Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles at Lottoland

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Warriors 32 Sea Eagles 38

Warriors - Harris-Tavita 2, Walsh, Curran & Harris try; Nikorima 6 goals

Sea Eagles - T Trbojevic 2, Garrick, Saab 3 & Harper tries; Garrick 5 goals

Second half

40th minute - Parker takes the last tackle and the siren sounds on a Manly win, but an incredible game.

39th minute - Tevaga crosses halfway on the second tackle. On the last, Harris-Tavita kicks high to the posts, the ball bounces back to the Warriors and when it goes left, Maumalo is dragged into touch just short of the line.

So close! That gives the win to Manly.

38th minute - Turbo crosses halfway and DCE kicks to the corner - it bounces dead. Seven-tackle set for the Warriors.

37th minute - Evans chages over halfway. Interpassing puts Kosi down the right, Harris-Tavita kicks high and Saab rises high in front of his posts.

36th minute - Evans hits up from the kickoff.

35th minute - Try to Walsh

From the scrum, Nikorima threatens. Harris is held up, but finds Walsh, barely wrestles his way over.

This game ain't over! Nikorima's conversion wobbles over, Manly 38-32

34th minute - Walsh kick short and the ref rules a double knock-on, Warriors have a scrum feed.

33rd minute - Keffie stays down after a tackle, holding his neck. Replays show he was sandwiched in a three-man tackle and Curran is put on report for a high shot.

Manly have a penalty out in front, Garrick takes the kick at goal to soak up time and slots it to extend the lead again, Manly 38-26

32nd minute - DCE drags Curran down and the Warriors forward loses possession inside his own territory.

31st minute - Manly are penalised on attack, when Sadler doesn't play the ball properly. Warriors need to score from this set.

30th minute - Pompey crosses halfway and Walsh kicks high, but he's under pressure and the ball balloons out to Kosi and Manly take the handover.

29th minute - Nikorima converts, Manly 36-26

28th minute - From halfway, the Warriors go on the attack, Walsh throws a long pass to Maumalo, but he's cut down.

Try to Harris-Tavita

Walsh's bomb is spilled by the Manly defence and Harris-Tavita touches down. Reviews show Parker knocks on, no-one else forces, until Harris-Tavita eventually puts his hand on the ball.

27th minute - DCE kicks high on the last and RTS catches safely. Warriors earn a relieving penalty.

26th minute - Garrick's sidelind conversion hits the right upright and bounces out, Manly 36-20

Keffie takes the hit-up from the kickoff and Saab crosses halfway.

24th minute - Try to Saab

From the kickoff, Manly charging upfield again. Turbo puts Parker over halfway and only an arrent pass depirves Garrick again.

As the ball moves right, Harper flicks a backhanded pass in the tackle and Saab goes aerial to score again in the corner.

23rd minute - Garrick swings his sideline conversion between the posts, adding the Warriors woes. Manly 32-20

22nd minute - Try to Saab

Jake Trbojevic puts his brother through a gap deep inside their own half and he hares upfield, before putting his other winger in the clear. Wow! 

21st minute - Garrick's sideline conversion hooks left, Manly 26-20

Warriors kick off and Keffie hits the ball up.

19th minute - Try to Garrick

Manly back on attack, DCE teasing the defence and when the ball goes left, Turbo finds his winger with a long pass and the line open. Garrick does a forward roll to score.

18th minute - Warriors can't clear their own line and Walsh kicks from his own 10.

17th minute - Tommy Turbo bursts over halfway, Parker is barely dragged down out left and DCE bombs to RTS. He's safe.

16th minute - Warriors now trying to run out of their territory. Afoa carries over halfway, Berry makes good metres.

Harris-Tavita kicks high, but not deep enough and he knocks on, as he arrives first for the catch.

15th minute - Manly running the ball from their own red zone after the kickoff, Tommy Turbo hares upfield to put thme back on attack.

They're threatening again and Foran's kick behind the line dribbles dead.

Manly captain's challenge claims Garrick knocked the ball dead off RTS, but the Warriors skipper was dead already.

14th minute - As Garrick lines up his conversion from the sideline, Egan leaves the field and Walsh comes on, Garrick converts, Manly 22-20 

12th minute - Try to Saab

From the scrum, DCE goes right and then left. When the ball comes right, Jake Trbojevic, DCE and Tommy Turbo combine to provide an overlap for Saab to score extravagantly  in the corner.

