Boxing: Derek Chisora threatens to pull out of Joseph Parker bout over lost coin toss, ringwalks

A fired up Derek Chisora stole the show at Saturday morning's weigh-in, ahead of Sunday's heavyweight bout with Kiwi Joseph Parker in Manchester.

Chisora, 37, tipped the scales at 113kg - heavier than Parker's 109kg - before appearing to lose his cool over the order in which both fighters will enter the ring. 

With the ringwalk order to be decided by a coin toss, Parker called correctly, and opted to enter the ring second - sending Chisora over the edge.

Chisora wasn't present for the coin toss, instead represented by manager, former heavyweight David Haye.

Speaking to iFL TV, Chisora explained his side of the story. 

"I didn't lose the coin toss," Chisora says.

"I was not there, don't tell me I lost the coin toss. I didn't choose what side to pick, I was not there.

"If he [Haye] goes and kills somebody, would it be on my behalf? I'm just being a dick, that's it."

When asked about whether or not he still plans on fighting Parker on Sunday (NZ time), Chisora responded with, "You'll get clarity in the next couple of hours."

The Kiwi fighter's camp though are confident that Sunday's fight will go ahead.

"I can only liken it to a big baby throwing his toys out of the cot," Parker's manager David Higgins told Newshub.

"If he doesn't fight, the damages will be huge at law. It will be a material breach of the contract.

"I think it's silly stuff. I don't think he's that big [of] a baby that he's going to throw all his toys out of the cot.

"I'd expect the fight to go ahead."

Speaking to Sky Sports UK after the incident, Haye says that he's uncertain whether the fight will even go ahead.

"I genuinely can't see the fight happening, if Derek is told to come first," Haye told the UK's Sky Sports.

"I know it makes zero sense. He agreed it, he signed the contract.

"He's just that guy, he doesn't care, and unfortunately that's just the way it is."

Parker meanwhile, played the whole incident down as "more drama".

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