Live updates: All Blacks, Black Ferns Sevens v Australia, day three from Ōrākei Domain

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New Zealand Sevens 31 Australia 14

Full time

4:18pm - Try New Zealand to William Warbrick

What a way to finish for the home side as the siren goes. From the lineout, New Zealand come wide to William Warbrick who brushes off one defender and then using his speed to crash over in the corner. 

New Zealand can't convert the try and that is full-time. (NZL 31-14)

4:17pm - Australia are throwing everything at New Zealand but it comes to nothing when they give away a breakdown penalty. The home side will have a lineout just five metres out with just a minute to play.

4:15pm - Try New Zealand to Vilimoni Koroi

New Zealand are looking to build their attack just inside their half but the Australian defence is holding strong before Vilimoni Koroi breaks down to the 22.

The next phases see Curray beat a tackler before passing to Vilimoni Koroi who beats two defenders to score. 

Vilimoni Koroi can't convert the try. (NZL 26-14)

4:12pm - Try New Zealand to Andrew Knewstubb

That is a scintillating try straight from the kick-off with the offload play key to the try. Curry burst down the left-wing before offloading inside to Andrew Knewstubb to crash over

Andrew Knewstubb converts the try. (NZL 21-14)

4:10pm - Australia get the second half underway. 

First half

4:08pm - Try Australia to  Henry Paterson

Australia have got two tries in two minutes. It's a great team try with player combining well to put Henry Paterson into a hole and he sprints 50-metres to score.

Dietrich Roache converts the try and we are all level at halftime.  (14-14)

4:06pm - Try Australia to Nick Chapman

Nick Chapman hits back for Australia. It was all set up by Dylan Pietsch wh draws in two defenders before offloading to Chapman who strolls over. 

Dietrich Roache converts the try.  (NZL 14-7)

4:05pm - Sione Molia looks to attack from just outside his 22 but puts a simple pass down to give Australia a golden opportunity. 

4:04pm - Try New Zealand to Regan Ware

 Regan Ware goes bang, bang to give New Zealand the perfect start. Ware picks up the lose ball and beats two weak tacklers to crash over. 

Andrew Knewstubb, converts the try. (NZL 14-0)

4:03pm - Try New Zealand to Regan Ware

The home side couldn't hope for a better start. Amanaki Nicolewins the turnover at the breakdown and dishes it off to ware to score under the posts.  

Andrew Knewstubb, converts the try. (NZL 7-0)

4:02pm - New Zealand get the contest underway.

4:01pm - The New Zealand men's team for the final game is; Scott Curry, Tim Mikkelson,Andrew Knewstubb, Regan Ware, Sione Molia, Etene Nanai-Seturo, Amanaki Nicole

3:57pm - We are just moments away from our final game of the day as the New Zealand's men's team is looking to round out the clean sweep over Australia. 

Black Ferns Sevens 24 Australia 12

Second half

3:54pm - Try New Zealand to Portia Woodman 

What a way to finish with Portia Woodman standing up her defender with delightful footwork to see her score in the corner.

Tyla Nathan-Wong can't convert the try. (NZL 24-12)

That will be full time. 

3:53pm - New Zealand are looking to close out the game and run down the clock. The visitors give away a high tackle and New Zealand will have a line-out 20-metres out as the siren goes. 

3:51pm - Australia are looking to build their attack just inside their half as they go side-to-side but the home side is resolute in defence and forces a knock on from the visitors. 

3:49pm - Try New Zealand to Michaela Blyde

What a try from New Zealand as they extend their lead with Michaela Blyde running onto a long Gayle Broughton pass that put her into space to score in the corner. 

Tyla Nathan-Wong can't convert the try. (NZL 19-12)

3:46pm - Penalty Try New Zealand

What a start to the second half to the home side. Tyla Nathan-Wong sums up the situation perfectly and puts grubber in behind she wins the race and looks set to score but she's is taken early and it will be a penalty try. (NZL 14-12)

3:44pm - New Zealand get the second half underway.

