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Warriors 12                 Roosters 32

Warriors - Pompey, Harris tries, Nikorima (2) conversions

Roosters - Tedesco, Butcher, B.Morris (2), Hutchison, J. Morris tries, Taukeiaho (3), Walker conversions


That's all she wrote, a convincing win for the Roosters.

77 mins

Set restart called as the Warriors attack. Tuivasa-Sheck gets his dancing shoes on, but then Tevaga can't hold onto the pass. Roosters scrum.

75 mins

Nikorima is staying down hurt. O'Sullivan kicks into the Roosters' in-goal, where Tedesco tries to run the ball out of trouble, but he's tackled to force a dropout.

72 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

Brett Morris is off the field injured, so twin brother Josh is there instead! The centre gets the ball on the bounce inside the 10, and goes for the line.

Morris holds off three defenders and he scores. Taukeiaho returns to kicking duties, and he nails it.

(WAR 12 SYD 32)

70 mins

Here we go! The Warriors have a scrum, and they go wide to the left hand side. Tuivasa-Sheck finds Maumalo in some space, and the winger does brilliantly to stay in as he scores. 

Hang on. Has he stayed in? Maumalo's right hand's gone into touch. No try the call.

68 mins

The Warriors get out of jail. Tedesco can't hang on to the ball, and the Warriors will have a scrum.

67 mins

The Warriors really need to score next if they're to have any chance of winning. O'Sullivan kicks on the last, but only as far as Tedesco.

Waerea-Hargreaves runs the ball inside the Warriors half, before Tedesco has another crack. The Roosters go wide to the right, as Manu kicks towards the in-goal. Tuivasa-Sheck is there to tidy up, but is forced to run the ball into touch.

That'll be another dropout, no it won't. The Warriors don't get the kick away in time, so the Roosters will have a penalty right in front.

60 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

The Roosters pounce on a mistake and score! Sironen's pass isn't held by Tuivasa-Sheck, and Hutchison is there to run away to score with no one in front of him. 

Walker will have a shot at goal for his first points in the NRL. He won't get a better chance than this, and he's got it.

59 mins

The Roosters force a dropout after O'Sullivan is tackled in goal. Hang on, the decision is reversed by the bunker, after a knock-on from Manu in the air.

Warriors' scrum.

54 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

Brett Morris scores despite his injury from earlier. The Roosters go wide after a good run from Walker. Manu takes the ball wide, before Morris has a go from dummy half and scores his second of the night.

But the kick from Hutchison is awful.

53 mins

Set restart inside the Roosters' 10. Nikorima is tackled high by Hutchison - but no call made by the referee?!

Sironen runs on the fourth, and the Roosters somehow come away with it! 

51 mins

The Warriors attack once again. Tuivasa-Sheck tries to slip through on the third, as Egan goes close from dummy half on the fourth.

O'Sullivan kicks on the last, Brett Morris gets there first, before Walker is tackled in goal. Another dropout.

50 mins

O'Sullivan runs from the back of the scrum, and throws a floater to Maumalo's wing, before he's tackled. Sironen and Harris combine nicely, before O'Sullivan attacks the line.

The Roosters read a cheeky play from Egan and Murdoch-Masila. The Warriors kick on the last, and Brett Morris runs out of the in-goal.

Taukeiaho tries a run, but he's smashed and driven back under the uprights to be tackled in goal. That'll be a dropout for the Warriors.

Brett Morris is staying down injured. Looks like a knee issue.

48 mins

Set restart for the Warriors as they approach halfway. Sironen takes the ball into the Roosters' half, before Lussick is penalised.

The Warriors will have a set of six, starting on the Roosters' 20. O'Sullivan nearly puts Ah May through on the third, before Sironen goes close on the fourth.

O'Sullivan's short pass is intercepted by Hutchison, but he's knocked on. Warriors scrum, great field position.

44 mins

Harris makes a mistake in the play-the-ball, and the Roosters have a scrum. 

Penalty against the Warriors as Murdoch-Masila goes in too hard on Walker. Taukeiaho runs at the Warriors' defence and gets a set restart for his troubles.

