Live updates: Constellation Cup - Silver Ferns v Australia, Fourth test in Christchurch

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NZ 45 Australia 43

NZ - Wilson 36, Ekenasio 9

Australia - Austin 28, Koenen 15

Fourth  quarter

Quarter - Ferns just need to control the ball now. No need to force passes - Wilson scores to seal it!

Austin slots the final goal, but it's not enough. NZ finally has the Constellation Cup again and surely the world No.1 ranking on that performance! 

14th minute - NZ centre pass to seal this game, surely.

Aussie defence falling away and Wilson scores for a three-goal lead.

Wilson now has plenty of room to operate under goal and scores again.

12th minute - Who will blink first? Wilson is on target, but they need a turnover.

They get one, as the Aussie midcourt holds the ball too long.

Wilson and Klau are banging away, Klau gets called and Wilson scores.

10th minute - Next miss will be crucial. Wilson dribbles one in, Austin replies.

Eighth minute - Weston returns for Australia at wing defence.

Poi passes over the defence for Wilson to keep NZ one goal ahead.

Winders stretches for an intercept, but deflects out of bounds.

Ekenasio restores Ferns' lead.

Sixth minute - NZ midcourt trying to find a way into the circle for a go-ahead goal. Eventually, Wilson provides the goal.

Now NZ are playing ahead, but Australia force a mistake... they can't capitalise.

Fourth minute - Ekenasio passes from outside the circle and finds Wilson, good combination.

Austin is called for contact in the circle and Ferns have a turnover. Ekenasio misses, but has a second chance to level - she does.

Second minute - Wilson and Koenen exchange goals. Ekenasion fakes a long shot and passes to Wilson underneath.

Passoff - Koenen and Austin switch positions for the final quarter. No changes for NZ.

Koenen scores off centre pass.

Third quarter (Australia 31-30)

Quarter - Koenen finally scores and Aussies have centre pass. Austin levels the score.

Austin forces a turnover in midcourt and then scores a go-ahead goal as the quarter ends.

This is all the Ferns need to take the trophy - one goal difference. They dominated that quarter (13-9) and forced Stacey Marinkovich into several line-up changes to stem the flow.

14th minute - Burger forces a mishandle in the Aussie shooting circle and Wilson takes advantage to stretch the lead.

NZ centre pass, but Wilson misses a mid-range attempt.

Austin misses, but Australia inbounds pass.

12th minute - NZ centre pass to take the lead and Wilson obliges.

Aussies pass over the baseline, so another chance here for the Ferns. Weston off, Price on for Australia.

Aussie defence has a midcourt deflection and steal possession.

10th minute - Seven straight goals to NZ pull them within one.

Next turnover is huge. Watson deflects a shot to create the chance and Wilson levels the score.

Eighth minute - Another turnover, Ferns score four straight and Wilson makes it five - here comes that charge!

No way into the circle for Australia, but they catch Burger unsighted... Koenen misses.

Now six straight for NZ with centre pass. Australia bring on Charles at wing attack and Watson moves to centre.

Sixth minute - NZ need a turnover here and get one, as Weston loses the ball over the sideline. Wilson slots one and they have centre pass to come.

Klau and Wilson collide, Klau penalised, Ekenasio scores.

Fourth minute - Burger comes on at goal defence, Watson moves to goal keep and Fitzpatrick off. Crampton back on at wing attack.

Ekenasio leaps high and scores.

Second minute - Another NZ turnover allows Australia to ease out again - three straight goals.

Passoff - Australia centre pass and Austin scores immediately.

No changes in either team.

Second quarter (Australia 22-17)

Quarter - Saunders has a pass batted down, but gets the ball back. Ferns can't get the ball to their shooters before the halftime buzzer, but a penalty gives Wilson a chance to narrow the deficit.

NZ actually won that quarter (11-10), scoring five straight goals at one point, but both defences have put up a wall around the shooting circles.

The penalty count has also taken a toll on the Ferns - they were 17-12 in that quarter, but five goals behind, they're in the same position as 24 hours ago.

Can they finish strongly again?

14th minute - Wilson misses one that bobbles around the ring, Australia with a chance to extend before halftime. Austin accurate.

Nice passage from Austin, who catches and passes in midair, then shoots a midrange in the circle.

12th minute - Circle feeders forced to pass back into centre third, before eventually finding a way to the shooters.

10th minute - Ekenasio scores off centre pass, but NZ still struggling to cash in on the defence's hard work.

