Parker v Chisora: Derek Chisora outlines plan to 'seek, destroy' Joseph Parker in heavyweight clash

British boxer Derek Chisora says he'll adopt the same no-frills approach against Kiwi Joseph Parker that he takes into all his fights, when they square off in Manchester next weekend.

"My gameplan is always the same - seek and destroy," Chisora tells Newshub. "No hesitation, no thinking about what I'm going to do. 

“I need to get to him and beat him up. That's all I need to do, just hit him everywhere.

"Chase the other guy around, hit him, hit him, hit him and pound him, that's all. That's my gameplan."

The two will finally face off inside the ring, after Parker suffered a spider bite during the build-up to their originally scheduled fight in October 2019.

Since then, Chisora has had his hand raised against compatriot David Price - who stepped in on late notice as Parker's replacement - before dropping a contentious decision loss to Oleksander Usyk in October.

Meanwhile, Parker has recorded a pair of wins, with a knockout against American Shawndell Winters and a hard-fought unanimous decision against Junior Fa in Auckland two months ago.

Chisora hasn't been impressed with what he's seen from his adversary in recent bouts, where Parker has putting forth performances that suggest he "got lucky" in winning the WBO world championship in 2016, with local judging played a huge part in the decision going the South Aucklander's way.

"To be honest with you, he's a small fish in a small pond, where you guys are from in New Zealand," he says.

"When he's down on this side, he can't keep up with us and I think that's why he's moved to [new trainer] Andy Lee.

"He got lucky by winning the WBO. If he was in another territory, I don't think he would've won it."

In fact, Chisora, 37, is skeptical about just how battle-tested Parker really is, citing his two UK losses to Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua, when he says Parker squandered his chance to become the unified heavyweight world champion.

"When he came to fight [Joshua], he said he was going to do all of this stuff and he did not," Chisora claims. "He froze. 

“I don't know why, so many titles on the line and he didn't want to fight him. He fought Dillian [Whyte], he didn't want to fight. 

“I think the hardest fight he ever had was [Carlos] Takam - that's it. The rest he just shies away.

"I hope the guy I get is not going to be shying away from the fight, because I love fighting."

Whyte claims Parker is symptomatic of modern-day boxing, where fighters are rewarded for "running away", and he plans on bringing a suffocating offence that he's confident will eventually overwhelm the Kiwi.

"We're going to push him so hard that he's going to start doubting himself," he says.

"I feel great in myself that, when the bell goes, I see him - nobody else - and my plan is to just to get to him and beat him up."

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