Motorsport: Next generation of Kiwi drivers hit the track at Kartsport Nationals

Motorsport is riding a high with the likes of Scott Dixon and Scott McLaughlin in IndyCar, Shane van Gisbergen in Super Cars and most recently Liam Lawson and Marcus Armstrong in Formula Two - just one step away from Formula One. 

But our top drivers all have one thing in common, where their careers began - in go-karts

This Easter weekend, the next generation of stars are being unearthed at the Kartsport Nationals in Christchurch.

There's no time to tuck into the chocolate for the young drivers - they're busy chasing dreams and know exactly where they want to go. 

"Probably make it to IndyCar or Formula 1," says Jacob Douglas.

"Go to V8 Supercars would be my dream," says Zach Tucker.

"Get to V8 Supercars or Formula 1, that's a hard dream but I'll try," adds Arthur Broughan.

They don't have to look far to see it can be done. Current Formula 2 stars Liam Lawson and Marcus Armstrong won titles at the same annual championships six years ago.

"They've both done amazing, so it would be pretty cool to be able to replicate what they've done and follow in their footsteps," Douglas continues.

And after winning two national titles this weekend, 15-year-old Douglas is on the right track.

He's also being guided by the country's most decorated kart driver and Marcus Armstong's first driving coach, Matthew Hamilton.

"Marcus was like in my same position, being run by Matt Hamilton."

And Hamilton's still proving the sport's not just for young aspiring drivers, with the 13-time national champ still visiting the podium.

"It is real racing," Hamilton tells Newshub.

"It's pure, it's real. The equipment is very similar, so it's about the nut behind the wheel."

Something the next generation of motorsport stars have quickly taken a liking to.

"Passing and doing the moves, it's the funnest part of racing - and winning of course," says Broughan.

And if they continue to do that it might not be long until these youngsters are swapping sparkling grape juice for champagne on the world stage.