Live updates: Heavyweight boxing - Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora from Manchester

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Fight card:

Joseph Parker bt Derek Chisora (split decision)
Katie Taylor bt Natasha Jonas (unanimous decision)
Campbell Hatton bt Levi Dunn (via points)
Chris Eubank Jr bt Marcus Morrison (unanimous decision)
Dmitry Bivol bt Craig Richards (unanimous decision)
Johnny Fisher bt Phil Williams (TKO, round three)
Jovanni Straffon bt James Tennyson (TKO, round one)
Scott Fitzgerald bt Gregory Trenel (TKO, round three)


How's it scored then? It's a split decision, and PARKER HAS WON IT!

The first judge's score reads 115-113 to Chisora. The second reads 116-111 to Parker.

This couldn't be any closer. The last judge's scorecard reads 115-113 to Parker.

Parker gets home, but he's very fortunate to have gotten home there.


This is going to be close, that first round knock down could be huge for Chisora, but Parker dominated that second half.


Here we go - final round! Can Parker knock Chisora out?

Chisora comes out swinging, and he lands a couple on Parker!

What can the Kiwi come back with? He goes for it, Parker gets close and lands multiple punches on Chisora.

Parker goes for it in the final minute! Chisora's on the ropes, but he comes out of it, but Parker has to go for it.

Last 30 seconds, Parker has Chisora in the corner, but he can't land the final blow!

The bell goes, and the judges will decide this one!


Parker is throwing his combos to start the 11th, Chisora's backing away.

Chisora is struggling, but he's still coming. Final 30 seconds and Parker lands some more shots!

The bell goes, and that's Parker's as well.

All to play for as we go into the 12th!


Parker looks much fresher in his corner, the bell goes for round ten. If Parker can win these three rounds, then he should get the victory.

Great hand speed from Parker, but Chisora takes it and keeps coming. Parker stays back and relies on his jab.

Chisora comes alive in the final minute and has Parker going backwards.

The bell goes, Parker's round.


Round nine, Parker wears a jab to the face in the opening seconds. This could be Chisora's last throw of the dice. 

Parker lands some more, but his power has really been lacking so far. Chisora is knackered.

He's staying back and looking to land the killer blow, if Parker's smart, he'll take this.

The bell goes, and that's another for Parker.


Huge round coming up for Parker. Chisora looks to duck and weave as Parker throws some jabs.

Chisora comes right back though. Parker connects with another combo, Chisora's starting to look very tired.

Parker hits Chisora with a three-punch combo and Chisora is feeling it! Strong finish to the round from the Kiwi!

Parker's round.


Parker is starting to throw more punches here, but Chisora isn't going away.

Chisora wraps Parker and lands a couple of shots, but Parker throws some right back.

Into the final minute of the seventh, and Parker goes for it! Some great shots landed by the Kiwi.

That might be Parker's first round victory?


Chisora starts the sixth on the charge. Parker throws a combo and looks to have Chisora in a spot of bother.

Chisora throws a wild haymaker and can't connect, as Parker responds with a left-right combo. 

Parker's come to life here! He's landing more shots, only for Chisora to land an uppercut.

Final 30 seconds of the round, and Chisora finishes strongly.

That's the halfway stage, Chisora's fight at the moment, but how long can he last?


Parker lands a couple of jabs to start the fifth, and Chisora comes back with a series of punches.

Great counter shot from Parker, but Chisora doesn't look like he's in too much trouble.

The bell goes to end the fifth, a good round for Parker. But probably Chisora's.


Round four then. Chisora starts on the front foot. 

Parker keeps his distance with the jab, but Chisora gets up close. Parker lands an overhand right, but he looks like he's struggling for power at the moment. 

Chisora lands an overhand of his own, but Parker comes to life in the final 30 seconds! This is better from Parker!

The bell goes, and you'd award it to Chisora, but good signs towards the end from Parker.


Chisora lands another good shot, and Parker is still hanging back. 

Parker lands a very good counter shot as Chisora swings wildly. Parker lands a combination, Chisora might be starting to tire.

Into the final 30 seconds of the round, and Chisora takes the aggressive option. Parker lands a couple more as the bell sounds.

But you'd think Chisora would be leading the scorecards at the moment.


