Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Parramatta Eels at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium

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Warriors 18 Eels 34

Eels - Brown, Sivo, 2 Campbell-Gillard, Matterson, Arthur tries; Moses 4 conversions, Gutherson conversion

Warriors - Curran, Murdoch-Masila, Walsh tries; Nikorima 3 conversions

Full time

80 mins  

From the scrum, Gutherson grubbers in behind on the first tackle but Aitken cleans up. On the Warriors second tackle, Walsh breaks down to halfway with a brilliant run down the sideline. 

The Warriors throw the ball around and put Tuivasa-Sheck in a hole but Gutherson brings him down. On the final tackle, Harris-Tavita grubbers behind but Ferguson bats it dead to end the contest.

78 mins  

The Eels make their way downfield with Sivo making a strong run down to the Warriors 40-metre line. On the final play, Gutherson has put a kick up and Walsh can't handle it and knocks it on.

The Warriors are challenging the decision and the bunker decide the they have knocked the ball on. 

77 mins - Try Eels to Jakob Arthur

The Eels have wrapped up the contest. Arthur takes the ball to the line and breaks the tackles of Harris-Tavita and Pompey to crash over for his first career try.  

Gutherson converts the try. (PAR 34-18)

76 mins  

The Eels have made good distance down field as they look to run the clock down. On the final play, Moses grubbers in behind and forces a goal-line dropout. 

74 mins  

The Warriors woke the space with Tuivasa-Sheck showing his footwork to break tackles. He passes to Harris who looks to draw and pass to put Aitken in but it goes forward. 

72 mins  

The Warriors are trying to pin the Eels in their own end as Walsh puts a grubber into the corner, which Gutherson cleans up. 

70 mins  

The Warriors make great metres with their set as they get down to the Eels 30-metre line. On the final play, Walsh kicks back across the field for Tuivasa-Sheck but he can't gather and the Eels will bring it out of trouble. 

67 mins  

The Warriors are taking their game to another level to increase their energy and throw the ball around as they get down to the Eels 20. On the final play they go wide but Aitken can't handle the pass and it goes to ground. 

63 mins  - Try Warriors to Reece Walsh

What footwork from Reece Walsh to grab the Warriors third try. The youngster takes the ball to the line and uses his footwork to beat Gutherson and Arthur to slam the ball down to get the Warriors back in it. 

Nikorima converts the try. (PAR 28-18)

61 mins  

The Warriors are starting to have some success through the middle of the Eels defence with Nikorima breaking down to the 20-metre line. On the final play, the Warriors force a goal-line dropout to keep the pressure on. 

60 mins 

The Eels are hot on the attack. On the final play, Moses flings a 20-metre pass wide to Sivo who chips in behind but Walsh cleans up but is trapped in goal. 

The Warriors fail to take the drop-out in time and it will be a penalty for the Eels. 

The Eels fling the ball wide Blake Ferguson who is in space. He just has to beat the cover defence but he tries to slam the ball down but knocks it on. 

56 mins - Try Warriors to Ben Murdoch-Masila

The Warriors are over. The big forward Murdoch-Masila has stormed onto a short ball from Tevaga and he has used his size to muscle his way over. Is this the start of the comeback?

Nikorima converts the try. (PAR 28-12)

54 mins

The Warriors come up with another error as Murdoch-Masila knocks the ball on trying to play the ball. The Eels will start the set on halfway. 

On tackle two, the Eels make a mistake this time to ease the pressure. 

52 mins

The Eels think they have got their sixth of the afternoon when Moses puts a kick to the centre of the field where they win the contest.

It falls to Arthur who dishes it to Matterson and reaches it to score. The bunker rules the ball was grounded short of the line and knocks the ball on.  

49 mins

Once play resumes, Mahoney puts a grubber in behind and Aitken is trapped in-goal to force a goal-line dropout.

On tackle three, Moses chips in behind a gets bounce that finds Opacic to keep the set alive. With the Eels hot on attack, Tevaga makes a great tackle on a barnstorming Papali'i but the Warriors give away a penalty at the ruck. 

