molina has had some significant opponents in his 27-6 career, notably Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Dominic Breazeale and former Olympic medallist Filip Hrgovic, all for losses.

Wardley is unbeaten (10-0), with nine knockouts, and is a fighter on the rise. Molina seems like a stepping stone toward bigger and better things.

TAB odds: Wardley $1.04, Molina $11, draw $36

This contest is scheduled for 10 rounds.

First round: Molina loses his mouth guard late in the round, which was probably the highlight, as the fighters size each other up, reluctant to get tagged with a big punch early.

Second round: Molina finished the first round with a flurry and starts the second the same way. He's the aggressor early, but neither fighter throwing any dramatic early.

Third round: Wardley comes out of his corner throwing jabs and looks more interesting in making this a contest. Molina throws some powerful bombs that miss.

Wardley finishes the round on top, after throwing a strong counter to Molina's attack.

Fourth round: Molina throwing, but can't catch Wardley. The veteran goes down, but the ref waves it off as a knockdown.

Back on his feet, Molina lands a body shot and closes with a combination to the body.

Fifth round: Molina nails Wardley with a right and moves in for the kill, but the Brit catches his rival with a left as he advances, and Molina is down and out.

Wardley takes the knockout win and his record is now 11-0, but it wasn't as impressive as many hoped. Molina has a long conversation with the youngster in the centre of the ring.

Ted Cheeseman v JJ Metcalf (super-welterweight)

Cheeseman wins by 11th-round knockout

No, Wardley v Molina has been shuffled up the order. Next up is Cheeseman v Metcalf for the vacant British superwelterweight crown.

TAB odds: Cheeseman $2.10, Metcalf $1.73, draw $14

First round: Both fighters come out swinging and Cheeseman lands some early blows. Metcalf needs to raise his sights, with a couple of lowish punches.

Second round: This is already the best fight of the night, with both fighters busy and connecting often. Maybe Cheeseman with an edge for now.

Third round: Cheeseman bleeding from the nose, but landing some clean shots that spur his rival into action. Another action-packed round.

Fourth round: Metcalf opens a cut above Cheeseman's right eye, but 'Big Cheese' smells blood and wages an all-out assault on his opponent.

Metcalf survives and regroups - how much does Cheeseman have left after that outburst?

Fifth round: Quieter round, as both recover from the previous onslaught. Nice shiner under Metcalf's left eye.

Sixth round: Metcalf has regrouped here and enjoys the upper hand, Cheeseman lacking the energy of previous rounds.

Seventh round: The tables have turned, with Metcalf now on top and Cheeseman looking wobbly.

Eighth round: Metcalf throwing combinations, some missing, but nothing coming back from Cheeseman.

Ninth round: Both fighter still standing toe to toe, with Cheeseman landing from close quarters. Momentum swins back his way.

10th round: Cheeseman is dominating from close range and Metcalf running on fumes.

11th round: Metcalf has lifted his work rate, but Cheeseman is picking his punches, ripping him with a vicious body shot.

Cheeseman knocks Metcalf onto his back and there's no getting back from that. The fight is stopped and Cheesemen is the winner.

Next up (this time), Fabio Wardley v Eric Molina (heavyweight)...

Campbell 'Hurricane' Hatton v Jesus Ruiz (lightweight)

Hatton wins by unanimous decision

OK, so the Khoumari v Baker bout has mysteriously disappeared from the card and Hatton v Ruiz is next.

A fair amount of expectation on this fight, since Hatton is the son of British boxing legend Ricky Hatton. This will be Hatton Jr's professional debut and according to Box Rec, Ruiz has 10 fights for 10 losses - a gentle introduction for Hatton.

TAB: Hatton $1.02, Ruiz $15, draw $21

First round: Hatton isn't holding back early and Ruiz will not go the distance... it's just a matter of when. He survives the first round.

Second round: To be fair, Ruiz has only been knocked out once, in his 2017 debut.

Blood dribbling out of Ruiz's nose, but the Spaniard isn't realy landing anything. A late flurry, but Hatton is lining up the big punch that would finish it quickly.

Third round: Ruiz now has a cut above his eye and he's gassed, but Hatton hasn't been able to finish him off. The Spaniard survies another round.

Fourth round: Hatton now desperate to finish it in the last round, but Ruiz has proven tough. He's landed some shots, but they lack power.

The bell rings and Ruiz is still standing - that's remarkable. No way he's won, but a gutsy performance.

Hatton wins every round and gaines the unanimous decision. His pro record is now 1-0, while Ruiz goes to 0-11.

Next up, Fabio Wardley v Eric Molina (heavyweight)...

Chris '2Slick' Kongo v Michael 'The Problem' McKinson (welterweight)

McKinson wins by unanimous decision

TAB: Kongo $1.33, McKinson $3.25, draw $14

This contest is for the WBO global welterweight title, currently held by Kongo, after his TKO result over Luther Clay last August.

Both these fighters have unbeaten records - Kongo (12-0) has seven knockouts, McKinson (19-0) just two - so someone's 'O' has got to go... unless it's a draw.

These guys got into each other at the weigh-in, so expect fireworks.