First half

3:43pm - Try New Zealand to  Ruby Tui,

Just as the siren goes, New Zealand strikes back. Blyde uses her footwork to make a mini break before offloading to Ruby Tui who sprints 40-metres to score.

Tyla Nathan-Wong converts the try and that will be half time. (AUS 12-7)

3:41pm - Try Australia to Sharni Williams

Australia have come out on fire and have got their second of the half. It looks like nothing is on before Sharni Williams storms through a Tui tackle to sprint 50-metres to score. 

Sharni Williams converts the try.  (AUS 12-0)

3:39pm - Michaela Blyde looks like she's through a huge hole but the pass is forward to let Australia off the hook. The visitors will have a scrum just inside their half. 

3:38pm - The restart from Australia goes straight out of play to hand possession to new Zealand. 

3:37pm - Try Australia to Ellia Green

What a start from Australia. They win a breakdown penalty after some bone-crunching defence. They spread the ball quickly from the quick tap and Ellia Green goes over in the corner. 

The try goes unconverted. (AUS 5-0)

3:35pm - Australia get the contest underway. 

3:33pm - The Black Ferns starting squad for their final game is; Tyla Nathan-Wong, Sarah Hirini, Ruby Tui, Michaela Blyde, Kelly Brazier, Theresa Fitzpatrick, Portia Woodman

3:28pm - We are just minutes away from the final two matches of the trans-Tasman series. The New Zealand women will be looking to make it a 5-1 series while the men will be going for a perfect 6-0. 

11:57am - New Zealand have thrashed Australia in the two-morning games to stamp their dominance over their trans-Tasman neighbours. The home side's won both the men's and women's encounters. The men extend their winning streak to five matches over Australia while the Black Ferns move to 4-1 for the series.  

The four teams will return this afternoon for the final two matches of the series, with the women scheduled for a 3:30pm kickoff. Rejoin us then...

New Zealand Sevens 36 Australia 5

Full time 

11:32am - Try New Zealand to Etene Nanai-Seturo

Etene Nanai-Seturo finishes the contest in style. It looks like he's going to win a breakdown penalty but he picks up the ball and sprints lear down the sideline and scores in the corner.

The try goes unconverted and that will be full time. (NZL 36-5)

11:47am - Australia will have one final chance to attack as the siren goes on the back of a forward pass from New Zealand. They will have a scrum on half. 

11:46am - Try New Zealand to Etene Nanai-Seturo

What a try from Etene Nanai-Seturo. From a quick tap, New Zealand comes wide and find Etene Nanai-Seturo who fends off one defender before uses his speed to crash over. 

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black can't convert the try. (NZL 31-5)

11:44am - Try Australia to Trae Williams,

Great patient play from Australia, which sees Trae Williams, go over in the corner but it was set up by Henry Paterson who made a strong run and brought in two New Zealand defenders before Williams had space to score in the corner.  

The try goes unconverted. (NZL 26-5)

11:42am - The kickoff from New Zealand goes straight into touch to hand Australia possession for their first real opportunity to attack. 

11:41am - Try New Zealand to Ngarohi McGarvey-Black

What a try from New Zealand who scores straight after halftime. The home side are using the full width of the field, which sees Clarke break down the wing before he is brought down. The home side gets fast ball and finds Ngarohi McGarvey-Black who fends off one player and scores in the corner. 

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black converts the try. (NZL 26-0)

11:39am - Australia get the second half underway as they look to find a way back into this contest. 

First half

11:38am - Try New Zealand to Scott Curry 

Scott Curry grabs New Zealand's third as he runs onto a Mikkelson short ball to score in the corner. 

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black can't convert the try. (NZL 19-0)

That will be halftime 

11:33am - New Zealand will have one final chance as Webber and Curry force an error from the visitors deep inside their 22 with 15 seconds remaining in the first half 

11:36am - Try New Zealand to  Ngarohi McGarvey-Black 

More poor defence from Australia sees Ngarohi McGarvey-Black sprints through a massive hole past two defenders and he sprints 50-metres to score next to the posts.