10th minute - Curran loses the ball in a tackle on his own 10 and Manly are back in the driver's seat.

11th minute - Manly metres out and Olakau'atu runs onto a pass, plunging over the line to score. Replays show the grounding was marginal and it's reviewed.

More angles show he lost the ball and the Warriors survive - phew!

10th minute - Manly hot on attack, DCE kicks high, but RTS catches. Ref rules Trbojevic's chase was impeded and awards the penalty.

Ninth minute - Garrick misses the conversion, Warriors 20-16

Warriors kick off and Sipley charges upfield.

Eighth minute - Try to Harper

Foran and Trbojeivc combine to find Harper, who bursts through three tackles - including RTS - to score. That's a massive try, because the Warriors really should have scored down the other end.

Seventh minute - Manly have reached halfway and have a set restart, as they stream onto attack.

Sixth minute - RTS threatens and earns a set restart. He falls short with a second carry and as the ball moves right, the Warriors have the line at their mercy, but Nikorima's final pass is a shocker and the ball dribbles over the sideline.

Fifth minute - As Manly try to clear their red zone, Schuster throws a hospital pass and Parker can't gather cleanly. Warriors have great attacking position.

Fourth minute - Harris is tackled on the 10 on the last and Harris-Tavita kicks towards the posts, Trbojevic claims safely. Wasted opportunity.

Third minute - Manly's short kick is knocked on by Trbojevic and Nikorima gathers.

Second minute - Curran rumbles up the middle into Manly territory, Afoa contines the movement and NIkorima kicks to the in-goal. Trbojevic gathers, but is trapped behind the line - Manly goal-line dropout.

First minute - Warriors kick off, and Schuster and Trbojevic barely avoid a collision on the catch.

Foran kicks high towards Kosi and he flies high, but is taken out from beneath. Penalty to the Warriors.

First half

40th minute - Hold all tickets... there's a review of the contest. Replays actually show an escort from the Manly defenders, so the try stands.

Nikorima converts, Warriors 20-12

DCE kicks off again and Afoa takes the hit-up. Tevaga takes the tackle, as the siren sounds for halftime.

38th minute - Try to Curran

RTS makes a break and finds Nikorima, who offloads to Egan. Nikorima kicks high and Saab spills the ball, Curran regathers and rumbles over to score in Trbojevic's tackle.

37th minute - Paseka has passed his HIA, DCE kicks long to Kosi, but he's driven back by three tacklers.

36th minute - Afoa charges forward from the kickoff and Ah Mau reahes halfway. RTS challenges the defensive line and Nikoirma kicks high. Garrick is safe.

35th minute - Nikorima slots the penalty to take the lead, Warriors 14-12

33rd minute -Schuster kicks from his own territory on the last and Maumalo catches safely.

Warriors reach the Manly 20, Nikorima kicks high towards the posts and DCE knocks it dead. Harper is penalised for obstruction in front of the posts and Nikorima has a shot at goal.

32nd minute - Harris-Tavita kicks on the last, Trbojevic rises high to claim it, but is taken out by a teammate on the goal-line. He's OK.

30th minute - From the scrum, the Warriors can't clear their red zone, before Curran knocks on in a tackle.

From their scrum, Manly also knock on and Warriors survive.

29th minute - Manly sends theball left and Trbojevic tries to flick a final pass for Garrick to score, but it finds the ground and goes forward.

28th minute - Harris-Tavita kicks deep and Manly to Warriors territory, winning a penalty.

Tommy Turbo takes a tap and the Warriors are struggling to stop the attack. Keffie is tackled short of the line, but Manly have a penalty.

27th minute - Jake Trbojevic rumbles up the middle, Harper threatens the defensive line, Garrick rises high for a high kick, but his bat back infield goes loose and the Warriors tidy up. 

26th minute - Warriors are penalised and Harris is on report for a crusher tackle.

Sipley crosses halfway for Manly.

25th minute - Maumalo is tackled near halfway, but Paseka is dealing with a head knock and leaves the game.

Afoa crosses halfway, RTS and Berry threaten on the right, but Saab rises to claim a high kick on the last.