The skipper creates good space under goal for Wilson to score.

Eighth minute - Wilson scores off the centre pass to close within one goal again, but Koenen replies and the Diamonds midcourt steal another ball.

Sixth minute - Koenen misses, but charges in for the rebound to score.

NZ turn over at the other end. Austin scores and the lead eases back out.

Poi deflects a pass to Watson for a turnover and Wilson cashes in.

Fourth minute - Taurua is calling from the sideline, urging her circle defenders to keep the shooters away from goal. Austin misses from mid-range to present another catch-up chance for NZ.

Wilson scores NZ's fifth in a row.

Second minute - NZ defence working hard, particularly Winders, and they force a turnover for Watson. Ekenasio scores to narrow the gap, with centre pass to come.

Wilson scores.

Passoff - Shannon Saunders in for Gina Crampton at wing attack.

Wilson scores first to narrow the deficit.

First quarter (Australia 12-6)

Quarter - NZ defence working hard to keep the Aussies out, but Austin converts and they have centre pass.

Frustrating period, with the Ferns midcourt unable to find a way into the shooting circle. They had only eight attempts at goal for the quarter off 10 feeds and committed 10 turnovers.

Defensively, they've been great.

14th minute - NZ shooters have the ball in the circle, but pass out for better position and it's turned over again.

Ferns must score this time off a steal - Wilson obliges.

12th minute - Klau called for contact and NZ capitalise on the turnover to score, with centre pass to come. They turn it over!

10th minute - Winders tries to force another pass and it's snaffled by the Aussie defence. This is making it hard to say in contact.

Ekenasio misses a rare shot at goal, but Wilson dives over the baseline to deflect the rebound bac. Ekenasio scores.

Eighth minute - Mes is warming up on the bike. Poi forces a turnover in midcourt, but can't find a way into the circle.

Both Ekenasio and Wilson called for contact, so another turnover.

Sixth minute - Very low scoring and NZ struggling in midcourt, throw the ball away again.

Austin to shoot a mid-ranger, but Watson swats it away - not in my house!

Fourth minute - Very physical in the circles, Australia throw the ball out over the baseline and NZ try to take advantage. They can't, advantage Australia still.

Second minute - Wilson scores first to put the Ferns ahead early. Koenen replies, but Wilson misses her second attempt to give the Aussies an early chance.

Passoff - Just an aside, the NZ national anthem looks very cool being signed!

Poi has first centre pass, but Wilson is called for contact in the circle - immediate turnover.

2:49pm - Sold-out stadium under COVID-19 Alert Level 1 in Christchurch. Such a shame the previous three games were played to an empty venue :-(

2:38pm - After sparking the Ferns from the bench on Saturday, Kimiora Poi will start at centre today, replacing Claire Kersten.

Australia keep the same line-up as yesterday.

New Zealand: GS-Maia Wilson, GA-Ameliaranne Ekenasio, WA-Gina Crampton, C-Kimiora Poi, WD-Sam Winders, GD-Jane Watson, GK-Sulu Fitzpatrick

Australia: GS-Cara Koenen, GA-Kiera austin, WA-Liz Watson, C-Kate Moloney, WD-Jo Weston, GD-Courtney Bruce, GK-Sarah Klau

1:23pm - Silver Ferns will field an unchanged roster for the fourth and deciding Constellation Cup test today, so Maddy Gordon and Whitney Souness miss out.

Shooters - Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Monica Falkner, Bailey Mes, Maia Wilson
Midcourters - Gina Crampton, Claire Kersten, Kimiora Poi, Shannon Saunders, Samantha Winders
Defenders - Karin Burger, Sulu Fitzpatrick, Jane Watson


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the fourth and deciding Constellation Cup test between New Zealand and Australia at Christchurch.

With the country sliding down COVID-19 alert levels overnight, this encounter will likely be played in a packed stadium, after the three previous fixtures take place largely without spectators.

The world champion Silver Ferns will relish that support, as they try to capture the trans-Tasman silverware off the world's No.1-ranked team for the first time since 2012.

After taking out the series-opener, they could not repeat that success 24 hours later, with captain Ameliaranne Ekenasio sidelined by a calf niggle.

Ekenasio's return seemed to spark her team on Saturday, as they produced a withering final 17-9 final quarter to regain the upper hand.

New Zealand don't even need to win today - a one-goal loss is enough for them to clinch the series, but they won't want to run that close. 

TAB odds: NZ $1.60, Australia $2.20

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