Live updates: Constellation Cup - New Zealand v Australia, second test, at Christchurch

Full time: Silver Ferns 36 Australian Diamonds 45 (Live coverage has finished)

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Australia 45 (Koenen 29/34, Austin 13/24, Garbin 3/6) bt New Zealand 36 (Wilson 32/38, Mes 3/5, Falkner 1/2)

Big win for the Aussies - a great rebound effort from them after last night's loss. Much work for the Ferns to do in the final two tests.

End of 4th quarter: Australia 45-36 (NZ 8-7)

4Q 00:31 - The Aussies reply with a 2-0 run themselves .... game over and that's a great win for the Aussies.

4Q 2:10 - 5-0 run for NZ as the gap is down to seven.

4Q 3:30 - Ferns doing their best to close the gap - goal differential counts if the series is tied 2-2.

4Q 5:30 - Just two goals for the Ferns in this quarter. Aussie lead it 5-2.

4Q 7:30 - Neither side can score at the moment - both teams defending with intent.

4Q 9:12 - Turnover goal for the Aussies as they start to regain control.

4Q 12:30 - Messy start to the frame - just one goal so far....make that two as Wilson lands for the Ferns.

4Q 14:30 - The Aussies have the ball first. Straight down court they go, but Austin fluffs her shot.

4th Quarter

The Ferns probably needed to win that quarter by a few more goals to get back into this. They were excellent for the most part, but only won by four goals after a 7-1 start to the frame.

End of 3rd quarter - Australia 38-28 (NZ 12-8)

3Q 1:10 - Both sides exchanging turnovers - Wilson eventually lands for the Kiwis.

3Q 3:06 - Turnover for the Aussies as Wilson throws a wayward pass - but Austin can't land and the Ferns are let off the hook.

3Q 5:02 - The Aussies reply with a turnover goal themselves.

3Q - 6:14 - Wilson is on fire from range. Ferns witha turnover goal and cut the gap by one more.

3Q - 9:00 Mes tips a Bruce pass and Crampton collects, finds Wilson and she makes no mistake. 7-1 run for the Ferns this quarter.

3Q 11:00 - 4-0 run for NZ - they should have made it 5, but Crampton threw the ball away. Saunders wins the ball back down court and Wilson socres second later for the 5-0 run. 

3Q 13:30 - Early turnover for the Ferns and Wilson nails a tough shot and second later she nails another. 3-0 run for NZ - that's their best of the match.

3Q 14:30 - Ferns with the ball first - 14 turnovers to six in the first half. Mes lands for the Kiwis.

The Ferns with much work to do to even make this close. Chances of winning from here are more than slim. 

Half time

End of second quarter - Australia 30-16 (15-10)

2Q 2:15 - Australia have landed 28 from 33 - NZ 15 from 21.

2Q 4:17 - Mes shoots from distance and can't land - Aussies have another turnover.

2Q 7:22 - Again the Ferns are wasteful as Kersten throws a silly pass down court. This is getting ugly. 5-0 run for the Aussies.

2Q 8:30 - Another Ferns turnover - Australia running them ragged both with and without the ball. Austen sinks from distance and lands. Swish. 

2Q 10:00 - The Aussies just aren't missing at the moment. Both Koenen and Austin shooting above 90 percent. 

2Q 11:42 - The Ferns are worst the second best so far tonight - the Diamonds look quicker, slicker and just better. Saunders on for Crampton.

2Q 14:40 - Ferns have the ball first and Kersten quickly finds Wilson who scores.

2nd Quarter - Ferns with much work to do. Bayley Mes is on for Falkner and Fitzpatrick is on for Burger.

End of 1st quarter - Australia 15-6 (15-6)

1Q 0:39 - Falkner misses and Australia get the turnover and Austin makes them pay. The go back-to-back as Koenen lands. 

1Q 2:30 - Koenen and  Austin looking slick under the net - Maddy Gordon on for her debut - replaces Winders. Ferns shooting at 67 percent.

1Q 3:30 - Wilson in her groove now and she has all of the Ferns points so far.

1Q 5:30 - Goal-for-goal the last several minutes, but the Ferns finding it much harder to score than the Diamonds. 

1Q 7:20 - Wilson breaks the Ferns drought. 

1Q 8:52 - Wilson misses again and Australia head straight back down court and Koenen scores. Backed-up seconds later by Austin and that's a 7-0 run for Australia. 

1Q 9:30 - 5-0 run for the Aussies as Austin lands another.