Round one: McKinson is immediately on the attack and has his opponent on the back foot, actually knocking him off balance and down early. Kongo lands a punch after the bell.

Round two: More measured round, with Kongo using his left jab to keep McKinson at bay and stem the early attacks.

Round three: Neither fighter landing anything, but McKinson has Kongo off balance, living up to his 'Problem' nickname.

Round four: Kongo getting into this fight now, landing a right that rocks McKinson and inspires confidence in the Kongo conrer.

Round five: McKinson stings Kongo with a left right on the bell and may capture the points as a result.

Round six: Probably Kongo's best round so far, landing a couple of scoring shots and avoiding trouble.

Round seven: Kongo probably taking the upper hand and McKinson needs to take more initiative if he is to produce the upset.

Round eight: Both fighters settling into their work, but McKinson maybe working harder in that round. Still very even.

Round nine: McKinson has Kongo trapped on the ropes and wails away - the upset may be on here, with only one round remaining.

Round 10: Kongo needed to do more in that round and his unbeaten record is now in jeopardy. Kongo slips to the ground in the final seconds, but no knockdown, both think they've won...

But the judges are unanimous for McKinson, who keeps his unbeaten record and now captures the WBO global welterwight title.

Next up, Youssef Khoumari v Kane Baker (super-featherweight)...

Eric Pfeifer v Nick Webb (heavyweight)

Webb wins by second-round TKO

Pfeifer is Dillian Whyte's sparring partner. This bout scheduled for 10 rounds, with the TAB favouring the German ($1.25).

But Webb is on top from the start, softening his opponent up in the opening round and putting him on the floor twice in the second, before the referee stops the fight.

That's Pfeifer's first loss and the result could turn the Brit's career around, after an upset loss to a journeyman in his previous outing - more than a year ago now, due to COVID-19.

He claims the IBO International Championship with that win.

Next up, Chris Kongo v Michael McKinson (welterweight)...

7:20pm - Today's card looks something like this...

Eric Pfeifer v Nick Webb (heavyweight)

Chris Kongo v Michael McKinson (welterweight)

Youssef Khoumari v Kane Baker (super-featherweight)

Campbell Hatton v Jesus Ruiz (lightweight)

Fabio Wardley v Eric Molina (heavyweight)

Ted Cheeseman v JJ Metcalf (super-welterweight)

Alexander Povetkin v Dillian Whyte (heavyweight)

The main event is scheduled to begina about 11:30am NZ time.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the heavyweight boxing bout between Russia Alexander Povetkin and Brit Dillian Whyte.

Billed as the 'Rumble on the Rock', this is a rematch of last August's encounter, when Povetkin stunned Whyte with a fifth-round knockout, despite hitting the canvas twice in the previous round.

These two fighters are contenders for the WBC crown held by Anthony Joshua, with the Russian currently next in line to face the Brit, after his unification clash with countryman Tyson Fury.

Whyte is probably best known to NZ fight fans as the second man to topple former WBO champion Joseph Parker, inflicting a consecutive defeat on the Kiwi, after he lost his belt to Joshua in 2018.

TAB odds: Whyte $1.22, Povetkin $3.60, draw $36

Whyte craves payback over heavyweight rival Povetkin

British heavyweight Dillian Whyte and Russian rival Alexander Povetkin are taking very different approaches to their long-awaited rematch at Gibralter on Sunday morning (NZ time).

After his stunning victory in their first meeting last August, Povetkin seems prepared to let his gloves do the talking, while Whyte's mouth is more than making up for his rival's reticence.

"It's the biggest fight of my career," Whyte has told BBC Radio 5 Live's Boxing with Costello and Bruce podcast.

"There is no psychological damage. I'll get straight back in and prove to myself how good I am.

"There will definitely be a different result."

Whyte, 32, has weighed in at 112kg - three kilograms lighter than their first encounter - while Povetkin, 41, tips the scales at 103.5kg for the bout billed as 'Rumble on the Rock'.

Dillian Whyte fells Joseph Parker
Dillian Whyte fells Joseph Parker. Photo credit: Getty

Seven months ago, the Russian hit the canvas twice in the fourth round, but felled Whyte for good in the fifth, extending his career record to 36 wins/two losses/one draw.

They were scheduled to meet again in November, before Povetkin was hospitalised with COVID-19. That encounter was moved to February, but moved again, with the pandemic restricted international travel.

The previous result deprived Whyte of a shot at the title, and he promises to be more "switched on and focused" this time.

"I could've taken more advantage of those knockdowns in the fourth last time, but that's heavyweight boxing," he says. "If you fight good fighters regularly, you will lose sometimes.

"You have to be ruthless and fearless - that's how guys get up off the floor and win fights.

"I still believe I can be one of the best heavyweights of the day, if not the best out there. I believe I will be world champion one day, but I'll get this done first - I'll knock out."

Perhaps Whyte's most significant victory in a 27-2 career his unanimous decision over Kiwi Joseph Parker, inflicting the former WBO world champion with his second successive defeat, after losing his belt to Anthony Joshua.

By contrast, Povetkin promises only "beautiful, interesting boxing".