Live updates: White Ferns v England, Second T20 at Wellington

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England 124/4 (17.2 overs)

Jones 7, Dunkley 0

NZ 123/9 (Satterthwaite 49, A Kerr 25, Davies 4/23)

England win by six wickets and the series

England take an easy victory and seal the series with one match to come. Opener Tammy Beaumont steered them home with a half century with the bat, but Freya Davies is Player of the Match, after her 4/23 bowling spell.

The third and final match is scheduled for Sunday, with a crowd now permitted to attend under COVID-19 Alert Level 1.

18th over - Jensen into her last over...

OUT Knight c Green b Jensen 39

Knight tries to loft into the stands, but finds Green in the outfield.

Jones repeats Knight's shot, but clears Green for the winning runs...

17th over - Amelia Kerr to bowl her last.

Kerr overtosses and Jones drives down the wicket for four.

Knight drives through the offside for two. Nine off the over, Eng 122/3

16th over - Kasperek into her last over. Knight lofts over the offside for two.

Beaumont sweeps fine, but there's a misfield that allows a second run. She lofts for a boundary.

OUT Beaumont c Satterthwaite b Kasperek 63

Tries to loft one over the infield but success in lobbing to Satterthwaite at long off - great innings that has set up another England win.

Nine runs and a wicket in that over, Eng 113/3

15th over - Amelia Kerr into her third over, England need 26 off 36 balls.

Knight sweeps for four.

Six off the over, Eng 104/2

14th over - Jensen bowling her third. NZ desperately need wickets to stem the flow of runs.

Knight sweeps and gets a top edge that clears the wicketkeeper and finds the bounday. Nine runs off the over, Eng 98/2

13th over - Mair to bowl her third over.

Beaumont chips off her pads, landing just short of Amelia Kerr in the outfield.

Mair drops short and Knight sends her to the boundary. Knight advances down the pitch and runs a single, the throw hits the wickets and they get an overthrow.

Seven runs off the over, Eng 89/2

12th over - Jensen into her second over, first ball wide down leg.

Four singles and a wide off the over, Eng 82/2

11th over - Amelia Kerr to continue.

Beaumont down the pitch and plays a single for her 50 off 39 balls.

Kerr drifts one down legside,which evades the keeper and concedes three. Six off the over, Eng 77/2

10th over - Kasperek into her third over.

Beaumont pulls her for a boundary. Five runs from the over, Eng 71/2

Ninth over - Amelia Kerr into the attack.

Knight laps her for two, but can't keep the next ball down, barely evading the fielder.

Beaumont hits hit and long, but falls just short of Satterthwaite.

Beaumont drives straight back down the pitch, the ball hits the stumps and Kerr thinks she has a runout...

Replay shows Knight just made her ground before the ball hit the wickets.

Five runs off the over, Eng 66/2

Eighth over - Jess Kerr for her second over. Beaumont lofts her for a one-bounce four.

Beaumont swings Kerr over the legside for six. Fourteen off the over, Eng 61/2

Seventh over - Hayley Jensen to bowl her first over.

Knight drives uppishly, just wide of the bowler.

Four singles off the over, Eng 47/2

Sixth over - Kasperek into her second over.

News that Wellington will drop to COVID-19 Alert Level 1 on Sunday, so crowds can attend the final T20s between the Blackcaps & Australia and White Ferns v England.

Beaumont pulls for two. Five off the over, Eng 43/2

Fifth over - Mair into her second over...

OUT Sciver c Martin b Mair 0

Sciver tries to ramp over the keeper, but succeeds only in lobbing it up for Martin to catch easily.

Beaumont cuts to the boundary. Skipper Heather Knight is now at the wicket.

Eight runs and a wicket in that over, Eng 38/2

Fourth over - Skipper Sophie Devine into the attack, let's see if she can producer with the ball.

Second ball is a no ball, so Beaumont gets a free hit, which she lofts just over the infield for a couple.

Beaumont repeats the shot with more power for a boundary.

Devine drops one short and Beaumont swings it through the legside for four. Eleven runs off the over, Eng 30/1

Third over - Rosemary Kerr replaces Jess Kerr and raps Beaumont on the pads first ball. No real appeal and may have been heading down legside.

SIX Wyatt advances down the pitch and lofts square into the seats.