46 mins 

The set after the Eels points sees Ah Mau give away a penalty for a high tackle. Parramatta kick down to the 30-metre line to start their set. On tackle four, Curran looks to make a strong tackle but his arm gets caught and he has stayed down. The Warriors forward will be forced from the field. 

45 mins - Try Eels to Ryan Matterson

A great defence from Curran who holds Cartwright up over the line but on the final tackle, Moses puts a pin-point kick across to centre field.

Pompey can't handle it and falls to Arthur who draws and passes to Ryan Matterson to grab the first try of the second half. 

Moses can't convert the try. (PAR 28-6)

Rocco Berry has failed is HIA. 

44 mins 

The Warriors first set in the second half is a good one as they throw the ball wide with Aitken making a strong run down to the Eels 40. On the final play, Walsh looks to put a grubber in behind but it's cleaned up by the Eels. 

The visitors storm downfield and on the final play put a high kick up, which Tuivasa-Sheck can't handle and the Eels will start their set 10-metres out. 

42 mins 

The Eels get through their first set in the second half unscathed with Arthur kicking down to Maumalo who takes the first tackle 15-metres out.

40 mins 

The Warriors get the second half underway. 

First half

40 mins 

The Warriors bring the ball out of trouble well with Tuivasa-Sheck making a strong run down to the 40-metre line. Walsh gets fast ball and flings it wide to Maumalo in space.

He puts a grubber in behind and the Eels scramble well but are forced into a goal-line drop-out, but there won't be time and that is halftime. 

The Eels will take a 24-6 lead into the sheds thanks to four quick tries. 

38 mins 

On the final tackle, Moses puts a kick back to the centre of the field. It is allowed to bounce and Walsh cleans up and storms down to halfway.

The Eels are stretched and the Warriors just need to show good hands but the pass from Nikroima goes to ground and into touch. 

36 mins 

The set after points, sees the Warriors make an error with Pompey delivering a forward pass to Maumalo on the final tackle. The play has been stopped with Bunty Afoa struggling with an injury and he will go off. 

Walsh has gone back to fullback with Tuivasa-Sheck moving to the wing. 

35 mins - Try Warriors to Josh Curran

The Warriors have a great set as they grab easy metres to get down to the Eels 20-metre line. On the final play, Harris-Tavita goes down the short side but there is no space, so puts a kick back across the field where Nikorima knocks it down to Curran who gathers to score. 

Nikorima converts the try. (PAR 24-6)

Reece Walsh has come on for Rocco Berry. 

32 mins 

The Eels are cruising downfield and on the final tackle Sivo puts down a pass with the line in sight. Big let-off for the Warriors. 

30 mins 

The Warriors make another error this time through Tuivasa-Sheck who drops it on the first tackle. 

29 mins 

On tackle four, the Eels let a pass go to ground, with Harris-Tavita picking up the loss ball and storms downfield.

On tackle three, Opacic gets a finger onto a Warriors pass and they will have a scrum 30-metres out.  

28 mins 

The Eels give away a penalty for a high to invite pressure on their line. On tackle three, the Warriors go wide to Maumalo who goes close before offloading to Harris-Tavita but he puts the pass down.  

26 mins 

The Warriors are throwing the ball around on the final tackle as they look to spark their attack. They shift it to the left, where Pompey is in space. He puts a grubber in behind and Gutherson cleans up. 

Egan is back on after passing his HIA.

24 mins 

The Warriors think they're over. The New Zealand side gets great go forward as they storm downfield and then on tackle four they go wide to Maumalo who is held up. The bunker finds Pompey has obstructed a defender to give away a penalty. 

22 mins 

The Eels get through their set after points, which is their 14th of the afternoon while the Warriors have had just two. 

20 mins - Try Eels to Reagan Campbell-Gillard

The tries keep coming for Parramatta. Moses storms through a Tevaga tackle and storm downfield. He draws in Tuivasa-Sheck before offloading to Reagan Campbell-Gillard who uses his footwork to crash over. 