24th minute - Manly look dangerous down the right, but Harper spills the ball and Warriors are off the hook.

23rd minute - Harris tackle on the Manly 40 and Harris-Tavita is hammered by Keffie, as he tries to kick. Manly recover the ball in good position.

22nd minute - Manly reaches halfway and DCE kicks high to RTS, who evades the tackle and puts Maumalo upfield.

21st minute - RTS throws a long pass to Kosi that goes to ground within sight of the line. He traps it with his foot, but ref rules forward pass.

20th minute - Saab is put on report for a crusher tackle on Pompey. The penalty will put the Warriors on attack in Manly territory. Pompey goes off for an HIA.

19th minute - DCE kicks off and Evans does the honours again.

17th minute - Try to Harris

RTS makes good ground one off the scrum, Nikorima puts Curran through a half gap and Egan finds Harris with a short pass. The rangy lock wrestles through Croker's tackle to score next to the posts.

16th minute - Harris-Tavita kicks high and Saab catches safely.

DCE reaches halfway, but spills the ball has he rises to play it. Warriors will have possession inside Manly territory.

14th minute - Warriors kick off and Paseka charges upfield again. DEC bombs on the last and Maumalo manages to control the catch.

13th minute - Try to Tommy Trbojevic

From the scrum, Paseka charges towards the line and the Warriors barely hang on.

On the last tackle, a Warriors defender charges out of the line - it's Pompey - and misses Trbojevic, who cuts back to score in three tackles. Garrick converts, Manly 12-6

11th minute - Manly look dangerous, as they move left. Foran bombs and RTS spills the ball.

Ref rules it's a Manly knock-on off Schuster, but it's clearly a Warriors knock-on. Manly use their captain's challenge and win it - they're hot on attack again.

10th minute - Warriors kick off and Paseka charges from his in-goal area.

Eighth minute - Try to Tommy Trbojevic

DCE puts Manly hot on attack with a 40-20.

Jake Trbojevic drives to the line and Tommy Turbo runs off Croker at dummy half to score. A try on his milesone... Garrick converts from in front, 6-6

Seventh minute - Foran kicks high towards the posts, but RTS is safe under pressure.

Nikorima kicks from his own 40 and Garrick fields.

Sixth minute - Harper juggles, but reaches halfway for Manly.

Fifth minute - DCE kicks off again and Evans takes the hit-up again. Pompey raches halfway and Evans takes another carry at the end of the set.

Nikorima kicks high, Warriors regather and it's a handover.

Third minute - Try to Harris-Tavita

Evans drives towards the posts, Nikorima runs left and then right, and finds Harris-Tavita running a great line beside the posts to score. Nikorima converts from in front, Warriors 6-0

Second minute - Tommy Turbo looks to move the ball left, but his pass goes behind Garrick and into touch. Warriors ball on the Manly 40.

First minute - Tommy Trbojevic celebrating 100 NRL games today, hopefully he won't have reason to celebrate in 80 minutes.

DCE kicks off and Evans takes the first hit-up for the Warriors. Harris reaches halfway and Nikorima kicks high to Garrick.

3:03pm - Late roster update for the Warriors, with Chanel Harris-Tavita replacing Reece Walsh in the starting 13 and the young utility dropping to the interchange bench.

Euan Aitken misses the playing line-up altogether, with Jack Murchie named 18th man.

Big call from the coaching staff, dropping the kid who has provided a spark over the past couple of weeks for another returning from injury. 

Manly line-up is unchanged to that named.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NZ Warriors' round nine clash with Manly Sea Eagles at the extravagantly named Lottoland (sounds like Disneyland, but with sinister match-fixing undertones) venue.

The Warriors turned on their best 40 minutes of the NRL season last week, as they overwhelmed North Queensland Cowboys in the first half - and then barely held on for a 24-20 win that consolidated their spot in the top-eight playoff race.

Consistency has been their bogey this season.

The Warriors have not strung consecutive wins together and they face a major obstacle in a Sea Eagles outfit that looked terrible in their first four games, but began their revival with a last-gasp field-goal win over the NZ team four weeks ago.

Most interest today will centre on the Warriors line-up, with Chanel Harris-Tavita and Euan Aitken poised to return from injury. In their absence, youngsters Reece Walsh and Rocco Berry have performed admirably in their positions, so coach Nathan Brown faces a welcome selection dilemma.