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black converts his own try. (NZL 14-0)

11:34am - Australia kick downfield looking for speedster Trae Williams but Clarke does well to clean up and win a breakdown penalty to ease the pressure. 

11:33am - Try New Zealand to William Warbrick

New Zealand get the first try through William Warbrick who uses his speed and size to stroll through poor Australia defence.

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black converts the try. (NZL 7-0)

11:32am - New Zealand get first use of the ball but Australia do well to get over the ball and force Caleb Clarke to hold onto the ball to give the penalty away, but the home side win a penalty striaght back at the breakdown through Tim Mikkelson

11:31am - New Zealand kick-off and we are underway. 

11:30am - The New Zealand side is Scott Curry Tim Mikkelson Joe Webber Ngarohi McGarvey-Black Caleb Clarke, William Warbrick, Akuila Rokolisoa

11:28am - The second match of the day will see the men in action as the New Zealand side look to make it five wins in a row against Australia. 

Black Ferns Sevens 33 Australia 12

Full time

11:25am - Try Australia to Bienne Terita 

Australia finishes in style but it's too little too late as Bienne Terita sprints 50-metres to score in the corner. 

The try goes unconverted and that will be full-time. (NZL 33-12)

11:23am - Try Black Ferns to  Shakira Baker

Classic sevens from New Zealand as the home side spread the ball through the hands before Tui offloads to a hard-running Baker to crash over.

Risaleaana Pouri-Lane converts the try. (NZL 33-7)

11:22am - Try Black Ferns to  Portia Woodman 

Portia Woodman has a hat-trick. Woodman is a nightmare to mark as she stands up two defenders and beats them on the outside to score in the corner. 

Risaleaana Pouri-Lane converts the try. (NZL 26-7)

11:21am - The errors keep coming for Australia as the Black Ferns will have a scrum on the visitors 10-metre line. 

11:20am - Try Black Ferns to Shiray Kaka

The Black Ferns strike straight after halftime. Shiray Kaka uses her speed and footwork to beat the Australian defence to cross over. 

Risaleaana Pouri-Lane converts the try. (NZL 19-7)

11:18am - Australia look to build their attack just outside their 22 but Bienne Terita has knocked the ball on to turn possession over. 

11:16am - The Black Ferns gets the second half underway and straight away win the ball back but Theresa Fitzpatrick has knocked the ball on in contact. 

First half

11:15am - Try Black Ferns to Portia Woodman 

Woodman gets her second. The kickoff from the Black Ferns goes straight into touch to give Australia one final opportunity as the siren goes but the Kiwis win the ball back at the breakdown.

Shakira Baker sprints clear down the right-wing and is brought down inches short. The home side come back to the far side where Woodman crosses in the corner. 

Risaleaana Pouri-Lane can't convert the try. (NZL 12-7)

11:13am - Try Black Ferns to Portia Woodman 

The Black Ferns hit back just before half-time. The try was set up by Jazmin Hotham who sprinted into a huge hole before offloading to Woodman who sprinted 50 metres to score under the posts. 

Risaleaana Pouri-Lane converts the try. (7-7)

11:10am - New Zealand look to attack from the kickoff but Australia show good defence and force the Black ferns into touch. The home side have yet to go past halfway

11:09am - Try Australia to S Williams

Australia makes a fast start to the contest. Hayes close down on the left-wing before coming back centre field where Willaims runs onto an offload to score under the posts. 

Williams converts her own try. (AUS 7-0)

11:07am - A messy start by both sides who give possession away. Australia wins the ball back through a breakdown turnover but throws the ball into touch with a bad pass. 

11:06am - The Black ferns get the contest underway. 

11:05am - The starting lineup for the Black Ferns is Risaleaana Pouri-Lane Terina Te Tamaki Tenika Willison Niall Williams Shiray Kaka  Dhys Faleafaga Jazmin Hotham. 

10:50am - We are just 10-minutes from kickoff as the Black Ferns sevens side look to go 4-1 up in their series. 


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NZ v Australia Sevens series in Auckland, part of the build-up towards the Tokyo Olympics in July-August.