18 mins - Try Eels to Reagan Campbell-Gillard

It's all one-way traffic here in Brisbane. Mahoney delivers a short ball to Campbell-Gillard who storms over the top of the Warriors defence to grab the Eels third of the afternoon.  

Moses converts the try. (PAR 18-0)

16 mins 

The Eels are on fire this afternoon and have gone 80 metres in just four tackles after points. On the final play, Moses puts a kick in behind but is taken out late by Murdoch-Masila to give away a penalty. The big Warriors forward is placed on report. 

14 mins - Try Eels to Maika Sivo

The Eels have their second and it's their big wing Maika Sivo. A great cut-out pass from Gutherson finds Sivo in space who just storms over the top of Berry who can't stop the winger. 

Moses converts the try from the sideline. (PAR 12-0)

Wayde Eagan has gone off for a HIA test with Josh Curran coming on. 

13 mins 

The mistakes keep coming for the Warriors with Harris putting the ball down on tackle one this time. Eels will have a set on the Warriors line. 

12 mins 

The sides are getting into the arm wrestle as they trade sets looking for field position. On tackle four, the Warriors look to shift the ball but Murdoch-Masila is called for obstruction.

The Eels will put more pressure on the New Zealand side but Junior Paulo has knocked the ball on after just one tackle. 

9 mins 

A great set after points from the Eels with Arthur kicking down to Tuivasa-Sheck on tackle four. 

8 mins - Try Eels to Nathan Brown

What a try from the Eels. Moses takes the ball to the line and gets his hands free to produces a brilliant offload in contact to Nathan Brown who strolls over.  

Moses converts the try. (PAR 6-0)

6 mins 

The Eels look dangerous with their first attacking set with Lane putting a grubber in behind but Pompey knocks on trying to clean up. The Eels will have another set on the Warriors line. 

4 mins 

The first mistake of the contest comes through Berry who can't reel in a high pass from Nikorima as the Warriors look to spread the ball. The Eels will have the ball 40 metres out. 

2 mins 

Warriors get through the first set comfortable with Harris-Tavita kicking on tackle four. 

Kickoff - The Eels get the contest underway. 

3:50pm - Both sides are out on the field and Ashley Klein is the man in the middle.

3:40pm - We are just 10-minutes away from kickoff with conditions perfect in Brisbane for rugby league. It's a warm 20 degrees, blue skies and ideal for both sides to throw the ball around.

2:56pm - Coach Nathan Brown has made a late roster update for the Warriors. which sees Kane Evans drop out of the matchday squad with Jazz Tevaga taking his spot who comes from the interchange bench to start at prop. 

Bayley Sironen comes from the extended bench to start in the second row with Josh Curran moving to the bench. Jack Murchie will be the 18th man for the New Zealand side. 


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NZ Warriors' round 10, 'Magic Round' clash with Parramatta Eels at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium. 

The Warriors turned in a brilliant first-half showing last week against the Manly Sea Eagles, before a poor second-half showing for the second week running cost them.

The Sea Eagles ran in 24 unanswered points to hand the Kiwi side their fifth loss of the season.

Consistency continues to be the bogey of the Warriors this season, as they have failed to string together consecutive wins this campaign and face a tough task against the red hot Eels. 

Parramatta's eight-win, one-loss record equals 2020's best-ever start to a season while their points scored and differential are both a club best.

The Warriors confirmed earlier in the week off-season signing Euan Aitken will make just his second appearance for the club after sustaining an ankle injury in the opening round win over the Titans - a timely inclusion. 

Warriors fans will be interested to see if coach Nathan Brown makes any changes to his side with youngster Reece Walsh on the bench and impressing in his three appearances. 