OUT Wyatt b Mair 9

Very next ball, Mair gets one to cut back and takes out Wyatt's stumps - great blow for NZ. Eng 19/1

Second over - Leigh Kasperek to bowl the second over and immediately swept for four by Beaumont.

Beaumont tries a reverse sweep, but doesn't really connect... the ball eludes the keeper for a single.

Beaumont lofts over the offside field for two, Seven off the over, Eng 12/0

First over - Jess Kerr to open the bowling and Beaumont immediately starts the run chase with a single.

Beaumont inside-edges for two. Five runs off the over, Eng 5/0

NZ 123/9 (20 overs)

Satterthwaite 49, Kerr 25, Davies 4/23

England win the toss & elect to field

Some positives for NZ this time - they batted out their overs and scored 27 runs more than two days ago. Probably still not enough to really test this classy England side though.

20th over - Sciver to bowl the last.

OUT Kasperek b Sciver 5

Kasperek tries to fall away and play down leg side, but misses and her wicket goes.

OUT J Kerr b Sciver 0

Sciver on a hat-trick, clean bowling Kerr with a change of pace.

Rosemary Mair to fend off the hat-trick, plays Sciver through legside for a single.

Halliday plays off her hip for a single.

Mair swings for a single, Halliday can't get the final ball away. NZ 123/9

19th over - Farrant to bowler her last over.

Kasperek audaciously laps over the keeper for two.

Halliday drives for four. Eight off the over, NZ 119/7

18th over - Ecclestone to bowl her last over.

Kasperek beaten outside offstump, but safe in her crease.

Two runs off the over, NZ 110/7

17th over - Davies the destroyer into her last over.

OUT Ebrahim b Davies 2

Davies does it again, straight through the batter to take out the wickets, she has one ball for her five-fer.

Davies beats Kasperek outside offstump, but can't find the edge. She finishes with 4/23. NZ 108/7

16th over - Sciver into her third over, Halliday cuts behind point for four.

Halliday cuts behind point again for two. Ebrahim off the mark with a single.

Eight runs off the over, NZ 106/6

15th over - Davies' third over and Satterthwaite cuts for four to close on her half century.

OUT Satterthwaite b Davies 49

Just as NZ achieve their score from the first T20, Satterthwaite plays all around Davies and is bowled, one run short of her fifty. That sums up the Ferns' summer.

Maddy Green next up for the Ferns...

OUT Green c Jones b Davies 0

Green prods tenatively and gets an inside edge, expertly taken by Jones behind the wickets - that same combination strikes again.

Just four runs and two wickets from the over, NZ 98/6

14th over - Glenn's third over, Sattherthwaite pulls her through the leg side for four.

Halliday off the mark with a single.

Nine runs off the over, NZ 94/4

13th over - Brooke Halliday comes to the crease, Farrant to bowl her third over.

Just one single off the over, NZ 85/4

12th over - Glenn into her second over.

Satterthwaite lofts over the field and falls just short of the boundary rider.

Kerr square-cuts for four.

OUT Kerr st Jones b Glenn 25

Kerr advances down the pitch, looking for another cut, but misses altogether and is caught out of her ground by the keeper. Big wicket.

Katey Martin strides to the crease and is rapped on the pads with the first deliver, given out, but calls for the review...

Review says the ball is missing the stumps. Good review.

OUT Martin st Jones b Glenn 0

Martin repeats Kerr's mistake, advancing down the pitch and caught out of her ground. The wheels are falling off here.

Six runs and two wickets off the over, NZ 84/4

11th over - Spinner Maddy Villiers enters the attack and Kerr plays back over her head for four.

Satterthwaite drives over cover for four... and repeats the shot for another boundary.

Satterthwaite attempts an audacious reverse sweep for two, bringing up the 50 partnership. Fifteen off the over, NZ 78/2

10th over - Ecclestone into her third over. Kiwis picking her off for singles.

Satterthwaite advances down the pitch and has a swish, the inside edge just misses the wickets and dribbles to the boundary. Eight runs off the over, NZ 63/2

Ninth over - Davies into her second, Kerr backs away and plays late for a single to bring up NZ's 50.

Satterthwaite pulls into the outfield for two. Six runs off the over, NZ 55/2

Eighth over - Sciver into her second over.

Satterthwaite plays uppishly for two.

Eight runs from the over, NZ 49/2

Seventh over - Spinner Sarah Glenn into her first over, Satterthwaite pulls her through the legside for four.