After a successful couple of days across Auckland, New Zealand’s men’s and women’s sevens teams will have two more games each against Australia to finish the series.

The New Zealand sides dominated on day two at Eden Park with the tournament returning to Ōrākei Domain for the final day's action. 

This weekend has been more about players putting their hands up for Olympics selection than the actual results, with New Zealand’s coaches getting a first hand look at their prospective squads.

New Zealand swept Australia 4-0 at Eden Park yesterday, coming after day one saw only the Black Ferns sevens drop a game to their trans-Tasman rivals. 

Both sets of teams will play two more games apiece today, with every minute of action certain to count in the race for Olympic spots.

The Olympic Sevens is scheduled to take place from Tokyo Stadium on 26-31 July.  

Today's schedule at Ōrākei Domain is:

11am: Black Ferns Sevens v Australia

11:30am: All Blacks Sevens v Australia

3:30pm: Australia v Black Ferns Sevens

4pm: Australia v All Blacks Sevens

Black Ferns Sevens hopefuls out to stake Olympics claims

After more than 12 months of intrasquad scrimmages and cancelled warm-up tournaments, the Black Ferns Sevens can finally test themselves against world class opposition, when they play a six-game series against Australia this weekend.

The reigning Olympic champions should provide an ideal guide to how the Kiwi women are tracking just two months out from the rapidly approaching Tokyo Games.

With May's IRB world series tournaments cancelled, these games will also be one of the last chances for players to press their selection claims for the 12-strong squad to Japan.

"It's definitely a trial," co-coach Cory Sweeney tells Newshub. "There's pressure and the girls are feeling it, and there's great energy in the group right now. 

"Like any team, you've got an idea, and we've certainly got an idea of how we're tracking and the players that are in the mix.

"But there are certainly some really competitive spots up for grabs and this weekend will give us a really good indication where people will sit in that group.

"Watch out Aussie, I reckon."

Shiray Kaka in action for Black Ferns Sevens.
Shiray Kaka in action for Black Ferns Sevens. Photo credit: Photosport

From Friday to Sunday, the NZ men and women will play a pair of games daily against their Australian counterparts, bookending the Blues' Super Rugby Trans-Tasman game against the Waratahs at Eden Park on Saturday.

The schedule mirrors what they'll face in Tokyo, where the Aussies will likely present one of their biggest hurdles in their quest for medals.

Sweeney is conscious of striking that balance between match-hardening his players and being competitive, while keeping some trump cards close to their chests.

"They're always going to be a threat," he says. "That trans-Tasman rivalry is huge.

“You can feel it as soon as they walk into the hotel, there's eyes across the room and everyone's sussing each other out.

"We don't want to expose ourselves six times in a weekend either, so we'll probably try and keep a couple of things up our sleeve.

"But having an actual opposition - and a quality opposition - is timely and massively exciting for us."

Playing on home soil means Sweeney and co-coach Allan Bunting will have access to all 19 hopefuls. On day one, they’re planning to play two different teams for each of the two games.

One such hopeful is 26-year-old Shiray Kaka, who's determined to win selection, after a nightmare run with injury.

In recent years, Kaka has undergone three major surgeries that have sidelined her for 6-9 months at a time.

Now fully healthy and fuelled by the pain of missing out at Rio 2016 - where she and Michaela Blyde were travelling reserves - Kaka is desperate to crack the squad and the sacrifices she's made prove that.

"We are haunted by it," she laughs. "We don't ever want to do that again.

"This time, I've lived away from my husband for six months now, putting babies and stuff on hold to be here today.

"Not having that gold from the Rio Olympics is definitely something that's pushing me."

The 47-game veteran knows what's at stake this weekend, and has resorted to meditation to ensure she remains clear-headed and focused on her task amid a unique squad dynamic.

"There are only 4-5 weeks until the squad is named, that's all that's on my mind really," says Kaka.

"It's definitely in the back of my head and it is a weird sport, where you're calling each other sister, but you're also competing against each other too.

"It's more of a mental battle than physical, to be honest."