O'Sullivan saves a try by tackling Tedesco on the third, before Hutchison tries to run the ball on the last. He's tackled and the Warriors survive.

41 mins

We're back for the second half. The Roosters will kick off to get things going. 


Egan goes deep on the Warriors' last, straight to Tupou. The Roosters can have one last set before the break. Crichton has his shirt torn to shreds in the tackle, as the Roosters get a set restart.

Manu wins a second set restart, but Harris intercepts. Seconds left on the clock, as Montoya runs, but he can't go anywhere to end the half.

36 mins

Double knock-on called, Fusitu'a then Josh Morris. Roosters' scrum. 

They get to the Warriors' 20 with the first four tackles, but Tedesco knocks on before he's smashed by Maumalo. Warriors' scrum.

33 mins 

This is getting ugly for the Warriors. The Roosters get a set restart, as Tedesco goes on a slaloming run to the left edge, before he puts Crichton away to score. 

Or has he? Obstruction call against Lussick, and the try is disallowed. 

30 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

Tupounuia has failed his concussion test for the Roosters, while Fonua-Blake won't be back tonight for the Warriors. 

RTS spills a kick from Hutchison - and the loose ball lands in the hands of an offside Fusitu'a.

Great chance for the Roosters to take the lead here. Hutchison nearly puts Crichton away, but Montoya reads it to make the tackle.

They go wide to Brett Morris and he holds off Maumalo and Pompey to score in the corner!

Taukeiaho with the kock from the right sideline, and it's a beauty!

(WAR 12 SYD 16)

27 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

Set restart for the Roosters inside the Warriors' half. Tedesco nearly slips Manu through on the fourth, where Maumalo saves the try, but another set restart is called!

The Roosters are right on the line here. Crichton is tackled on the first, before Tedesco is taken on the second. 

Walker runs on the third, before he puts Butcher into a gap to score!

Taukeiaho lines up his second kick of the night, in the same position as his first, and this time he gets it.

(WAR 12 SYD 10)

23 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Slight delay as Tevaga stays down after a tackle. We're back, and the Warriors can restart on the third inside the Roosters' half.

Nikorima kicks to Tupou's wing, but there's a mix-up from the Roosters and the Warriors come away with six more!

They go wide to the left through Pompey, before Nikorima and O'Sullivan combine in the middle with Katoa. 

Tuivasa-Sheck kicks on the fourth, and Harris beats Morris and Tedesco to score! The try is awarded without going to the bunker.

Nikorima's kick is good too.

(WAR 12 SYD 4)

20 mins 

The Roosters attack again, before Hutchison puts a kick up on the last. Tedesco and RTS compete in the air, and the Warriors' skipper wins it. Tedesco then gives away a penalty for taking RTS in the air.

18 mins - TRY ROOSTERS

Tedesco scores out of nowhere! He brushes past Egan's attempted tackle, before showing off his pace, running past the rest of the Warriors' defence to score! 

Taukeiaho lines up the kick, and there's a false start as the ball comes off the tee. He drags the kick left, Warriors lead by two.

(WAR 6 SYD 4)

17 mins

Fonua-Blake is off with a knee problem, but it doesn't look too bad. 

RTS breaks the line and races away! He gets the pass away to Nikorima, but the Roosters get back and save the try, Brett Morris the hero there. RTS tries to restart quickly, but knocks it on.

Roosters scrum on their own tryline.

15 mins

The Warriors resume their set, as Nikorima kicks to Tupou on the last. Tevaga gives away a penalty for offside, and the Roosters can restart on their 40.

Tedesco nearly slips through on the line, but throws a forward pass to Crichton with no one between him and the tryline!

13 mins

Tupou gives away a penalty against RTS, and the Warriors can restart on the 40. Katoa leads with his forearm on Tupouniua, and the Roosters' big man stays down.

He'll have to leave for a concussion test, as play is stopped. He seems alright walking from the field, but the doctors want him looked at.

12 mins

Nikorima kicks on the Warriors' last, Tupou claims it but is smashed by Montoya! Great start to his Warriors career.

The Roosters get a set restart though as Katoa leads with a knee against Brett Morris. They get inside the Warriors' half as Walker runs on the last. 