Kerr cuts over the field for two runs. She cuts along the ground for a boundary. 

Twelve runs off the over, NZ 41/2

Sixth over - Ecclestone quickly through her second over, Amerlia Kerr has a single to get off the mark.

The final delivery hits Satterthwaite in the pad, but was heading down legside, Just the single off the over, NZ 29/2

Fifth over - Freya Davies to bowl her first over, but Satterthwaite lofts her over the infield for a boundary immediately.

Satterthwaite runs a single and gets her bat jammed in the ground, almost spears herself, but makes her ground.

Jensen cuts viciously through the offside for a boundary to break the shackles.

OUT Jensen c Dunkley b Davies 12

Dumb shot, Jensen tried to cut over the field, but found a catcher that had moved there a couple of balls earlier. NZ had 11 runs off the over before that, but instead lost a valuable wicket.

NZ 28/2

Fourth over - Sophie Ecclestone, No.1 T20 bowler in the world...

OUT Devine lbw Eccelstone 8

And on queue, Ecclestone's spin deceives the NZ captain and traps her in front. Devine's run drought continues.

Amy Satterthwaite comes to the crease, needing another innings like she produced in the final one-dayer last week.

Three singles and a wicket from that over, NZ 17/1

Third over - Farrant with her second over. Jensen swings her for a single.

Ferns batters struggling with Farrant's mix of pace, just two runs off the over, NZ 14/0

Second over - Nat Sciver has the second over for England.

Jensen plays through the onside for two runs to get off the mark.

Jensen swings at a legside wide and seems to make connection, but it is a wide.

Jensen hits and runs, and Devine has to scramble to make her ground at the striker's end.

Seven off the over, NZ 12/0

First over - Sophie Devine and Hayley Jensen to open the batting for New Zealand, facing Tash Farrant's left-armers. 

Devine gets an outside edge on the second delivery and is off the mark with a bounday. She needs some runs today - it's been a lean patch for her against England.

Five runs off the over, NZ 5/0

2:33pm - England captain Heather Knight has won the toss again and puts New Zealand into bat again. NZ skipper Sophie Devine admits she would have done the same.

Kate Ebrahim will replace Thamsyn Newton in the Ferns line-up.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second T20 international between the White Ferns and England at Wellington's Sky Stadium.

With the capital still at COVID-19 Alert Level 2, the match will be played behind closed doors, with no spectators. 

The White Ferns will be looking for a much-improved performance, after being outclassed in the opening T20 on Wednesday. 

Sent in by the visitors, the Kiwis were bowled out quickly, with only Katey Martin putting up any resistance with the bat. 

The world No.2 English side come into the contest on a nine-game win streak and will be looking to wrap up the series at the first attempt. 

They suffered defeat in the T20 World Cup semi-final in 2020, but it was abandoned without a ball being bowled. Their last defeat previous to that was in pool play against South Africa.

TAB odds: NZ $3.15, England $1.34

England demolish White Ferns in opening T20

England have shown why they're the world's No.2 T20 side with a comprehensive victory over New Zealand in the opening game of their three-match series at Wellington's Sky Stadium.

The visitors produced a near-perfect performance with the bat, ball and in the field to cruise to a seven-wicket win, with 24 balls to spare.

England won the toss and sent the home side in to bat on a slow 'Cake Tin' wicket.

The White Ferns were in trouble from the outset, losing captain Sophie Devine (2) and vice-captain Amy Satterthwaite (2) inside the first four overs.

The Kiwis lost wickets throughout and never built any partnerships during their innings, with only wicketkeeper Katey Martin (36) putting up any fight.

Only three other batters reached double figures, as the Kiwis limped to 96 - bowled out in the final over.

Spin was the key for the English, with their accomplished trio providing tight bowling and picking up wickets consistently. Wickets were shared around, with Katherine Brunt (2/13), Natalie Sciver (2/28), Sophie Ecclestone (2/18) and Sarah Glenn (2/11) all chipping in.

In reply, an England victory never looked in any doubt, as openers Tammy Beaumont (25) and Danni Wyatt (33) combined for an opening stand of 59 to have their side off to a flyer.

The White Ferns rallied in the middle part of the innings, grabbing three wickets for just eight runs, but Sciver (267) and Amy Jones (12) saw the tourists home comfortably.

The two sides will be back in action Friday for the second T20, again at Wellington.