'Bin it now': Football world speaks out against Super League plan

Current and former players and coaches of the 12 European Super League teams - the 'Dirty Dozen' - have spoken out against the breakaway football competition.


Former Barcelona and current Manchester City coach

"It is not a sport where the relation between effort and success does not exist. It is not a sport where success is already guaranteed or it doesn't matter where you lose.

"It's not fair when one team fight, fight, fight at the top and cannot be qualified, because it is just for a few teams."


Manchester City midfielder

"I have worked and competed against everybody trying to win the ultimate, but the key word here is 'competing'. With all events that have been happening in the last few days, maybe this is the good moment for everybody to come together and try to work for a solution."


Manchester United defender

"I grew up watching the Premier League and Champions League, and fell in love with the sport watching what, in my opinion, are the two biggest club competitions in the world.

"We've been without supporters in stadiums for over a year now, and I know how much myself and the team have missed them in each and every game. Fans and players should always have a voice and their opinion should always be counted."


Former Barcelona and Tottenham forward

"Come on, Barcelona, you're so much better than this. This is not what you're about.

"You're Mes Que Un Club (More Than a Club). Prove that's still true."


Former Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Inter Milan coach

"It's very sad for me, the Super League is so bad. The Leicester story was something special and we'd lose these stories.

"That's what football is about - an underdog can beat a big club, that's the essence of sport."


Former Real Madrid and Manchester City coach

"The Super League idea would destroy all national football. The feeling of the fans is with their national leagues.

"Teams need to earn qualification for European competitions on the pitch. I don't understand La Liga without the biggest teams."


Former Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan forward

"Nottingham Forest (now in the English second tier) have also won two Champions Leagues, the same as Juventus. ... They should get in too - it shouldn't just be on the results of the last few years."


Former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United forward

"It's an ill-thought-through idea that cannot and will not work. Protecting the football pyramid is paramount, and any proposal as radical as this requires all clubs and their fans to support it.

"This support should have been sought at the outset. It wasn't and as such, it's doomed to fail.

"Bin it now and let the people have their game back."


Former Manchester United midfielder

"The fans are the most important thing in football and they have to be respected. Did these big clubs even ask their fans what they thought about this idea?

"No, unfortunately, and that's a shame."


Former Real Madrid and Arsenal forward

"We have sent a clear message, showing solidarity and unity against the selfish interests of the richest clubs and their owners. It is a great thing that we are united in our attitudes and efforts to keep football accessible to all."


Ex-Liverpool captain and coach

"Can someone at the very top of my football club please put their head above the parapet and tell us, WHY?"


Former Barcelona and Liverpool, and current Lazio goalkeeper

"It's not fair. Granted, the majority of those founder clubs will generate more money than others, but it's not fair to qualify for a tournament just by decree.

"It's not what sporting values are about."