New Zealand Rugby has no issue with latest imitation of haka, says South African club side was paying homage to All Blacks

NZ Rugby has no issues with a rendition of the iconic 'Kapa o Pango' haka by a South African club rugby side.

East London's WSU All Blacks channelled their namesakes with their version of New Zealand's pre-test challenge before a Varsity Shield match against the DUT Rhinos. 

An NZR spokesperson told Newshub despite its intellectual property being imitated, as long as the haka is performed with respect and understanding, as in the case with WSU, there is no issue. 

The All Blacks are guardians of 'Kapo o Pango', which was composed by Sir Derek Lardelli and used for the first time in 2005.

Issues have been raised in the past when imitators have used the haka with no understanding of the tradition behind its meaning. 

But in the case of WSU, NZR believes the team was paying the ultimate homage to the All Blacks.