He goes to Manu, who finds Brett Morris on the wing. The Roosters are chucking it around and go to the left, but Montoya tackles Hutchison to earn the turnover.


Knock on against the Roosters and the Warriors will have their first real chance inside the opposition half.

They get to the 10m line on the last, as Nikorima puts a kick up. There's a scramble in the air between Manu and Katoa, before Pompey jumps on the loose ball in goal to score!

Nikorima with the first kick attempt of the night, right in front, and he's got it.

(WAR 6 SYD 0)

6 mins

O'Sullivan goes to the air on the Warriors' last, but Tupou beats Fusitu'a to claim the ball.

The Roosters run into the Warriors' half, befor Walker kicks on the last, where Katoa takes it.

5 mins 

The Roosters tap and go at the line. Taukeiaho takes the first tackle but is stopped. The Roosters go to the left edge through Hutchison, but Nikorima is there to defend. Walker and Radley combine on the fourth.

The Roosters go to the right on the last, where Tedesco puts Manu into a gap, but he can't hang on attempting to ground the ball.

3 mins

The Warriors kick on the last, and Tedesco takes it. Taukeiaho takes some stopping on the second, as Radley hits the line on the third. Young Walker goes to the air on the last, and there's a clash between Brett Morris and Maumalo in the air!

The ball's loose, and Tedesco pounces to claim a try? We'll check with the bunker, but the Warriors are adamant that it's been knocked on.

No try's the call, but Maumalo is penalised for taking Morris in the air.

2 mins

The Roosters go to the left to try and run the ball out of their own half. Radley makes a strong carry on the fourth on his comeback Hutchison kicks on the last, and the Warriors can have their first taste of the ball.


The Warriors kick to the Roosters, and we're underway at the SCG.


Both sides are out on the turf, we're moments away from getting started!


Good evening! Both sides are out on the SCG going through their final warm-ups. Kick-off's around 15 minutes away.


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's coverage of this NRL round-four clash between the NZ Warriors and the Roosters at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

A week after overcoming a 19-point deficit to beat the Raiders, the Warriors try to continue solidifying their credentials as NRL playoffs contenders.

Join us for all the action from 8:15pm (NZ time).. 

TAB betting odds: 

Roosters $1.32 Warriors $3.30


Live updates: NZ Warriors v Roosters from Sydney - NRL

Pre-match banter:

Accountability and higher standards driving NZ Warriors to NRL success

By James Regan

Belief is growing within the NZ Warriors camp they can beat anyone.

Higher standards and individual accountability are being singled out by several members of the playing staff as confidence grows they are genuine playoff contenders in 2021.

And even with coach Nathan Brown having to dip deeper into his playing stocks as a worrying injury toll mounts, the come from behind win against the Canberra Raiders last week has the side believing that this could be their year. 

The Warrior spirit that embodies the club was on full display in the Australian capital last Saturday, as shown by the efforts of their talisman Roger Tuivasa-Sheck pulling off a match-saving tackle on Jordan Rapana with time expired.

"Some of the stuff that Roger does, some of the stuff that Tohu does, some of the stuff that Addin does, if you're not putting in the same as them it's unacceptable really," reveals new recruit Sean O'Sullivan.

And with that comes accountability. Winger Ken Maumalo admits he hasn't been at his best to start the season and understands he needs to step up to the level of his teammates. 

"I've spoken to some of the boys and they really think that I've started the season off slow which I've taken on personally," Maumalo says.

But his commitment can't be questioned. Maumalo has been playing with a sternum injury since round one.

That resilience is key as they battle injuries to the likes of Pita Hiku, Chanel Harris-Tevita and Euan Aitken.

But coach Nathan Brown doesn't believe the NRL's rule around the 18th man is the way to go to deal with depleted squads.

From round five, teams will be able to use the 18th man if three players go off with head injuries after a brutal weekend where several sides were hampered by multiple HIA incidents.

"I'm not sure what the stats say about head knocks, but I've been coaching for a lot of years and I  haven't coached a game where there have been three head knocks."

A situation like that is a headache Brown and other coaches could do without.