1Q 11:00 - Wilson misses from a handy spot and Australia back on attack, but Austin with a wayward pass and the Kiwis have the ball back.

1Q 12:00 - Jane Watson gives the ball away and that's a second turnover for the Aussies - they lead by three. 

1Q 13:30 - Australia playing with more speed and direction than last night - they have an early turnover as Winders throws the ball away. Koenen makes no mistake under the net. 

1Q 14:50 - Australia has centre pass and first use of the ball and within seconds the ball is through the net for Koenen.

1st Quarter 


7:10pm - Teams about to head to centre court for introductions and anthems.

6:57pm - Big chance for Monica Falkner to stand out tonight with her skipper on the sideline. She had a great series against the NZ Men late last year and a very good domestic comp - a real chance to establish herself as the backup up Ekenasio and Wilson. 

Australian Diamonds: GK-S. Klau, GD-C. Bruce, WD-J. Weston, WA-L. Watson, C-K. Maloney, GA-K. Austin, GS-C. Koenen

Silver Ferns: GK-J. Watson, GD-K. Burger, WD-S. Winders, WA-G. Crampton, C-C. Kersten, GA-M. Falkner, GS-M. Wilson.
So Burger and Falkner come in for Fitzpatrick and Ekenasio. 

6:01pm - Both sides have named their starting sevens - will list for you shortly.


Hey folks and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the second Constellation Cup test between New Zealand and Australia.

The Silver Ferns are up by 1-0 after Tuesday night's 49-44 win in the opening clash, but will be without a key player tonight.

Skipper Ameliaranne Ekenasio has been rested after suffering a minor calf strain in the closing stages of the fourth quarter.

Ameliaranne Ekenasio
Ameliaranne Ekenasio Photo credit: Photosport

She has been replaced in the gameday squad of 12 by Maddy Gordon, who could make her debut if given a bib by coach Noeline Taurua.

The Ferns are on the hunt for their first Constellation Cup series win since 2012, and a win tonight will put them on the brink of that feat.


Monica Falkner, Bailey Mes, Maia Wilson

Gina Crampton, Claire Kersten, Shannon Saunders, Whitney Souness, Samantha Winders, Maddy Gordon

Karin Burger, Sulu Fitzpatrick, Jane Watson

TAB Odds - New Zealand $1.40, Australia $2.70

Live updates: Constellation Cup - New Zealand v Australia, second test, at Christchurch
Photo credit: Photosport

Australian Diamonds refuse to blame two-week COVID-19 quarantine for opening loss

Two weeks in COVID-19 quarantine - and an opening loss to the world champion Silver Ferns - has not taken the sparkle from Australia Diamonds.

New Zealand have snatched an early lead in their four-match Constellation Cup series, taking out the first encounter 49-44 at Christchurch, with virtually no spectators under Alert Level 2 conditions.

The home team controlled the contest throughout, but allowed a nine-goal three-quarter lead to deteriorate over the final 15 minutes, as new Australia coach Stacey Marinkovich found a combination and cohestion that troubled the Kiwis, and laid a foundation for the next three games.

After a year of inactivity and 14 days under managed isolation, Aussie skipper Caitlin Bassett has fended off suggestions that her team were disadvantaged by their enforced stay at a quarantine facility.

"To be fair, being in managed quarantine and being able to train has been massive for us," says Bassett, who will hook up with Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic after the current series.

"I couldn't imagine coming into this tour if we were alone in a hotel, and didn't have a bike and all the amazing equipment and things we were able to do in Christchurch.

"I look at what we've done over the last couple of weeks as a real benefit to our team - it's given us time to connect and any time we were allowed out together, we got to chat and laugh. Training was an amazing part of the day, when we got to throw the ball around together.

"You can take the negatives out of what quarantine could hold for teams, but I think we used it to our advantage."

Most international sports teams visiting New Zealand under coronavirus conditions have passed through managed isolation in Christchurch, but their experiences have varied widely.

Last year, the England netballers thoroughly embraced their stay, as have the Australian cricketers, but their Pakistan and West Indies counterparts fell foul of the MIQ rules, and almost forced the cancellation of their respective tours.

"To be honest, it's just been a unique preparation, not the normal style that you would do," says Marinkovich.

"There were some parts [in the game] where you thought there was some execution and skill, but we obviously didn't have any umpires at training and all those little things that you take for granted when you have a normal preparation. 

"There were obviously some parts that challenged us, but there were some parts that actually helped us grow as a team."