Parker v Chisora: Derek Chisora's stern warning for Joseph Parker, as heavyweight showdown approaches

Derek Chisora has dismissed the threat of Joseph Parker, four days out from their heavyweight bout in Manchester. 

The Brit says he's going to instill the "fear of god" into his rival on Sunday (NZ time), taunting him for backing out of their fight in 2019. 

"I'm going to put the fear of god in him," Chisora says.

"The message I have for Joe is get ready man. A storm is coming. We are coming."

Chisora insists that Parker doesn't produce the goods when the cameras are on and the lights shine brightest.

"When he came up to London to fight Anthony Joshua, he froze," Chiora says. "Dillian Whyte, all the big fights he's ever had, he's never come out the right way."

But Parker, coming off a win against Junior Fa and a quick nine-week turnaround, has reason to be optimistic. 

The 29-year-old has new trainer Andy Lee behind him and most importantly, he's ring-fit for the first time in a long time.

"To be honest,I feel a lot different from not only the Fa fight but the last four or five fights that I've had to," Parker says.

"To be totally honest, a lot better in terms of mentally and physically."

Momentum was key in Parker's lead up to a world title but Chisora presents a tougher challenge. 

And at 37, the Brit has his own point to prove, and has a warning for Parker, should the Kiwi believe he has the advantage of youth.

"He don't bring anything I haven't seen yet," Chisora states.

"In his mind, he might think I'm 37... but I'm not scared of him."

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