Boxing: Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora - Ring walk drama resolved by UK fighter's mother

Saturday's drama over the ring walk ahead of Joseph Parker's heavyweight clash against Derek Chisora has been resolved by the UK heavyweight's mother.

Chisora, 37, threatened to withdraw from Sunday's bout in Manchester, after losing a coin toss to determine which of the two fighters would enter the ring second.

Kiwi fighter Parker, 29, won the toss and opted to enter second - before Chisora threw his toys.

Chisora argued because the toss was called by manager David Haye on his behalf, that he didn't want to honour the result, throwing his participation into doubt.

But at the 11th hour, Chisora's mother Viola intervened to ensure her son in fact honoured his commitment to fighting Parker and the result of the controversial coin toss.

"It sounds crazy," Haye told Sky Sports UK. "I didn't see the fight happening with Derek walking to the ring first.

"But thankfully the voice of reason came in - Viola, Derek's lovely mother, and she is the only person he actually listens to.

"I spoke to Viola about an hour ago and she said, 'I told him he's going to come to the ring first as he promised, and that's that. I talked to Derek, and Derek sort of agreed, yes he's agreed that.

"The fight is 100 percent on. Derek will be walking to the ring first as he should have done because he lost the coin toss. 

"We've got ourselves a fight."

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