TAB odds: 

Warriors $ 3.30 Eels $1.32

Warriors: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c), 4-Rocco Berry, 3-Adam Pompey, 22-Euan Aitken, 5-Ken Maumalo, 6-Kodi Nikorima, 7-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 8-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Kane Evans, 11-Josh Curran, 12-Ben Murdoch-Masila, 13-Tohu Harris

Interchange: 14-Jazz Tevaga, 15-Lesson Ah Mau, 16-Bunty Afoa, 17-Reece Walsh, 18-Bayley Sironen, 20-Jack Murchie

Eels: 1-Clint Gutherson (c), 2-Maika Sivo 3-Tom Opacic, 4-Waqa Blake 5-Blake Ferguson, 6-Jakob Arthur 7-Mitchell Moses, 8-Reagan Campbell-Gillard, 9-Reed Mahoney, 10-Junior Paulo, 11-Isaiah Papali'i 12-Ryan Matterson, 13-Nathan Brown

Interchange: 14-Oregon Kaufusi, 15-Shane Lane, 16-Ray Stone, 17-Bryce Cartwright, 19-Keegan Hipgrave, 20-Haze Dunster 

Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Parramatta Eels at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium
Photo credit: Newshub

Coaches fume as NRL referees crackdown on foul play

The NRL's crackdown on foul play and repeated infringements has seen coaches up in arms for the number of sin bins and players on report.

The governing body came out on Thursday to announce the stricter rule in response to the dramatic rise in players suffering concussions as the  Australian Rugby League Commission directed referees to come down hard on any contact to the head, no matter the mitigating circumstances.

The referees have followed through with 12 sin bins and one send off in just five games of 'Magic Round', one short of the record for the most in a single round, which was back in round 11, 2018 when 14 players were marched in an all-time high in the NRL-era.

The carnage started on Friday with eight players sin-binned in the two games - four in each game - before five more, including a sending off occurred on Saturday.

NRL coaches aren't happy, as they let rip at the NRL in their post-game press conferences for tinkering with the rules and ruining the game.

NRL Referee Ben Cummins sends Bulldogs player to the sin-bin
NRL Referee Ben Cummins sends Bulldogs player to the sin-bin Photo credit: Getty

"I feel sorry for the players, we've tried to speed the game up and now we are penalising players with a faster game, under fatigue they find themselves in vulnerable positions," North Queensland Cowboys coach Todd Payten says. "I feel sorry for the referees because they're the ones under pressure to make those calls.

"I really feel sorry for our supporters across the game - this is probably the biggest weekend in our calendar throughout the season and everyone's spending hard-earned money to turn up, and we've taken away from our game of rugby league in the end."

Payten didn't stop there, and when asked what needed to change he issued a stern warning to Peter V’landys and the ARL Commission.

"It was an accident and it wasn't a decision by Lachlan to hit him in the face or the head," he says. "The thing I've loved about our game however long I've played it is the physicality and we're going away from that and that's what worries me."

With the new rules in place, Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart expects to see many more players marched from the field in the coming rounds as he feels the NRL have set the standard for sin-bins and send offs.

"There are going to be a whole heap of send-offs this year if that's a send-off incident. I just hope they don't change now," Stuart says. "If that's going to be the precedent, we're going to find a completely different game of rugby league than we've been following for many, many years.

"It's sad we're talking about it, we're giving other sports a leg-up.

"We've got a wonderful weekend of rugby league and we want to promote our game but unfortunately we're talking about the wrong things."

Sydney Roosters took a different stance as he was vocal about changes needing to be made after captains, Boyd Cordner - who has been forced to miss a year of action due to concussion - and Jake Friend has been forced into retirement for repeated head injuries.

Coach Trent Robinson came out hot during the week after Parramatta players Dylan Brown and Marata Niukore weren’t sent to the bin in the Roosters’ loss last week.

 "Based on the rules they both deserved to go," Robinson said. "As soon as I saw the replay of Sitili's I knew he was going to the bin. He needed to get lower on that.

"He knew it and he shouldn't have gone that high. We all knew the consequences.

"It's been significant, the crackdown this weekend and I have listened to the commentary and all that. I'm different to everybody throwing their arms up and jumping up and down.

"There's been an overcompensation, it's pretty easy to see.

"We need to tackle lower, we can't loosely have head-high tackles and say you got it wrong and that you didn't mean it. It's been a bit over the top but it's also made a point to say don't hit him in the head."