Golf: Police report shows excessive speed main cause of Tiger Woods car crash

Tiger Woods' car accident in February was caused by excessive speed and failure to negotiate a curve.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has told a press conference in downtown Los Angeles that there were no signs of impairment for the golfing great, who will not face any citations or charges for the crash on February 24 (NZ time).

"The primary cause or factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway," Villanueva says.

Villanueva notes Woods' Genesis SUV was travelling an estimated 84-87mph (135kph) on a stretch of road with a speed limit of 45mph (72kph).

Woods, 45, sustained severe leg injuries, after the SUV struck a raised median, crossed through two oncoming lanes and uprooted a tree, before rolling over in Rolling Hills Estates, just outside Los Angeles.

Villanueva says Woods and his representatives have been cooperative during the investigation, and permitted the release of the findings. Villanueva initially cited privacy concerns for not releasing the findings earlier.

The car's 'black box' data recorder showed Woods engaged the accelerator and never applied the brake during the incident, says LASD captain James Powers.

That could indicate that he may have mistakenly hit the wrong pedal, while trying to control the car, Powers says.

"It's believed that when you panic or you have some sort of sudden interruption while you're driving, your initial thought is to hit the brake and it's believed he may have done that, but hit the accelerator."

The one-car crash left the 82-time PGA Tour winner with a fractured right leg and shattered ankle, and stunned the world of sport and beyond, with former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama among those who offered support.

Woods was treated at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center as well as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Woods was not cited for driving at excessive speeds because there were no witnesses to the incident, which involved only his car, Villanueva says

"The decision not to issue a citation will be the exact same thing for anyone in this room who went through the same situation - a solo traffic collision, there's no witnesses (it's) infraction only, and we're not going to issue a citation on an infraction not committed in a peace officer's presence or independent witnesses."

Wood has tweeted, thanking first responders for their quick recovery efforts.

"I am so grateful to both of the Good Samaritans who came to assist me and called 911," Woods writes.

"I am also thankful to the LASD Deputies and LA Firefighter/Paramedics, especially LA Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Gonzalez and LAFD Engine Co #106 Fire Paramedics Smith and Gimenez, for helping me so expertly at the scene and getting me safely to the hospital.

"I will continue to focus on my recovery and family, and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement I've received throughout this very difficult time."