What can Parker come back with? Again the Kiwi looks to keep his distance and use his reach.

Chisora lands a big right hand on Parker, but the Kiwi counters with a couple of jabs of his own.

Chisora is warned by the referee for hitting the back of the head. Chisora changes tack and lands a few shots on Parker's body.

Parker's movement is perfect, he's wearing Chisora down. 

Round two comes to an end, but you'd probably say Chisora landed more punches.


Right then! We're underway in Manchester.

Chisora comes out straight away and Parker is on the canvas in the first 10 seconds! Parker looks fine though, he might have just slipped.

Parker looks to close the gap between himself and Chisora, before landing a couple of shots.

Chisora counters with some heavy blows, Parker looks to keep his distance and use his jab. 

Parker's come back brilliantly in this first round, he's landing more shots, and definitely has the speed over Chisora.

The first round comes to an end, the knock down from Chisora was genuine, so that'd probably have to be considered his round as a result.


Right, this bout is 12 rounds, with the winner to take the vacant WBO inter-continental heavyweight title.

Round one is just moments away...


Trainer Andy Lee is on hand to give Parker some last minute advice. It'll be interesting to see what their plan is for this fight.


Parker prepares to walk out second. He walks out to Roy Jones Jr's 'Can't be touched.'

The Kiwi enters the ring with little fuss, he looks very relaxed.


Chisora walks out to the Eagles 'Hotel California.' Hardly the pump up song most fighters would chose, but to each their own.


Chisora prepares to enter the ring. He's walking out first - much to his own protests - after losing the coin toss yesterday.


Only one fight to go then. We're not too far away from the main event. 

But can Parker v Chisora live up to the standard of fights we've seen already this morning?


To the scorecards we go then, and Katie Taylor's taken it by unanimous decision - but it was close from all three judges.

What. A. Fight.


Taylor lands a stinging counter with her right, and draws blood from Jonas' nose! Taylor doesn't relent, and keeps landing punches throughout the round. The ninth easily belongs to Katie Taylor.

One round to go, too close to call.

The 10th comes to an end after an all-out brawl between both fighters! But they're both still standing, the judges will have a very hard time in awarding this to either fighter.

Easily the best fight of the morning so far!


Jonas starts the seventh round by landing a left hand to Taylor's body, and then landing a counter punch with a right cross. Seventh round to Jonas.

Into the eighth, where Jonas lands a stinging shot to Taylor's body. Jonas' combinations are very impressive. She's gone a long way towards winning this fight in the middle rounds.

Two rounds to go.


Taylor probably takes round five after landing more shots, but Jonas comes right back in the sixth.

This is too close to call at the moment.


You'd probably have to award Jonas the third round, what has Taylor got in the fourth?

Taylor comes back in style! The reigning champ lands a stinging left hook and surely takes the round.


The first two rounds have been very tight, Jonas is matching Taylor blow for blow.

This is going to be a thriller.


Taylor v Jonas is underway, there's 10 two minute rounds.


The final undercard sees Katie Taylor up against Natasha Jonas, with the IBF, WBO, WBA and WBC lightweight world titles all on the line.


The final bell goes, Hatton celebrates. He's won every round, and the referee's scorecard will confirm as much.

He does, 40-36 in Hatton's favour - his second career win in his second career fight.


Hatton connects with a left hook to Dunn's body, and that's done some damage.

He can't quite finish the job as the round comes to an end, but this is only going one way unless Dunn can seal a final round knockout.


Hatton lands a few more long range shots in round two, but cops one in reply from Dunn.

It's almost scary at times how much Hatton fights like his dad.


Only four, three minute rounds in this fight. Dunn starts fast but Hatton shows composure to land a few shots of his own. You'd probably have to give Hatton the first round.


Next up is Campbell Hatton - son of Ricky Hatton - against Levi Dunn.


Scorecards are in, and all three are identical - 98-92. Eubank Jr takes it by unanimous decision.


The fight comes to an end. Morrison can't secure that miracle knockout. The judges should confirm Eubank Jr's victory soon.


We're through nine rounds of Eubank Jr v Morrison.

Eubank Jr looks like he has things under control heading into the final round. Unless Morrison can knock him out, this should only go one way.