Warriors: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2-Edward Kosi, 3-Adam Pompey, 4-Rocco Berry, 5-Ken Maumalo, 6-Reece Walsh, 7-Kodi Nikorima, 8-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Kane Evans, 11-Josh Curran, 17-Bayley Sironen, 13-Tohu Harris

Interchange: 14-Jazz Tevaga, 15-Leeson Ah Mau, 16-Bunty Afoa, 18-Jack Murchie, 20-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 22-Euan Aitken 

Sea Eagles: 1-Tom Trbojevic, 2-Jason Saab, 3-Brad Parker, 4-Morgan Harper, 5-Reuben Garrick, 6-Kieran Foran, 7-Daly Cherry-Evans, 8-Taniela Paseka, 9-Lachlan Croker, 10-Sean Keppie, 11-Haumole Olakau'atu, 12-Josh Schuster, 13-Jake Trbojevic

Interchange: 14-Cade Cust, 15-Moses Suli, 16-Zac Saddler, 17-Tof Sipley

TAB odds: Manly $1.56, Warriors $2.35

Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles at Lottoland

Warriors welcome selection headache as stars near return

NZ Warriors coaches have a welcome selection dilemma on their hands, when they face Manly Sea Eagles on Sunday. 

The return of centre Euan Aitken and halfback Chanel Harris-Tavita sees only Ben Murdoch-Masila, David Fusitu'a, Marcelo Montoya, Pita Hiku and Addin Fonua-Blake unavailable, but due to return in coming weeks. 

Harris-Tavita is back in the mix, after aggravating a stress fracture in his foot during the 20-16 loss to Newcastle in round two, while off-season signing Aitken returns from an ankle injury in the season-opener against Gold Coast Titans.

Both were named in an extended gameday squad of 21 earlier in the week, but outside the playing 17. 

"They have got through the week, they obviously had to have a full week of contact elements," says Warriors assistant coach Justin Morgan. "Both are very much in the frame and we'll make a final decision later on today.

Chanel Harris-Tavita in action for the Warriors
Reece Walsh in action for the Warriors. Photo credit: Photosport

"I think our previous selection meetings have been 'who's fit... OK, so what number is he going to wear'. Now we have a number of players coming back from injury, and key players and players with a good level of experience. 

"It's nice to have an actual discussion around the selection table, rather than seeing who is fit, and giving the physios a quick call to see who is available and slotting them somewhere into the 21."  

Most interest will centre on how coaching staff lay out their spine, with Harris-Tavita back in the mix and young-gun Reece Walsh starring in his first two outings, but Morgan wasn't giving anything away. 

"It does give us a few options," he says. "He [Harris-Tavita] can slot back into his normal role.

"We can play him in a bit more of a utility role, which he's done before. He's played a little bit of hooker at different stages. 

"Obviously, Reece has done an excellent job in the No.6 position, since coming to the club, so it gives us a few different options, and also takes a little bit of the pressure off having a key player come back into the squad and asking him to do so much." 

The Warriors could also welcome back Aitken, who would take much-needed pressure off a young backline that includes rookies Rocco Berry and Edward Kosi. 

"Euan is vastly experienced and showed in the one game he played earlier in the year that he is a tough guy, as he got through the game with a fairly serious injury," says Morgan.

"He has played at the highest level in the NRL for a number of years, that again relieves some of the pressure on the younger players."

The Auckland side will be looking for revenge against the Sea Eagles, after Daly Cherry-Evans slotted a last-gasp field goal for a 13-12 victory in round five. 

"When you lose a game, especially when it's only by one point, you have the sensation that you've had your pocket picked and we weren't at our best that day,' Morgan adds. 

"There is a little bit of 'we owe them one' type of thing, but then again, that doesn't really come into it a huge amount. They're playing some good footy. 

"They have [fullback Tom Trbojevic] back in their team - he adds another dimension to their team, so they'll be tough.

"I'd like to think we are a better footy team now than we were when then, but arguably they are as well." 

The Warriors have dropped Eliesa Katoa and Tom Ale leading into the Sea Eagles clash. This will see Bayley Sironen start in the second row with Jack Murchie joining the bench.