Ex-footballer, reality TV star Ashley Cain's emotional baby video breaks hearts on social media

Former pro footballer, turned reality TV star Ashley Cain has broken social media hearts, after revealing his infant daughter may have only days to live.

Cain and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee have struggled to find answers for the rare form of leukemia afflicting baby Azalia since her birth last August, but his latest Instagram video has updated almost one million followers on an illness that has taken a turn for the worse.

The former Ex On The Beach star explains his daughter has undergone tests and scans, as specialists searched for therapy that would alleviate her suffering.  

"The results came back the next day, saying Azalia's got two very big tumours on her brain," sobs Cain.

"They also said the chemotherapy usually given to treat leukemia in the spine and brain will not be available, because she has too much pressure with these tumours and if they tried to go through the spinal tap, it would kill her.

"At that point, our world came down. Consultants said she's only got one, two days to live, and it could even be that night."

Subsequent tests have revealed more tumours spread throughout her body and the last hope of treatment has been extinguished.

"That means we're going back home... and we're going to try and make our baby as comfortable as possible, and have as much fun with her as possible," he says.

"She's had a tough, tough life. From eight weeks old, she's been in hospital having chemotherapy, operations... transplants.

"For the last part of her life, I just want to take her home and treat her like a baby and give her the best rest of her life we can give her."

The 10-minute video post almost two million views in three hours and has provoked an emotional response on Instagram.

"My heart feels broken and words are not enough," says one comment. "Azaylia has stolen the hearts of us all and she will forever keep them in the palm of her hand.

"You are such an inspirational family, you have shown us what being brave really is."

Cain had a football career spanning six years, highlighted by a stint with Coventry City in the second-tier Football League Championship.