Eubank Jr v Morrison begins, a fight of 10 three-minute rounds.


Oh, and for anyone who was wondering what happened after yesterday's Derek Chisora drama, everything has been sorted.

Chisora's mum Viola has stepped in at the 11th hour to convince her son to go ahead with the fight, even if he has to walk out first, manager David Haye confirmed.

So that's that one done. 


Richards' late surge wasn't enough. Bivol wins it by unanimous decision and keeps his WBA Super World Light Heavyweight title.

Chris Eubank Jr v Marcus Morrison is the next fight on the undercard.


The final three rounds have been crazy. Richards has thrown everything at Bivol, but just can't knock him down. Make no mistake though, he's won each of the last three rounds.

The bell sounds in the 12th, and Richards celebrates, has he done enough for the win?


Bivol and Richards are still slugging it out, and have just finished their ninth round. You'd probably have to say Bivol is ahead if the judges' scorecards come into it.

Three rounds left in this fight.

Elsewhere, both Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora have entered Manchester Arena before they'll square off in a couple of hours.

We're expecting that fight some time after 9:30am (NZ time).


Good morning! So far this morning, we've seen Scott Fitzgerald defeat Gregory Trenel, Jovanni Straffon beat James Tennyson, and Johnny Fisher beat Phil Williams.

There are still four undercard bouts to go before the main event, including Chris Eubank Junior v Marcus Morrison, and Katie Taylor v Natasha Jones.

Up next though it's Dmitry Bivol v Craig Richards

We'll bring you each result as it comes in, before live coverage of the main event - Parker v Chisora!


Kia ora and welcome to Newshub's live updates of Joseph Parker v Derek Chisora from Manchester Arena, England.

Parker was less than convincing in his last bout - a victory over Junior Fa back in February - but finds himself looking to stay in contention with heavyweight boxing's big names with victory.

This is Parker's first fight without longtime trainer Kevin Barry, after linking up with Irishman Andy Lee at the recommendation of reigning WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.

The Kiwi boasts a record of 28-2 from his 30 professional fights and hopes to make it victory No.29 this morning.

Meanwhile, Chisora hasn’t fought since last October, when he was handed a unanimous points loss against a potential future Parker opponent, Ukraine's Oleksandr Usyk. 

But the build-up hasn’t been without drama, with Chisora threatening to pull out of the fight, after losing the coin toss and asked to enter the ring before Parker.

TAB Odds: Joseph Parker $1.50, Derek Chisora $2.40

Parker in line for world title shot with win over Chisora - Hearn

Joseph Parker's result against Derek Chisora could be the key to unlocking another world title tilt for the Kiwi heavyweight, according to promoter Eddie Hearn.

Parker, 29, faces off against 37-year-old Chisora on Sunday morning (NZ time), hoping to cement himself back among the world's heavyweight elite.

Since his WBO heavyweight title reign ended in March 2018, Parker's stocks have fallen in global boxing standards.

Back-to-back defeats against Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte saw Parker fall down the pecking order of heavyweight contenders, leapfrogged by the likes of unbeaten Oleksandr Usyk.

But according to Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn, victory against Chisora in Manchester would catapult Parker back into contention to earn another world title shot.

"Good win for Joseph last time out against [Junior] Fa," Hearn says. "A little bit scrappy, but he's been out for a long time. 

Joseph Parker training at Morecombe beach
Joseph Parker training at Morecombe beach. Photo credit: Photosport

"This is really the fight that's going to tell us more about Joseph Parker. If you look at his positioning now in the world rankings, if he wins this fight, he's bang in line for a world championship fight.

"Massive fight for both guys. It could be the final roll of the dice for Derek Chisora and a defeat for Parker would be crippling for his world title ambitions."

Hearn also labelled Parker's decision to split with longtime trainer Kevin Barry as a "great move", with Sunday's fight the first alongside new coach Andy Lee.

"I like Kevin Barry and those guys, but sometimes you need something a little bit fresh," Hearn adds.

"Joe looks great, almost too lean for me, but obviously Andy wants him built for speed in this fight. Andy's got a great boxing brain, I think he's a fantastic trainer and sometimes you just need to freshen things up.

"I'm expecting a very good Joseph Parker."