Cricket: South Africa spinner Tabraiz Shamsi pranked by teammates after bizarre wicket celebration

  • 12/04/2021

South African spinner Tabraiz Shamsi's novel wicket-taking celebrations appear to be wearing a touch thin on Proteas teammates.

During the opening Twenty20 international against Pakistan, Shamsi twice removed his shoe to dial up a fake, Maxwell Smart-style phone call to mentor and former Proteas bowler Imran Tahir in a routine that has now become his trademark.

After the second wicket celebration, Shamsi threw his shoe to the turf, but was left baffled when he couldn't relocate it.

As it turns out, Pite van Biljon had snuck it underneath his jersey, hiding it from his flummoxed teammate.

After the rogue shoe was returned, captain Heinrich Klaasens appeared to take a moment to ask Shamsi to tone down his theatrics. Judging by the reaction, the message didn't quite get through.

Shamsi - an aspiring magician - has developed a reputation for his outlandish post-wicket antics, once reaching into his pocket to produce a red handkerchief that he transformed into a silver rod.

Ultimately, Shamsi's two-wicket haul wasn't enough to prevent his side falling to a four-wicket loss.